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JoyCasino - Software unfairness!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino JoyCasino
Reason Software fairness
Amount руб. 12500
Posted on January 12, 2016

Greetings! I'm writing in regard of missing funds due to a software failure. On the 25th of December, 2015, I was playing Live Roulette HD at "Joycasino" (Picture №1). My nickname was alex7771 and the dealer's name was Naima (Picture №1). It was around of 19:47 time when the accident had occurred: I made a bet on the number "28" and when this number had rolled out and my bet had played, the server got disconnected (Picture №1)!!! After sometime had passed, I successfully logged in, but neither the sum of the bet had been returned back nor the amount won by the bet had been credited to my account!!! The sum of the bet was 3750 of rubles and the amount won was around of 39 000 of rubles!!! I hit the ceiling that moment!!! I had waited for few days whether the support would automatically solve that problem occurred by their fault! But nothing had changed!!! On the 7th of January, 2016, around of 16:50 time, I contacted the support of "JoyCasino" (Picture №2). The support wasn't really willing to help; also it took much time for them to reply on my inquiry!!! Sooner or later, a man named himself Daniel replied to me. He admitted that there was a failure in system at the moment of the accident (Picture №2). In addition he told me that a feedback-email had been sent to me on the day of my inquiry to the support. But didn't get any kind of such email (Picture №2)!!! On the 10th of January there was another dialogue with the support (Picture №3). A man named Arthur told me that the result of the round was the number “27” and it resulted in my loss of the bet. But this is false because the number “27” was in the winning sector and that meant that I had won 12 000 of rubles due to the split-system!!! The bets I had made can be clearly seen on the Picture №1!!! Arthur failed to reply something appropriate to these words!!! Specially for you, I’ve made translations of the both of the dialogues with the support of the casino! Those translations are enlisted bellow the text of the complaint! The above mentioned facts force me to write this complaint and if I don’t receive any appropriate help to my problem, I will publish information about this accident on all the possible forums about gambling! It's a shocking situation for me and in my opinion - a smashing blow to the casino's good will!!! I insist on that the money either of my bet or the amount won are to be credited on my account in the nearest time!!! I hope that you've understood my point and the help is on the anvil! Thank you for your understanding!

1) The translation of the dialogue with the support on the 7th of January, 2015:
“The fact is that I’m writing to you once again and not for the first time, but all for nothing! What is happening? On the 25th such accident has taken place, you’ve promised to solve it, but you keep silence doing nothing!!!!! What is happening? If you do value your reputation you should pay me the amount won or at least should return the sum of the bet!!!!!!”
“Greetings, Alexey. Tell me are in touch right now?”
“Yes, I am.”
“We apologize for making you wait. We’ve sent today an email to you. Have you received it?”
“No, I’ve not.”
“We apologize for the disinformation in connection about your report on the failure of the roulette. After you had contacted us, the operator made an inquiry to the technical department.
Unfortunately, there was no report registered from you immediately after the failure. The accident is being considered by the technical department, our employees are already working on the problem. Indeed, there was an error during that game.
Please, wait for an email from us to your mailbox after the conclusive answer is worked out to your response.”
“How can it be that my report hasn’t been registered))))) It’s amusing! It’s a pity that I’ve not made a screenshot
It is already 12 days have passed
I see the point! I’m continuing to wait!”

2) The translation of the dialogue with the support on the 10th of January, 2015:
“1000 of rubles – on the number “31”
1000 of rubles – on the number “25”
1000 of rubles – on the number “28”
The total bet is 3750 of rubles.
The result of the round on that table is the number “27”.
According those results we can see that the write-off of the bet and the game outcome have been correct, and that is why, unfortunately, you haven’t had any amount won in that round. Just a bit higher in the chat I’ve put a copy of the email that has been sent to your email address. If you wish, I can send it once again.”
“it’s a great move, I say!
okay, no problems! The result was the number “27”
the number “27” also results in winning due to the splits!!!!!
The numbers “25”, “26”, “27” the bet 1000 of rubles the numbers “28”, “29”, “30” 1000 of rubles + 28750 of rubles the numbers “31”, “32”, “30” 1000 of rubles
So, the number “27” has rolled out and you tell me that I’ve lost))))) As like that”
“Alexey, according to the text of the bets, the bets have been made on the single numbers, but not on splits.”
“And in the result the number “27” of red – the won amount due to the splits is 12000 of rubles
You’re trying to make a fool of me!!!!!!”
“I apologize, but I do not possess the full information on that question, so it’s hard for me to answer to you.”
“The sums, the bets and the places of the bets are clearly seen on the screenshot! DON’T MAKE THE FOOL OF ME!
You’ve just said that the number of the round is number “27”
What we going to do now?
I’ll publish our dialogue on forums
At the Never Fold and Ask Gamblers
It’s a complete nonsense, I say!!!!!!”

