LeoVegas Casino - Refused to pay $14,000

Rocky83619 Australia
posted on February 3, 2016.

I had winning $14,000 in LeoVegas, when request for withdraw my account gets blocked, after proof my identity as account holder, they let me waiting for 5days and tell me my account and money is not longer belong to me because I have breached T&C for getting more than one account.
They refused to show me proof of those account details are really match with my :
full names :
D.O.B :
addresses :
phone number :
Email address :
I have send them 3 email ask for it, they are still not proof anything !!! How can they still have the license for taking people's money like that? They having a lot of companies about this, I think that's the way they make money!!! But LeoVegas I will do everything I can to let all people to know how bad you are if I can't get my money back

posted on February 8, 2016.

Hi Rocky84619,

I have looked into this and have seen that you had opened 14 accounts with us within a very small period of time. Our terms and conditions are very clear on a matters such as this:

1.14 If You open or attempt to open more than one account, for whatever reason, LeoVegas may block or close any or all of Your accounts at its discretion. LeoVegas also reserves the right to withhold any deposits or winnings upon the discovery of duplicate or multiple accounts at its sole discretion. Should LeoVegas decide to leave one account open, it will be the first account that You opened with LeoVegas, to which Your remaining deposits, if any, will be transferred. LeoVegas will deduct an administrative fee of 10% (minimum €30) for every account You have opened as well as any other deductions that may apply in accordance with these T&C.

As has been advised by customer support your deposit has been refunded to you and all accounts in your name have been closed.

posted on February 8, 2016.

We have been provided with the valid evidence on behalf management of LeoVegas Casino where it is clearly displayed that player had opened several accounts at the casino.

Based on the fact stated above, we consider the actions applied in this particular case by LeoVegas Casino as justified and in total compliance with their policy and Terms.

We would like to remind player that further assistance on this case could be requested by the official regulatory body for LeoVegas Casino.

We consider the case as resolved and officially closed.