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Karamba Casino - Lack of communication, no bonus, terrible experience

Posted on 09 March 2015

I recieved an email stating if I joined this site i would receive 100 free spins, i joined, made a deposit and was told i would recieve the 200% bonus. I did not recieve the 100 free spins. After several more deposits i 'made my way up' to bronze level. I recieved an email saying the next day i will recieve 25 free spins. After many more deposits i then became a silver status, with an email promising me 50 free spins... Again... I did not recieve these. I have emailed the support and care email provided 8 times! I got one response saying

'Dear Janeane,

We thank you for contacting us at Karamba. We are writing with reference to your missing bonus query, I have reviewed your account and see that the first set of free spins did not activate and also neither did the day 2 free spins when you deposited this morning, I have asked our tech team to investigate this for me but in the meantime I have added the following to your balance to cover the free spins as offered -

£5.00 to play the first set of 20 x 0.25p free games on Fruity Friends and also

£8.00 to play the day 2 free spins 40 x 0.20p on the same game.

Should you have any questions Janeane, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Karamba is committed to CARE- Customers Are Really Everything.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Please do not hesitate to contact the Karamba team, just click on Contact Us.

Your big win is just a click away!!

Sincerely yours,

James D

Account Manager '

Since then I have emailed them many more times regarding the 100 spins and also the now 50 free spins i still have not received.

I also received this email ...

'Dear Janeane,

Thank you for playing on Karamba and Welcome to our site!

We are very pleased to see that you are already enjoying our games.

I tried to contact you today by phone for a Great Personal Offer. I have added you 10 pounds free and I also have 25% on your next two deposits!

If you come to “Chat” on our site, which is available 7 days a week, we can assist you further there.

We look forward to you playing with us again and we wish you the best of luck!

Karamba is committed to CARE - Customers Are Really Everything.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are available 7 days a week.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Karamba Team.

Spin to Win!

Sincerely yours,


Account manager


I made a deposit and did i recieve the 25% or knowingly see an added £10... NO!

Whilst angerly playing off the deposit i expected the 25% on, I was playing 'flowers' and encountered several problems with the feature. Several time i spun in the 'free spins' Symbols, 3 as was needed, and the game just continued to play!! This happened 4 times, without giving the feature as shown. I screen shotted several of them, email the care email AGAIN and am yet to still hear from them..... And am yet to still here regarding my initial deposit and free spins bonus!!! I have been a member of many online casinos, and have never encountered such a lack of communication, nor problems with bonus/games etc. I am now left a lot out of pocket (making deposits to get my promised free spins and % on next deposits) and feel completely done by.

Posted on 05 March 2015

Dear Jen24,

Thanks for your feedback.
You presented in your email two different points, I will provide you assistance with both of them.

1) The free spins "issue" you mentioned on "Flower" slot

> II invite you to review carefully the game rules, to access the free spins mode on this game you must get 4 scatter symbols and not 3 as you previously mentioned, so I can confirm the game is working properly.

-With 4 symbols you get 10 Free spins
-with 5 symbols you get 15 Free spins
and so on...

2) Bonuses not received

I will personally investigate on the matter but as a gesture of goodwill , I just credited your balance with a nice free bonus.

I wish you plenty of luck and I hope this meets with your satisfaction

Best Regards
Karamba Team

Posted on 05 March 2015

Thankyou for an actual response on the matter. Apologies for confusion on the 'flowers' game, i presumed it was a simple 3 symbol feature access, thankyou for clearing that up with me.

I also appreciate the bonus i received, I take that as an apologie for the lack of communication and the fact I have not recieved what I have been promised. I will wait to hear the outcome of the free spins, I am looking forward to being able to use them.

Posted on 06 March 2015

Hey Jen24,

Thanks for your last email,
We will contact you very soon via phone or email :)

Best Regards

Posted on 06 March 2015

By email please preferably. Many thanks.

Posted on 08 March 2015

I hate to be this type of person... But I am getting increasingly sick and angry due to the lack of response from this site!!! This morning I receive an email saying ...

'Janeane – As part of your promotions package for new players, we have reserved for you a special seat in today’s £1,000 Welcome Tournament.

The more your play, the better your chance at winning; and since this tournament is exclusive for new players- your chances are even better! '

I log in and there is nothing more to tell me about the tournament. I send them an email saying ,

' I have received this email about the tournament and how i am eligible to play. I have just logged in yet am non the wiser as to how I actually participate? Can you explain the process to me please. I have clicked on a few games however there is no option for such tournament.

