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Super Casino - Troubles to verify my account!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Super Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount £ 2300
Posted on August 18, 2014

On the 6/08/14 i tried to withdraw winnings in total of £2300 from Supercasino. I had previously withdrew £120 without a problem so didnt understand why this would be.

I recieved an email asking to verify my details in which i did my best to do so. i am currently working offshore so this made it even harder to obtain these details. They asked for a passport in which i sent. They asked for my bank card back and front in which i sent the photos of my bank card (numbers covered). I was then told that the bank card can not be used even though it was the bank card i have previously used to deposit and withdraw no problem. They wanted to see my bank card ending 7164 which i had used back in febuary. I stated i do not longer own that bank card due to fruad being detected and a new one sent out. That card has been cut and disposed. They told me i could send a bank statement showing a transaction of £54.00 sent from that card in which i did send. I then recieved an email saying i need to send a proper photo of my utility bill because they cant see one i sent but also in that email i was told my bank card is still outstanding and i would need to send that.

Do these people look back at previous emails or do they just follow a book how can this be missed i was told to send a statement how can they expect me to still be using that bank card or have it. I have now waited 8 days in which i could have solved this problem in 1 if they didnt take 2 days to email me back. I am outraged and i have had the same verification process from betfred in which they solved in the matter of 48 hours.

Posted on August 17, 2014

This is outrageous why have i not recieved a reply 3 days later. Anyone reading this. Supercasino is a great casino but in terms of loyalty to customers who pay them damn good money they are the worst. I have not been treated like this by any other company it is now 11 days i have not recieved my withdrawal. Why is this taking so long.

Posted on August 18, 2014

After looking at the account we can see that Mr Robertson requested a withdrawal of £2,300 on the 6th August. We asked for some supplementary documentation on the 7th August. The next day some documents were received, however some were still outstanding. A number of emails back and forth between us and Mr Robertson followed, with the final confirmation that all documentation had been received on the 16th August.

We are very sorry that Mr Robertson has experienced delays with our document verification process, however we must undergo these processes in line with our terms and conditions. We are however happy to confirm that Mr Robertson’s withdrawal is due to be processed today and that as a result of the issues we will ensure it is done as a priority. Once processed the payment should clear within 3-5 business days.

With kind regards,


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