Ladbrokes Casino - customer support very unsatisfactory

posted on February 21, 2013.


I've been a client at Ladbrokes for more than a year, playing live casino. I faced an issue with one hand of a game at live baccarat for which i wasn't paid. I had bet a small amount of 175 GBP which i wasn't paid back with the winnings. I reported this error to the live support team at the table. They advised that they'll resolve the issue and pay the winnings shortly. After a couple of hours i was said that i need to contact my casino's customer support team. Thus i contacted Ladbrokes for the same and i was given a reference no. to contact them regarding this issue. It has been more than 36 hrs today and when i had a talk to ladbrokes customer support over a chat session, the person replied in short as if he was forcefully talking, replying after long intervals. Later when asked him to give me a phone call, he left the conversation straight away. I used to play at before, being a high roller customer and i never experienced such disgusting customer care ever ! The reason i moved to ladbrokes was high wagering amounts which weren't available at But seeing this attitude towards their clients, it is very unpleasant to say that ladbrokes isn't trustworthy !

I have made withdrawals for more than 50,000$ from which were successful without any hassles. If i were to have a withdrawal problem with Ladbrokes as such for such a big amount, i'm sure ladbrokes would try avoiding the issue presenting silly unacceptable answers !