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King Billy Casino - Inadequate handling of a software glitch Evolution Gaming baccarat software

Complaint Info
Disputed casino King Billy Casino
Reason Software glitch
Posted on November 6, 2020

On October 18, 2020 i experienced a gaming glitch from Evolution Gaming, I made two bets of $1500 CAD each at the time and I had won both times, my balance was $30,859.25 CAD before I bet which my claim is supported by the chat with evolution gaming below. And after I was not credited the $3000 CAD I had stopped playing and messaged King Billy Casino support team about the software glitch, and that I would want the game logs from evolution gaming to support my claim. One of the support staff messaged me back and said there was no glitch, and still did not provide me with the game logs. When I contacted King Billy Casino support about it they asked me to contact evolution gaming support to find out from them and get the answer. I contacted Evolution Gaming support which I have a screen shot of, Jason said that my balance before I bet $1500 CAD twice was in fact 30,859.25 CAD which is provided below at game# 23:22:41 . Then when I bet the first bet of 1500 which is below game# 23:23:33 my balance was still at $30,859.25 CAD. then I asked him after I bet the 2nd 1500 bet which is game# 23:24:00 what was my balance and he said again that my balance was $30,859.25 CAD. So obviously there was a glitch in the system, I messaged King Billy Support with my proof of the screen shots.

- First image is with chat proving my balances with Evolution Gaming.

-Second image is of game# 23:22:41 bet was $500 CAD and won which gave me a balance of $30, 859.25 CAD

-Third image is of game# 23:23:33 bet $1500 CAD and won, which still gave me a balance of $30,859.25 CAD

-Fourth image is of game# 23:24:00 bet $1500 CAD and won still gave me a balance of $30,859.25 CAD

Now after requesting the logs from evolution gambling they said they sent the all the info to King Billy Casino and the case was closed. This morning I received two emails with the bets of $1500 CAD, and when speaking to support staff from King Billy Casino, George < surname removed >, he sent me these two emails of logs of the two games in question and they are hiding the balances from me, I asked evolution gaming and they said that my case is completed and that contact casino support and George keeps giving me the run around. Also I have proof from a chat with evolution gaming that the bets were not accepted and there was a glitch in the system, but how can that be when the logs I'm providing here shows they have been accepted.

- Fifth image, chat from Evolution gaming that bets were not accepted

- Sixth image, game log bet 1

- Seventh image, game log bet 2

Then I have King Billy Support George, not providing me with the balances on the game logs and I am providing you with an image George sent me of the logs. also he sent me an image that clearly states the logs show what balances were before and after the bets.

-8th Image of disclaimer stating balances

When you read this very carefully it says the "balance figure does not reflect actual players balance” bc I could be playing other games on King Billy Casino simultaneously, and thats why they say that. but I only play one game at a time and only play baccarat with funds I deposit. I also have message from evolution chat that says that as well. “But the result of win/loss calculations based on account balance when obtained when player joined live dealer game lobby"!

It clearly states here that they do have proof of balance when I joined the game lobby, because how else would the chat logs with evolution gaming provide me with the balances. George from King Billy Casino is not providing me with that, in fact he is only providing me with his pdf file of his casino logs. And after numerous interactions he keeps telling me that he has requested more info, and after numerous times asking evolution gaming chat about George requesting more info they have clearly stated that they have closed the case and your casino has the result you've been asking for!

But I think more importantly is this email that I received from King Billy Casino Support staff George, stating in fact there was a glitch and they are going to give me a refund.

- image 9, email from George stating I will get a refund

This situation I experience was three weeks go and have been asking for information which King Billy has not been sending and clearly giving me the run around. I ask you AskGamblers.com please and solve this issue, so that I can clearly get my refund of $3000 CAD.


Niranjan < surname removed >

Posted on November 9, 2020

Dear AskGamblers, Dear Prince,

We apologize for the delay in answering, but we really needed to examine carefully each and every phase regarding this issue. It is unusual for a player of such a high status and with such a special profile, as the one of Prince Niran, to lodge a complaint.

Dear AskGamblers, our investigation and correspondence documents with Evolution Gaming have already been sent to you. In a nutshell:

• There is proof that the Prince played both 2 bets of CAD1500 each.
• There is a confirmation from Evolution Gaming and King Billy that both bets were played properly and all winnings were granted to the player. Audit cards from Evolution Gaming show this in detail.
• We have emailed the Prince on November 5, of all his bet list history, upon request.

Dear AskGamblers, based on the above, we would like this complaint to be resolved in our favor. Of course, our relationship with the Prince will remain as friendly and cordial as ever.

Thank you,

The King Billy Team

Posted on November 9, 2020

Dear Ask Gamblers,

I had two different conversations with Johnathan on Nov 03, 2020. which I saved screen shots of, one was at 3:21:32 which I have provided here, and the other one was at 4:38.33 which that image is at the top. both conversations as you can tell by the chat logs are different and they both contain the same answer that my balance was in fact the same for the two bets I placed!

Then we have chat log from Marshal from evolution gaming agreeing that there was, in fact a glitch and my bets were not accepted, and the logs should be investigated! that chat log is above and everyone can see that! when my bets were infact accepted with proof of my history log and the audit logs provided to King Billy from evolution gaming.

