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Lucky Bird Casino - Not honoring self exclusion and refund request still pending

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Lucky Bird Casino
Reason Other
Amount € 12000
Posted on August 4, 2020

I made first a complaint on 23 July 2020 but it got rejected because “pending casino investigation going on”.
I made a complaint 13 July 2020 to Lucky Bird casino that I wanted all the deposits back made between 2019-11-20 and 2020-07-09 when I should have been self excluded permanently due to gambling addiction. They replied that same day that my refund request was submitted and that the payment department would contact me for further instructions. They still haven’t contact me and it has been almost one month. They keep saying the same thing in every reply and sometimes they don’t even reply or just close the chat when I ask for more information or contact. I don’t think they will refund me or acknowledge that they didn’t honor responsible gaming or my refund. How long can they keep saying that my refund is pending? I think if they see my complaint here that they will actually reply to me and not just ignoring me like they do now. Please do not just reject this complaint. I have more emails and screenshot if you need.

Posted on August 4, 2020

Dear @sanita00,

The AskGamblers Complaint Team is kindly asking you to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed refund request/s.

Please keep in mind that, as per the AGCCS Guidelines, providing updates in a timely manner is a must.

Thanks for cooperating with the AskGamblers Complaint Team.

Posted on August 4, 2020

The total amount is what I can remember checking my account: 12000€.
Lucky bird casino has the deposit history and I can’t access it to check exactly.

Posted on August 5, 2020

Hello dear @sanita00 and AskGamblers team!
Sanita, we received your message via email, and you asked us to block your account permanent. We always try to process all requests on time, however, we cannot always process a request by mail immediately, since there can be a lot of different requests. And according to our internal regulations, we focus on the response time of 24 hours for this method of communication. If you want your applications to be processed as soon as possible, please contact the online chat, the online chat works 24/7.

At the time of consideration of your request of permanent block, we received a second email from you, where you inform us that you don't want to close account, and your previous email - was a temporary emotional outburst and in fact everything is fine and you do not have gambling addiction. And you ask us not to block your account, after which you confirm that everything is in fine and you want to continue playing.

We want to kindly note, that when you send us request via email, you have the opportunity to make self-exclusion yourself through the special page in the Responsible Gaming section of the site. You don't need to wait for permanent block via support team. After your request of permanent blocking, support of LuckyBird casino asked you to send written confirmation that you don't have any problems with the gambling addiction or claims against LuckyBird.

Dear AksGamblers team, LuckyBird casino has evidences and all chronology of communication with Sanita, where customer asked us not to block account. And we would like to send you this information. But in case of privacy policy, we would like to send files to AskGamblers team only. Please, tell us on what email we need to send all information.

LuckyBird team

sanita00 Sweden
Posted on August 5, 2020

Hello Askgamblers and Lucky Bird.
I have all communications with you as well.

I sent an email to my personal manager and support email first time 2019-11-20 (see attachments). I told them to close my account permanently due to gambling addiction. They never replied and I kept playing and won some money. The account still wasn’t closed. I sent another email saying that i didn’t want to close my account due to the winnings and that i was just upset (see attachments). I cancelled the withdrawal and lost the money because I have a gambling addiction and can’t stop playing and never withdraw anything. That was that.
The support replied to my email after 14 hours that they won´t close my account and that I should visit their Responsible Gaming page. That was it.
I kept depositing and depositing, no withdrawals were ever made. I deposited at least 2000-3000 EUR during this time.
After this incident I sent a second time another email to my personal manager and support email, that was 2019-12-11. I sent same email to them (to close my account permanently due to gambling addiction) and my account was closed after that. I mentioned gambling addiction.
I send another email to them 2020-01-14 (see attachment) and asked them to reopen the account, thinking it would be impossible as I closed it due to gambling addiction. They sent me a reply 2020-01-14 (see attachment) and asked me to confirm I don’t have gambling addiction anymore and they would reopen my account as long as I confirm that. As a person with gambling addiction of course I said “no I don’t have gambling addiction” anymore” to them to be able to play again and they reactivated my account without any issues, no limits nothing.
I then deposited a lot of money again. I can't see exactly how much I deposited but I deposited at least 5000-6000 EUR between 2020-01-14 and 2020-02-19.

I sent them another email 2020-02-19 asking to close the account again permanently and on 2020-03-10 I asked for it to be reactivated again. Once again, I had to confirm I don’t have gambling addiction anymore and they activated my account again. I deposited at least another 6000-7000 EUR between 2020-02-19 and today 2020-07-09. I can’t access the history of deposits to exact amount.

As a person with gambling addiction who self exclude permanently due to gambling addiction two times and even mentioned my addiction it in the emails, I shouldn’t have been able to reactivate my account at any circumstances if I closed it forever due to gambling addiction. But as they knew that I had these issues and would deposit much money of course they wanted me to keep playing with them. Not once did any personal manager or support ask me if how it’s going or ask for limits or anything. I even took cool off periods many times during all this to keep me from losing more money because otherwise the permanent closure didn’t help anything if it was OK to reactivate it after. I couldn’t close it permanently because all it took was me to say that i don’t have gambling addiction ANYMORE and it was reactivated again when regulations for Responsible Gaming is that an account can’t ever be reactivated again if it’s closed because you mention gambling addiction. Of course, a person with a gambling addiction will say no to the question "do you have the gambling addiction ANYMORE?".

See all attached emails.

sanita00 Sweden
Posted on August 5, 2020

Here are emails.

Posted on August 5, 2020

And here because I can’t attached more than few at the time.

Posted on August 6, 2020

Dear all,

After a careful review and consideration of all the information, details and/or proofs presented by parties during the complaints process, AskGamblers Complaints Team reached to the conclusion that player somehow forgot to inform us in details what truly happened with her dispute against the aforementioned casino.

AskGamblers Complaints Team maintains zero tolerance towards players, who are not interested in providing the necessary level of cooperation or using AGCCS in a bad faith, therefore this case is being rejected.

Moreover, AskGamblers Complaints Team recommend Lucky Bird Casino to take into the serious consideration and improvement of Responsible Gambling policy and procedures to avoid  misunderstandings and protect player's interests in more clear and unambiguous way.

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