Silver Oak Casino - Just Terrible Quality Of Service!!!

amartinez956 United States
posted on April 28, 2015.

i have never had so much trouble with trying to get paid on online casino before. First i do a pay out of $870 and it's been 10 day's and they decline because they needed some other documents, so now i have to wait another 10 day for approval and probably another 2-3 weeks for me to recieve my check. and that's if i'm lucky.and also they quadriple charged me on a $50 dollar deposit instead of $50 they charged me $377 so i put in for refund instantly and of course they try to convince not to. but i still do and i have to wait more than likely 3-4 weeks to get it back? that's not right at all. they are quick to take your money but so slow to pay you back. i'll be lucky if i even see any of that. by the looks of it by the reviews i see on here there are plenty of complaints. i hope you guy's send me the money we are not all rich and need the money.i hope i hear from you soon with something positive. iv'e spent some money on there it would only be fare to return the favor. thanks

posted on April 30, 2015.

Hi amartinez956,

There are two parts to this that I’ll address:

First, your withdrawal has not been authorized, because we are still waiting on your verification documents in their entirety. I know one of our managers contacted you earlier, yesterday, requesting these documents, again. Until these documents are received, we do not begin the approval process.

Next, WE did NOT charge this amount without your consent. You mistyped the amount and then contacted us for a refund. We have no problem issuing the refund, however, refunds are not instant—they do take some time to reach your account.

I hope this clears things up,