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Karamba Casino unfairly declined my withdrawal and confiscated my winnings of €30000

jtijani Netherlands
posted on January 26, 2016.


I have deposited €70 at Karamba Casino on the 28th of December 2015. I have received €35 bonus upon this deposit, giving me a total balance of €105. I started playing video slots and wone some money. During my play I allegedly won €100 in a tournament named Karamba Rocks (bonus or cash, not clear?; see bonus terms stating: Tournament winnings may or may not be cash redeemable). These winnings from the tournament probably was credited in to my account during my play. I haven't even participated in this tournament and was playing on my mobile and it is not possible to participate on mobile games! This can be verified in my gamelogs, which they are not sending to me upon multiple requests.

They have just credited tournament winnings on my account without prior notice to me. I didn't receive any emails or other notifications. There was also no change in the wagering requirement. I simply haven't participated in the tournament.

I have read the terms and conditions of Karamba Casino carefully. It is not allowed to place bets exceeding €7 or 20%. During the active bonus I haven't placed any bets exceeding the €7. All of my bets were between €1 and €4. At some point I have met all wagering requirements (please see attached screenshot). Starting that moment I was free to place higher bets, as the wagering requirement was finished. During my play I gradually staked higher bets as I was winning and I was under the impression that there was no wagering left. I have checked this twice on the account page.

After playing a while my total balance was arount 30K. I was really ecstatic, as I have never won so big. I have then decided to cash out, in accordance with their withdrawal policy (10K per month), in 10K installments. I also received emails from Karamba Casino with them congratulating on my big winnings. They also asked me to write a testimonial, which I did and sent to them. I was also asked to send in documents in order for them to verify my identity. I have done this immediately and got an email from them stating that my account was fully verified.

Here it comes: On the 4th of January, I received an email telling me that I have abused their bonus and that my withdrawals were declined and confiscated. My deposit of €70 was funded back in to my account. I was really shocked and couldn't believe this was happening, as I have read their terms and played in accordance with their bonus policy. I have only placed higher bets after finishing the wagering.

I also had contact with a Dutch customer support agent, which told me I was playing in accordance with the bonus policy, his name is Rolf. I have requested a tape of this phone call with him and other chat transcripts and

The problem here is that Karamba is using the 100€ winnings from the tournament, which is bonus money according to them and therefore subject to wagering. I have never received any notification regarding this. i just did not participate in this tournament. This was also not displayed on the account page. I have checked this and there was just no wagerring requirement. This was the reason why I placed higher bets.

I am really disappointed in Karamba Casino. The way they have sent me emails congratulating me and afterwards unfairly confiscating my winnings, is just rogue. I have hit bed rock here and really don't know what to do, therefore I decided to take the first step to get my rightful winnings back with the help of Askgamblers. Really appreciate if you guys could help me here.

Best regards,

posted on January 29, 2016.

The player's attachments have been removed because they contained sensitive personal information.

posted on January 29, 2016.

Dear Jitijani,

Thanks for your email.

On the 28.12 at 10:25 GMT you deposited 70 EUR and received as per your chat request, 35 EUR and another bonus of 100 EUR. (prize you claimed)

By the way you complained about the bonus on your previous post above , but you actually asked for it during your chat with our customer service and based on the chat below you were happy to receive it.

you: i was speaking to rolf

Rolf: Hi there and welcome. My name is Rolf, how are you today?

you: its me XXXXX

you: you were checking what i won yesterday about number 1 karamaba rocks event

you: and i made a desposit of €70 as you can see

you: rolf

Rolf: Did you see the last part of the chat?

Rolf: I added the bonus for you

Rolf: And you won €100

Rolf: :-)

you: oh ok thanks

Rolf: It is all added to your account

Rolf: Haha

Rolf: No problem

you: thank you

You started betting on Jackpot jester at 10:31 GMT.
At 10:37 GMT you lost your deposit funds and all further bets were placed with your bonus balance which means that all your bets from this point until wagering requirement is completed, must be strictly according to the bonus policy. ( since you lost at this point your original deposit and use bonuses only)

At 12:40 GMT on the game real bandits your wagering was not completed yet but you started betting between 9 and 12 EUR generating few hundreds of winnings which is a clear breach of our terms and conditions. Please find a reminder below:

"When a bet abuses the betting system – regardless of which game it was placed on – it will not count towards a player’s wagering requirements. If the player placed single bets equal to or greater than €7 or 20 percent of the bonus amount before the wagering requirements for the bonus have been met, we reserve the right to withhold any amount in excess of the player’s original deposit from a player’s withdrawal. "

These high winnings from invalid bets, are what built your high balance and gave you the opportunity to bet massively over 60 euro to reach the high balance you mentioned .

