SpinEmpire Casino - Investigation of my id documents

Oblomov Finland
posted on August 9, 2015.

I did my first deposit at SpinEmpire Casino 30.07.15. I had lucky and I played through all play through and wagering standard to end. After that I was contact to Support via chat and they said which kind id documents I have to sent. So I send copy of my driver licence and copy of utility bill 30.7.15 at the morning. After that I made withdrawal 607€ and shut down the Casino site. Couples hours after that I got e- mail from SpinEmpire that they had rollback my withdrawal. After that I tried to log in my account ,but that was closed security reason with out any notification for me. So then I started to sent e- mails and token contact via chat. First they did not reply my mails. In chat they they told that my account is under the investigation and it will take up to 5 business day.They said that they investigation of my id documents and etc. So I have now waiting almost 7 business day ,but they always said same and they can not say when I will get my winnings or ever...? They only investigation and investigation with out any explanation for what and why and why it is take much Møre than they own terms. I think this is unreasonable for me.

Oblomov Finland
posted on August 11, 2015.

Today I was with chat with spinempire casino and the situation is still the same. They still investigation my documents and they can not say how long it is take Here is the last e-mail ,witch I get from they.

elo 7 klo 12.42 ip

I will fight to speed up on your withdrawal with my management.

Most casinos have security check before paying winnings. Unfortunately there are some
unfair gamblers therefore we have to proceed with security and fraud check.
Kindly be assured there is no need to fill any complaints, I will answer you same there.
As soon as I have any updates you will be notified.

Thank you for understanding.

posted on August 11, 2015.


Your account has been unblocked, please check your winnings and confirm if everything is ok. Your account has been checked and verified last Friday, you should have received a letter with confirmation. We don't find normal to keep our customers disregarded so the appropriate measures have already taken place, thank you for patience.

Oblomov Finland
posted on August 11, 2015.

I checked my account and it is open now and I also made withdrawal so every think is ok now.
Thank you with co-operation! The think is now solve from my side. Thank You!

posted on August 11, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.