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Das Ist Casino - Lack of response about a refund

Posted on February 23, 2017


As instructed in an email i'm re-submitting my complaint with a screenshot attachment.

This complaint is about the lack of response regarding my refund.

After losing my first deposit and bonus i made a second one of 150E and i won 300E at roulette- see the following three discarded withdrawals ( i had 0.03E left in my account after playing with bonus and on this occasion they decided to confiscate my winnings made with the 2nd deposit because i was betting more than 5E wich is max bet for bonus play, and the fact that i have only had 0.03E left in my account and 99.94 % of the bets that i made where done with my own money didnt matter)

After discarding my withdrawals they send me an email saying that they confiscate my winngins and refund my deposit but they only put 50E back in my account so this complaint is about making good on the ammount, wich should be 150E.

I wrote a review wich in i described this whole case and they responed with this :

Dear Sutek123,

according to win confiscation could you, please, send your request to suppor­[email protected]­asi­stc­asi­ and if in a fact a part of your deposit was confiscated, we will return you a rest.

Unfortunately if you exceed bets by wagering requirements, system does not stop your play. That is why you have to read casino’s rules before start playing .

Support Team works 24/7, it can happen that you need wait for some time. But you have also opportunity to send your request via email. The response you will get usually during of 2 hours.

Best regards,
Das ist casino Team

I did what they said above and got no response at all not by email and not on live chat, in fact every time i tried to contact live chat i only got an infuriating phrase along the lines of " we will look into this issue and let you know as soon as possible" days gone by and nothing happend.

Best Regards

Posted on February 24, 2017

Hi Lukasz,

We are very sorry but you breached max bet limit by playing through wagering requirements, we confiscated all win and returned your last deposit to balance.
Amount of your deposit was 50 EUR.

All provings have been sent to Askgamblers Team

Posted on February 24, 2017


I would like to establish a timeline of activity on my account and put matters into perspective. I'm tired of them using this phrase :

"We are very sorry but you breached max bet limit by playing through wagering requirements"

as a universal excuse of the use of logic or continiuity, they're saying; you have done something wrong so now we can do whatever we want to you. They extend this breach to all activity on my account and it makes no sense at all as they operate in bad faith and use my mistake to their advantage without giving any reasonable explanation to what is being done why percisely, its just vague "you breached the rules" here's your punishment

Events that occur between aprox 16:11 and 23:00 november 24



I make a deposit of 100E and i get a welcome bonus, i play and breach the max bet rule as im not awere of its existance at that time i lose all money from my account except for 0.03E.

-At this point i remember looking at the bonus section and it was empty, there was nothing that needed wagering anymore and i had no more free spins to use, this 0.03E looked the same as 0.00 it was simply nothing i was done.



I make another deposit of 150 E at this point and i expect no problems

- I play roulette and i make bets of either 50E or 100E and i make withdrawals as i play

Adding up to 450E withdrawals including 150E deposit and 300E wins

At this point my account is empty again, or has 0.03 in it... i dont realy know

PLEASE NOTE: On the screenshot the dates put on those discarded withdrawals aren't dates when i made it, those are dates of their action discarding it, i made all them between 21:11 and 22:00 aprox.


3. Withdrawals are done and pending.
-Account empty
-I make a deposit of 50 E, play roulette and lose it.

I could technically reverse one of the witdrawals to play as i had them pending but i just wanted to close my gambling for the month and spend the last 50 E of my personal allowence. So i put new money into my account, to threat it like another gambling session.

Where is the logic here in refunding the deposit of 50E? I understand that my account was red flagged during my bonus play and they were ready to take my money if i had any left after wagering but i cleared the balance.
I Made 2 next deposits, if i havent made them there would be nothing to confiscate.

They treat it like i made a deposit of 50E won 400 and withdrawn it, its clearly not the case.

They're operating in bad faith and using the fact of the breach to extend it to my entire activity in their casino.