Posted on January 13, 2016

Hi Alexey and nice to meet you!

My name is Katja and I'm an affiliate manager at Joycasino. I want to explain situation and inform you that money is already on your balance.

1. The 25th of December we definitely did not have complaints from you, so this question didn't arise.

2. The 8th of January we sent an inquiry to Netent to check gaming transactions. Netent team answered that there were no winning and software worked correct.

3. After your re-addressing we asked Netent once again to check this situations and it turned out that
a) the bet of 3 750 rubles was automatically returned on your balance on December 25th, 18:50 Moscow time due to a technical bug in that round
b) we took into consideration that you actually won 12 000 rubles (winning number was 27 and the bet of 1 000 rubles on Street won). That's why 8 250 rubles (12 000 rubles - 3 750 rubles that were already returned on the balance as I mentioned above) weremanually added on your balance yesterday, January 12th, 19:36 Moscow time.

In our turn we apologize for misinforming after your first call. We only told you information that we received from Netent.

Posted on January 16, 2016

Dear @boooblik,

Are you satisfied with a casino response, can we close this complaint? Thank you. Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and closed.

Posted on January 17, 2016

Of course not!!!!!!!(1)stake not returned-3750!!!!and (2) casinos did not want to pay out winnings!!! (3) demand reimburse the amount bet 3750,and moral compensation for cheating casinos!!!!!!!

boooblik Russia
Posted on January 19, 2016

No, I'm not satisfied! Not a bit! And it's amusing that the affilates of the casino are so insolent to openly lie at such site as the Askgamblers Complaint System!!! Seems to me, I have to summarize once again!

boooblik Russia
Posted on January 19, 2016

Hello once again.
More than 3 weeks have passed since I’ve published my very first complaint on the 25th of December, 2015. And for all this time my complaint about the won amount in this casino hasn’t been fully resolved! I’ve been only paid a piece of the winning amount (8250 of rubles, instead of 12 000 of rubles)! In addition, the sum of bet (3750 of rubles) hasn’t been returned so far too. The staff of the casino is trying to convince me in that the sum of bet (3750 of rubles) has been returned to me on the 25th of December, but it has not! It’s a fraud!
The staff of casino has been providing me with the deliberately false information for the whole way, obviously saying, has been lying to me about the inquiry in “Netent”. Then they’ve worked out an answer that would fully satisfy the needs of JoyCasino and it is that I’ve simply lost in that round. But even more, after they’ve admitted their mistake and paid into my account 8250 of rubles, the staff of casino has dreamed up a new reason to not pay out my won amount! They’ve been demanding that I should I made up a turnover of bets in the amount of 16 deposits at rate X3.
In connection with the above mentioned and to everything what is happening now, I strongly demand:
1) A public apology to me in writing on the corporate blank of the JoyCasino.
2) A moral satisfaction should be paid out to me since I’m the sufferer of the casino’s fraud and it should be tenfold amount of the winning that still hasn’t been paid to me. The sum of winning is 12 000 of rubles and the sum of satisfaction should be 120 000 of rubles according to that!
3) Heedless and negligent employees of JoyCasino are to be fired up for the fraud and false which they’ve been providing me for the whole way!

Posted on January 21, 2016

Dear @boooblik,

We understand that you are upset but please calm down so we can all try to resolve this issue in civilized manner. Thank you for understanding.

Posted on January 23, 2016

AskGamblers Complaint Team is still in communication with a JoyCasino management regarding this case.

Posted on January 26, 2016

Dear @boooblik,

thank you for your patience. We provided all the evidences including official letter from Netent, screenshots of transactions made and screenshots from admin panel that 3 750 rubles were returned to your balance the 25th of December 18:50 Moscow time. Your winnigs were also added to your balance as it stated above. Thank you for understanding.

Posted on January 27, 2016

We consider the behavior shown by the player in his last post as absolutely incompatible with the minimum standards of decency and normal attitude and behavior during an ongoing dispute at AskGamblers Complaints Service. Such behavior is considered as a direct breach of the Terms & Conditions associated with AskGamblers Complaints Service and therefore, player's case is being rejected.

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