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LeoVegas Casino - Unfairly refusing to refund

ianhannington United Kingdom
posted on December 7, 2015.

After opening a new account as my previous account was closed earlier at my request some 5 or 6 months I'm not entirely sure of the exact date.
I lost quite a lot so to stop temptation I requested the account be closed.
A few weeks ago I decided to give it another shot and deposited £100.00 was given some bonuses and played winning over £1,000.00 and at first tried to withdraw but hadn't completed my wagering conditions with regards the bonus given. So j played on still winning and the balance was still over £1,000.00 so I decided I would withdraw whilst I was up. The withdrawal was approved I didn't receive the funds after x few days then went to sign in the account was blocked and sink emailed them and they then informed me I had broken their terms and conditions on having 2 accounts. Well since the original account was requested closed by me I wasn't at all aware I had broken any terms and conditions and still don't.
I used the same address name and bank details to open the new account. How come they didn't stop me opening the account? They had every opportunity to revoke the account even when I was winning and even when j first attempted the withdrawal.
It's only after I actually won and had a confirmed withdrawal request did they then decide I had broken any terms which I still refute. They didn't even offer to repay my initial deposit of £100 if I had broken any terms which I haven't. I would like your assistance to retrieve my winnings please.
I have emails from them informing me I've broken the terms after the event I have nothing before though.
You have my name if you require anything else please let me know
Finally I tried to remove this with them however they decided to just block my emails in the end they just aren't interested in resolving this with me.
Great when your losing not so when you win!
Thank you
Ian Hannigton

posted on November 23, 2015.

Hi Ian.

I hope your well.

I have contacted you via private message regarding this.

Have a great week.

ianhannington United Kingdom
posted on November 26, 2015.

This complaint is still unresolved, they still insist that I'm at fault that I lost all my deposit and all the winnings were won using their bonus.
They also now inform me I shouldn't have been able to bet more than £5.00 a spin although I was able to bet £10 a spin. It amazes me that they know they are wrong in so many levels, yet they still think they are right.
I am happy to forfeit any winnings if it was my error, but if I requested the first account be closed how can I then be wrong when opening a new account?
It doesn't state reopen open your old account its says you can't have 2 accounts open at the same time. I wasn't aware they hadn't closed my first account which I clearly stated months ago.
If they want to keep the winnings fine keep them at least have the decency to offer to pay me my deposit back if they feel I breach any terms and conditions.
That's the right and moral thing to do anyone can see that!

posted on November 27, 2015.

LeoVegas has been dealing with the player via private message. We have explained in detail the reasons for this and as far as we are concerned this is now resolved. Player is welcome to contact us directly if they wish to discuss further.

ianhannington United Kingdom
posted on November 27, 2015.

I disagree that this is resolved!
It's not as far as I'm concerned, do I have recourse to complain to the gaming board or commission about this site and its terms and conditions and how they are trying to manipulate these to fit what they see as me breaching their terms and conditions in order to not payout or refund my money.

posted on December 3, 2015.

We have asked the casino to provide us with clear evidence regarding the case.

ianhannington United Kingdom
posted on December 3, 2015.

Thank you for assisting me to try and resolve the issue, I will wait to hear from you then.

Ian Hannington

posted on December 7, 2015.

We are still in communication with a casino representative regarding this complaint.

posted on December 19, 2015.

We have been provided with valid evidence on behalf management of LeoVegas Casino where it s clearly and unambiguously displayed that player had created second account and that he had played through his funds as well, so all the winnings actually derived from bonus money.

Based on all the above, we consider the actions applied in this particular case by LeoVegas Casino as justified and in total compliance with their Terms and Conditions
1.14 If You open or attempt to open more than one account, for whatever reason, LeoVegas may block or close any or all of Your accounts at its discretion. LeoVegas also reserves the right to withhold any deposits or winnings upon the discovery of duplicate or multiple accounts at its sole discretion. Should LeoVegas decide to leave one account open, it will be the first account that You opened with LeoVegas, to which Your remaining deposits, if any, will be transferred. LeoVegas will deduct an administrative fee of 10% (minimum €30) for every account You have opened as well as any other deductions that may apply in accordance with these T&C.
2.1.3 You are only allowed to have one Member Account on this Website. If You attempt to open more than one Member Account, all accounts You try to open may be blocked or closed.

We would like to remind player that further assistance on this case could be requested by the official regulatory body for LeoVegas Casino.

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