Ladbrokes Casino - text message confusion

johnyates417 United Kingdom
posted on March 14, 2014.

I opted in to the Make yourself Contactable

Make yourself Contactable promotion at ladbrokes and since then i get texts offering casino bonuses with no number the text says ladbrokes but gives you the option to opt out by sending the word STOP to 86131, the first message 3 week ago says 60% of all casino bonuses between friday, saturday and monday i did not get the bonus so rang in was told no such bonus was called a liar so i demanded a manager and they asked for a screen shot i then got £18 but should of had £40 the week after i got another text same happened again no bonus was owed £35 live chats and emails to be ignored rude staff on phone calls and no help. again today i have got another message saying 70% same name ladbrokes and same opt out number so i rang ladbrokes got the same rude staff who says the text was not from ladbrokes and hung up' these messages have only started coming since i opted in the promotion and it says ladbrokes. i have been a member of ladbrokes 3 years. i want to complain and this looked in to and does anyone else get these texts when opted in to the promotion.