Using their logic:

I breached the rules of the bonus so im not allowed the bonus money or the winnings so they cancel it and give me my deposit back, but i made 3 deposits in different circumstances, i won money with bets including 99.94 % of my own money from the second deposit and lost the third without witdrawal.

If they add up all activity on my account and apply the above, they should refund me with 250E wich is the ammount of my deposits and confiscate 200 E of winnings, only this makes sense according to what they're accusing me of.

Then it could be looked at as:

I've breached the max bet rule so they reinstate my deposit and take away the winnings:

450E withdrawal = Deposit 100E + Deposit 150E +200E winnings

250E refund and 200E confiscation

What would be a possible valid reason to refund the one deposit that i lost after all the previous activity? This could be a deposit made weeks or months after it, its not related

It's clear as day that i have made a simple mistake and they know it and use it in bad faith without any applience of logic or common sense

I feel simply humiliated and exploited by this casino and it's practices, i know that i have been playing fairly, i just didn't know the terms of bonus wich was my fault but i would never expect that a casino can take such advantage of this mistake and use it on my later play with new deposits, it feels awful how they just shove it in my face because i can't do anything to them

Posted on February 24, 2017

Furthermore Please See a screenshot of the bonuses proving what i say here :

-At this point i remember looking at the bonus section and it was empty, there was nothing that needed wagering anymore and i had no more free spins to use, this 0.03E looked the same as 0.00 it was simply nothing i was done.

All bonuses are wagered, cancelled or lost, the last one at 21;08 and thats why i didnt see anything in that section,

I made my next deposit at 21:11 and all the money that has been confiscated was won after that time

When i clearly have no active bonus ! so what did i breach ? They're using my provious breach and apllying it to activity that was seperate!

Posted on February 24, 2017

I also wanted to back this up with my bets history screenshots to prove that all this happend after the bonuses where all dead and that the winnings don't come from the time when i was breaching the bonus rules but from playing with the second deposit but the softwere doesn't allow me to view more than 40 last bets, and those are bets i have made with the 50E refund they gave me

Posted on February 24, 2017

It looks that my account has been flagged as one that breaches the rules, and they could adjust the system in a way that would worn the player that the breach is about to happen but they chose to set a trap, flag those accounts and then after the playing is done confiscate the money if player makes profit. But this period was closed as the screenchots prove. Last bonus done at 21:08 And i had put new money into my account at 21:11 . And by the time i had won and made a withdrawal and their team looked at it i still had been flaged about the breach so they confiscated my money without analyzing the deposits and history of bets thus where the money came from, and decided to refund a deposit that was visible as last and had no involvment in the cas , im speachless to the extent of either their incompetence or maliciousness

Posted on February 27, 2017

Dear Lukasz,

After a detailed check of your account we refunded the amount of your deposit.
You can withdraw your funds.

Best regards,
Das ist Casino Team

Posted on February 28, 2017


I confirm receiving the 100E, but during this complaint course it's become clear that the confiscation itself wasn't justified and must have been a mistake, i have assumed that the 0.03E i had in my account was a bonus but it in fact was already wagered so only this amount should be subjected to confiscations.

Dasistcasino has not responded to that, so my question is to the moderation, should we somehow proceed here or should i put it in order and open a new complaint?



Posted on February 28, 2017

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been provided with valid evidence on behalf the management of Das Ist Casino where it is clearly displayed that player has placed bets higher then allowed. Player by these actions breached casinos terms #7b:

"Play through (wagering) requirements should first be met before the player can bet an amount higher than €5/RUB300 or with the equivalent of 0.025 BTC. Included in this are double up wagers after a game round has been completed."

AskGamblers Complaints Team now have no reason to doubt in justification which Das Ist Casino provided in regards of this complaints case. Based on the above, and the fact that the player has confirmed that deposit in question has been refunded, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In case of a disagreement with our decision we remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant licensing authority responsible for Das Ist Casino.

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