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Lightbet Casino - Refusal Of Withdrawal, 2 Accounts at same address

Posted on October 8, 2014.

Hi, On Saturday my girlfriend who lives with me opened an account with, she never deposited but received 10 freespins which she never won from.

She told me about the casino and on the same night I opened an account with them and deposited over 400 Euros, I refused any bonuses and freespins as I was aware that most casinos have rules about awarding multiple bonuses to the same household which is normal.

At no point during the registration did the site decline my account, or decline my deposits.

I managed to win around 6000 Euros.

I made a withdrawal to my bank which was limited to 1000 Euros at a time which I found strange, but waited for the usual email to send ID documentation for them to verify my account, I received their email and on Sunday evening I emailed everything they had asked for.

After not hearing anything at all from them I emailed today to confirm they had received my documents, I quickly received a reply telling me that there had been unusual activity on my account and that their fraud department was looking into it.

I asked them what they meant and they sent me another email showing part of their terms and conditions which stated that 2 accounts where not allowed from the same address even though it is two different people.

After questioning this further they said that I should close my girlfriends account and they would leave mine open but would be taking back all winnings and would return my deposits to my balance.

They say this rule does not exist to stop people taking advantage of any bonuses but can not give me a reason why they have this rule or what advantage I have supposedly gained from her having an account also??

My arguement is that if we walked into a casino together and one of us won would the casino refuse to pay out because we live together??

We both have accounts at other online casinos such as Paddy Power and Stan James and have no problems at all.

It seems to me that they should use commonsense that no advantage has been gained by myself in her having an account, I have not tried to take any bonuses and have deposited in good faith that I would receive any winnings.

If I had not won would they have emailed me and said actually your not allowed two accounts from the same address so we will be refunding you?? I think not, they are using this part of their T&C's because I have won a significant amount of money and they simply don't want to pay out.

They have since sent me another email telling me that they have closed my girlfriends account, and removed my winnings and returned my deposits to my balance.

I have screenshots taken earlier this afternoon showing the winnings in my account, the 1,000 Euro withdrawal (this has now been cancelled) and their about us page which clearly states We have a zero tollerance to Fraud - Only one account per person, there is not mention of the one account per address unless you look at their actual T&C's smallprint

I hope you can help as I just believe they are not using their discretion of common sense, I have not done anything wrong, I have not abused any bonuses, I have not tried to prentend to be someone else, I have simply opened an account, deposited and won.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Posted on February 1, 2014.

Dear Customer!

As you have confirmed and admitted, you have created multiple accounts from the same household, IP and family, something which is clearly stated in the terms and conditions not being allowed. By this you have been found in breach of the terms and conditions.

Your breach has nothing to do with abusing bonuses, it relates to the fact you have issued multiple accounts from the same household, IP and family (see TnC 2.2).

We asked you several times to revert to us with which one of these accounts you want to keep (only one); where we will nullify any bonus, winnings and gaming transactions; leaving you with your deposited amount, to withdraw or engage in game play!

The customer has also continued to play and have made several of deposits after that and lost his remaining money, (and then closed his account).

Terms and Conditions:

TnC 2.2 (Accounts can only be created by players: that have registered only one account (it is not allowed to register more than one account per person, family, household and IP range (*) and IP address)).

TnC 2.4 (Have not previously opened an account which is still active in any Website managed by the Operator.)

TnC 2.11 (Should users violate these Terms and conditions or take part in any illegal activity during the course of a game or in the use of an account, the Operator reserves the right to immobilize or confiscate account balances.)

Best Regards,

Amanada / Casino Manager

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