Thank you.

Janeane '

I am still yet to hear anything back.

Moments later i also receive this email...

'Dear Janeane,

Hope this email, finds you well.

As a result of our checks, free spins have been credited for you, on the game Starburst.

All you have to do is log in - click on the game starburst and play :)

Should you have any questions Janeane, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We welcome your feedback on the service you received from us.

Your big win is just a click away

Wishing you lots of luck!!

Sincerely yours,

Caroline G

Account Manager

Karamba is committed to CARE- Customers Are Really Everything. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Karamba team, just click on Contact Us.'

I presume this is with regards to my initial complaint about the free spins... I replied with this...

'Good morning.

I have just logged on and played starburst... I was rewarded with 10 free spins? Apologies for being so rude but how the hell can 10 free spins make up for the 100 i initially joined up to receive, the 25 at bronze level, then the 50 free spins promised at silver level?? 10 free spins is an appalling way to make up for this, considering also how long I am having to wait for any contact back.'

Again... I am YET to receive a response!!!!!

Further more after that email i receive another... Saying ...

'The weekend may almost be over, but the fun never ends at Karamba.

As promised in our VIP Program, you’re eligible for our Free Play Sunday bonus.

Get 10 games on our current best-seller... just for logging in! '

I log in and am only rewarded with 10 free spins on starburst... No im incredibally confused as what are those free spins for?? The last email I received, or the initial free spins I feel that the 10 free spins were fobbed of as...............

I doubt I'll receive any response by the end of the day meaning AGAIN I am missing out!!!!!!!!!! I was promised about 25% on my next 2deposits.... Please tell me how a deposit of £50... Twice... And still no extra bonus works??? I really wouldn't care less if I had never been told/promised I would receive them!

Posted on 09 March 2015

Hey Dear Jen24,

Thanks for your email.

You showed some misunderstanding about the games & free spins features, I was very happy to help by explaining the rules .
You mentioned that you didn t get some free spins,I issued you more than what you were supposed to get.
I by the way ,just checked your account now and saw that another great bonus was credited by our online support. ( and waiting for you in balance)
Please remember that we have a dedicated support team to assist you, in case ,following their answers, you are not fully satisfied, you can always ask them to escalate the case to the Management .

Forums are not an official communication channel for our support/promotion department, so I am kindly requesting from you to address all your queries directly to our support center.

Best Regards,
Karamba Team

Posted on 09 March 2015

You mentioned 'you issued me more than i was supposed to get..'. I was issued 10 free spins altogether... After being told I would get 100 once joined up, 25 for making bronze level... 50 for making silver level and then in other email stating i had free spins, there has been nothing added to the 10 i actually got. So I find it rather cheeky to say that I got more than I should have. Also the added bonus i received wasn't 'great' as you described... I was promised and contacted to tell me I would receive deposit bonuses of 25% on 2 deposits that I never actually got. The bonuses i have received, I am grateful for, but these are just for the lack of poor service i have received from this site. I invite you to investigate further the copious emails I have sent to your support and care team. Asking for help and more information.... And I also invite you to check how much response i have actually received and communication i have had. Then maybe you will realise where my anger with the way I am being treated had steamed from. So with this in mind i will not be contacting you directly as this is the only way I have actually had response from, also other users are able to see this and hopefully join me in great joy when this case is resolved!
Lastly with the bonus I was 'greatly' and finally entitled too, I had almost played it off, then with luck i won some to accommodate for my losses at the end. I went to make a withdrawal and I am faced with 'unfortunately you have not met your wagering requirements, you currently have £1985.55 left to wager.'

Can this please be explained to me. Please check my deposit history as I believe this should make up for the small percentage im comparrison I wish to withdraw back.

Many thanks.

Posted on 09 March 2015

Hey Jen24,

Through several emails, from many different agents and Managers ( including David VIP Department Manager this morning ) but also via this forum, we tried our best to solve, all your queries and give you an exceptional treatment.
We also tried to contact you several times over the phone unfortunately without success.
Our main core value is customer satisfaction that s why now I believe that the most effective way for us to solve all your queries would be over the phone.

Please send us via email a valid phone number & a most convenient time for us to call, as soon as possible.

Best Regards
Karamba Team

Posted on 09 March 2015

We sincerely believe that all player's issues have been addressed and resolved accordingly by the casino management. Further questions concerning current casino promotions and/or other casual matters such as remaining wagering for example should be dealt directly with the casino support and not by the means of the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service.

We consider this case as closed.

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