King Billy has actually not shown me not shown me the audit log with the balance before game# 23:22:41 bet $500, balance before game# 23:23:33 bet $1500 and balance before game# 23:24:00 bet $1500. Clearly on the audit logs will show the balances before and after because Johnathan was able to answer every single question, what the bet was before and after, twice on different occasions that day! Thank god for honest workers and luckily I got took screen shots!

Now King Billy when I launched this investigation, deleted all of my gaming history from those dates! Before, I could just go to my account page and click on my previous bet history, I could go back months and months of previous bets, they no longer exist! coincidence?

Now I'm going to show you that there is infact proof of glitchs in evolution gaming software. these two pictures I am showing you guys are my bet history on evolution gaming. I have underlined the bet total for that day. If you look at them closely the images are exactly alike all the bets made and all the winning losing bets I had. The only difference is the total bet amount for that day, the date is Oct 29 2020 look at the two screen shots. For the total Bet amount for that day one says $299, 491. And the other one says $627, 746.

These images prove that there are software glitchs occurring on Evolution Gaming!

In Conclusion:

But what did save me was screen shorting all of the chats I had with evolution gaming support chat! all of them. Both on different occasions on Nov, 03 Johnathan admitted that those were my balances of 30, 589.25 after each bet!

Then Marshal said there was a glitch and the bets weren't accepted and I have proof of that!

Also I have an email from George support staff telling me that there was a glitch and I will get a refund!!!!! above.

I have proof that glitchs do occur on Evolution Gaming!

King Billy what your doing is not right, and everyone will see this and prove that I am correct that #1 software glitchs do occur on Evolution Gaming, and it did occur that day. It's true I am your prince and will forever be your prince, but is this how you treat your son! I feel like this is an episode of Game of Thrones. The only thing that would of saved me was screen recording my game activity but since I am a newbie to online casinos, I didn't. But luckily i have everything else! Thank God for that!


Niranjan <surname removed>

Posted on November 9, 2020

This is proof that my gaming history doesn't exist for those dates anymore, I wonder why???

Posted on November 12, 2020

Nobody has deleted the Prince’s bets.

Unfortunately, the feature to filter the bets by date is unavailable at the moment. It is currently under development (this is a common characteristic of all 27 casinos of the N1 family of casinos).

Therefore, the feature was not available earlier and the player could check only the last 50 bets without using any filters.

We emphasize again that nobody has deleted the Prince’s bets.

King Billy Team

Posted on November 12, 2020

1. still you haven't responded why George from your support has agreed that in fact there was a glitch that evolution claimed and that I was going to get a refund.

2. also the two separate conversations that I had with Johnathan, which you can tell by the background at the baccarat games the background none of the tables patterns match each other and each game is about 1 hour long proving they were in fact two diff convos! stating that my balances after two bets before the two bets were $30,859,25 and after winning the two bets they were 30, 859.25.

why would Johnathan lie twice on diff occasions, while all his chats are being monitored and recorded. therefore, proving that the audit logs will clearly show the balances before or after each bet. Also because the software automatically know when you get a 0 balance and need to deposit more money, clearly stating that they have access to the balances at the time, and each time before and after bets.

3. I have and evolution member stating that there was in fact a glitch issue in the chat and my bets "should" be investigated!

4. I have provided here proof that glitchs do occur in the evolution gaming software

so can you stop wasting everyones time here because as I can see your usual response times for complaints are a day but for some reason you take 3 days for mine, and continue to avoid pertinent questions and try to drag this on and I really don't know why.

sir I have spent over 50k with your casino I have no reason to lie I am an honest hardworking individual, and when I saw this glitch I reported it to your staff right away, please do what's right!


Niranjan k.

Posted on November 13, 2020

Dear AskGamblers, dear Prince,

We apologize for the delay in answering. Even though our average complaint reply time may be a day or less, there are always complicated cases, where more time and more documents are needed to make a point. Rest assured that we are the first to not want complaints to drag forever.

Regarding the Prince’s case, and after reaching Evolution Gaming, we finally have a written answer, which we quote and will also send as proof document to AskGamblers (and the Prince if he wishes). The mail was sent to the King Billy License Holder Company Softswiss by the Evolution Customer Support Service Desk Specialist:

“Dear Team,
Please accept our apologies, as it was mistake. we have looked into this matter and discovered that the log confused Live support, as the balance updated multiple times and he checked the last update, however, it was showing the amount which was correct at 23:25 UTC when the player had already played the next round as well. We realize that due to this Client was confused and it is indeed unacceptable. We will ensure to assign the CS for necessary retraining to avoid it happening again.
If any questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,
Na** Ko******* | Service Desk Specialist

The above mail refers to the dialogue between the Prince and the Evolution Gaming agent Jonathan who made an unfortunate, but of course human, error, regarding the Prince’s balance.

We apologize to the Prince for the inconvenience and confusion caused by all this. Based on the new, above evidence, we would kindly like to have this complaint resolved in our favor.

The King Billy Team

Posted on November 13, 2020

Dear all,

Following a careful review and consideration of all the information, details and/or proof presented by the parties during the complaint process, the AskGamblers Complaint Team reached the conclusion that King Billy Casino management acted in accordance with their Terms and Conditions.

Based on the abovementioned information, the AskGamblers Complaint Team considers this case resolved and it is now officially closed. While we understand this might not be the outcome expected by the complainant, we would like to remind you that, in case of a disagreement with our decision, further assistance on the matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body and/or appointed ADR entity.

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