Ladbrokes Casino - Verification takes forever

posted on January 8, 2016.

Ladbrokes have been asking for my I.D and I have supplied it (many times) and they send me automated email saying they have it and I will hear from them in 48rs, every time I get a reply saying it has been refused for all kinds of laughable reasons, one was that the letter I sent my name and address was showing but I covered the content of the letter but the letter heading was from police Scotland the content has nothing to do with them. I sent another and that was refused as they need all corners visible (there was about 1mm missing) it was refused so I sent another and it wasn't good enough it wasn't clear enough but I was trying to get all corners visible and it was the same letter. I then scanned my documents and was then told my driving licence was now in black and white so I sent the previous picture copy and I was told this copy was expired (not my licence) even though I sent the photo picture less than 24hrs before. Every time they send you a reply the clock on there reply starts again so they reply with a refusal then you send another that's looked at and refused for one reason or another and they start the clock again. all I think in the hope that you will bet and lose what you are fighting to get. all this was before I even placed a bet I deposited money into my account then second latter after leaving myself skint asked for £10 ( to pay the waiting taxi lol). if there was a problem with my account they shouldn't have accepted my £300 without telling me I needed this rectified. I have withdrawn from the account many times before and the shop staff know me well and were astonished and tried phoning up on my behalf. Surely if anything is up with any account the holder should be told about this before depositing into it. I am just getting told to wait until the 48hrs is up but they are never up if the clock gets reset after every refused photo I.D. all I want is for my case to be dealt with to a conclusion and stop trying to come up with excuse after excuse I have shown the shop staff the same pictures sent and they cannot see where the problem lies. PLEASE HELP

posted on January 9, 2016.

Dear @darrenmc1976, please pay attention to the fact that all your attachments have been removed. We strongly encourage you to go through the AskGamblers Complaints Guidelines once again and refrain from posting sensitive personal information unless it's been properly masked. Thank you for your cooperation.

posted on January 11, 2016.

Hi darrenmc1976,

We have been notified that your account was successfully adjusted, and you were able to withdraw your money.

Therefore, we consider this issue solved.

The Ladbrokes Support Team

posted on January 14, 2016.

Hi there. I am very glad I was able to withdraw but I have never experienced anything like the customer service I received. I was recently in a car crash and have a crushed vertebrae and had a taxi waiting for me to withdraw and whilet the girl was on the phone to the customer service department saying she personaly knows me and how ridiculous it was then I had to send the taxi away and then walk home for I'd and then got a manual withdrawal and then for it to happen again the next week was unbelievable, you need to stop resetting the clock after ever refused document it should be dealt with to a conclusion. I had to walk back down after getting an email that it was open and finished and when I got there in agony I was told I still can't withdraw as someone hadn't lifted it on there systems so I had to walk home after getting no money for my taxi home as I would have been able to after my withdrawal but no I had to walk and then give my password to the girl in the shop to keep trying and phone me when it was lifted. I would like ladbrokes to compensate me for the experience I had to endure and the pain I endured walking home after refusal all in all it was a very bad experience from a very so called reputable company and I will see exactly how much they value my custom.

posted on January 15, 2016.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.