Here at Karamba, we like nothing more than to see our players winning huge prizes but of course adhering to the Terms & Conditions.

As we already informed you, we consider this decision as final from our side.

Best Regards
Karamba Team

posted on January 29, 2016.

We have been provided by the player with screenshots with hidden sensitive information

jtijani Netherlands
posted on January 29, 2016.


Thank you for the quick response. However, I'd like to state that I don't agree with this.

First of all, I have never opted in for this tournament. However, I do not mind winning some extra cash or bonus money. That's always welcome. The thing here is that the tournament policy states that winnings can be either cash or bonus. The support agent only said that I won €100. Nowhere I could find any information about the type of the winnings. Karamba has just credited me with €100. Also nothing was said about any wagering requirements regarding the amount of €100 I allegedly won in this tournament. During my play I have had contact with support multiple times! In those chats nothing was said about bonus or wagering requirements either. Lastly, I was congratulated multiple times with my winnings. When my balance was arount 57K support has congratulated me too. During this chat support has also checked if my gameplay was in accordance with the bonus policy and everything was just fine they said. Please add those chat transcripts too, as Karamba doesn't provide me with these chat and call transcripts upon multiple requests via mail.

Also Karamba states the time and amount I have bet on both Jackpot Jester and Real Bandits. This could be right, as I completed the wagering requirement on that moment. That was the reason why I placed higher bets. There was no wagering requirement left on that moment. I have checked this on the My Account page. Karamba is just using the €100 tournament winnings afterwards as bonus money!


posted on January 29, 2016.

Dear Jtijani,

Thanks for your email.

Please look at the screen shot, inner page of the Christmas promo. This was the promotion page describing all our Xmas activities. As you can see, it s clearly displayed, 100Euros bonus (for the prize you won)

Also we just sent to askgamblers support team evidence of:

1) the facts that really quick the real funds were lost and the remaining balance was only bonuses.
2) A proof of the high bets under wagering requirement.

Best Regards
Karamba Team

jtijani Netherlands
posted on January 29, 2016.


That screenshot doesn't proove anything in this matter.

Like I have stated in previous posts, I haven't opted in for this tournament. This is actually the first time I am seeing this page. Also there are no other specified terms to this. How about accountability of support employees? They have told me multiple times my gameplay was okay. You guys are using this €100 bonus from that tournament afterwards as an additional wagering requirement (after I have met the wagering requirement on the first 35€ bonus) to justify things at your end. The wagering for that €100 was also not shown on the My Account page of the casino. Not to speak about sending me mails with congratulations and request of testimonials and KYC documents and declining my rightful winnings later is just really perverse.

I will escalate this matter further to all possible casino review sites and gambling lincensing authorities (MGA & Gambling Commission) concerned if Karamba doesn't come up with a solution for this. This is just bogus!


posted on January 31, 2016.

Based on all the information and evidence presented on this case by both parties, AskGamblers Complaints Team can confirm that:

a/ player was well in aware of the fact why the disputed amount of 100 euro has been added to his account as well as that this amount is bonus and not cash.

b/ player placed multiple high bets in violation of max bet rule applied by Karamba Casino.

c/ Karamba Casino acted accordingly to its own bonus policy and rules and confiscated players winnings derived from placing bets in violation of max bet rule while playing with bonus funds.

Although we could imagine the huge disappointment of having such a huge win confiscated due to bonus rule violation, after all it is player's obligation to familiarize these rules and follow them strictly.

We would also like to remind player that in case of a disagreement with our decision further assistance on this issue could be requested by the relevant licensing authority responsible for Karamba Casino license to operate.

The case is now officially closed.