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Ladbrokes Casino and the not-payed winning

posted on December 25, 2012.

Ladbrokes Financial Betting -"If I am wrong why did you remove the service?"

Dear Gamblers and Members,

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year.

I am here to report what I believe is a very unfair action taken against me.

I placed few accumulating financial bets on Ladbrokes which five were winning bets.

The amount is won is 1080+initial bet = 1134$.(screen shot)

As soon the bet was won , it remained in stall as shown in the picture and the winning werent payed.

So I gave a call to customer service and they said that the winning will be paid in the night(29/11/2012)

The next day I received 210 $ out of the 1134 remaining 924$ to be paid,so I waited over the weekend for the rest.

On Monday I did not receive the winnings so I decided to give them a call again.(PICTURE 1)

The customer representative contacted the financial department and confirmed me that one of the 15$ was wrong which was the lost one as in the picture and upon asking about the other one , she confirmed that is a winning bet and she will call back in two hours. They never called back. After few hours I decided to contact them for a second time, and they said that the bets were loosing bets and that I have lost on the Gold stock in all of them(the fifth positive symbol(PICTURE 1) .

Now I would have accepted that as a computer error.. However unfortunately for them I have placed a bet of the same stock 10 second apart moving in the opposite direction, the outcome would result positive and not negative if it was loosing, additionally having lost the first 15$ bet does not mean I lost the first bet placed earlier using the same method.

So i have told them that I have a print screen with the bets and it was impossible that I have lost and that a computer could not make this error over four different bets at different times.

The customer representative asked me to send the pictures of the print screen in order to prove my statement.

Never got a reply or a feedback

On the 9/12/2012 ,with the patience of a turtle, I phoned them back asking for the feedback of the email. The representative on the phone said that he had no email from me, which was weird because I used CC(next post) to confirm they did receive and read the same email I wrote. The representative gave a look at the bets and recontacted the other department leaving me on hold. After 5 minutes he comes back in the line and said they were loosing bets on Gold. The fishy/scam/lie they used on their defence was that Gold lost, however this can not be proved as in the account statement and summary the Gold bet does not appear(PICTURE 2) so this clearly has been used as a way to excuse themselves and not pay.

I questioned the reliability of the software in use as the day earlier I have lost few bets by only 000.01 AND 0.00006 !and the system could give me a negative symbol on it. So how can it be possible that the system does 4 different errors while being so reliable. Computer do not fail is the person who operates it that does.

Therefore the customer representative asked me to resend the email and that it would pass to investigation and I will be contacted within 48 hours.

You think they called me back? Not!!!

On the 19/12/2012 I have called for the result of the investigation which was suppose to be emailed to me. The representative checked and read the report and said that " I have looked at the 4 bets in question. For all 4, at least one of the customer’s selections lost, therefore they have been correctly settled as a loser. I have attached details of the bets". Guest which one was it? OFCOURSE the Gold because I had no prove in my account summary of the numbers(PICTURE 3). This is completely wrong because if one of the selection were lost then the others would be positive when moving in the opposite direction,specially the ones placed earlier . Therefore I gently asked to email me the investigation email.

After reviewing it , I read that they added " have reviewed the settlement prices used for all markets within the 4 bets and I can confirm that the prices used are correct as supplied by Reuters (non-FX) and CFE (FX). The settle prices can all be confirmed within the “History” section of the betting client" The price in the History section in my account are all winning except the GOLD that is missing for some reason.

On the same day I sended a complain letter stating all the dates and times I have called, how much precious time and money was lost and demanded an appeal for a new betting investigation with the intention of contacting the Gambling Commission if not proving as I provided more details of loosing. They never wrote or called me back or showed me a proof I have lost.

21/12/2012 my last email of delusion and disappointment with the company for unfairly treating me.

I have attached all the emails in the next post.

I wouldn't fight for something I do not deserve. But in this case, my life was ruined because of Gambling. Lost television , tablet and camera to pay debts with the intention of always trying to win back what was lost. Even if stopped playing, today on Christmas and few days from my birthday I find myself with an overdraft which leaves me with no choice but to be alone and survive through kindness of friends.

This was a chance to put me back on track and I really deserve it!! Not only because I won and they should pay but also for all the effort I did put,the time lost, what I have been through. I do blame myself for trowing that money but I BLAME THEM for humili­ati­on,­lon­eli­nes­s,p­roc­ras­tin­ation and for instigating me with suicidal thoughts by being left with nothing.