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Planet 7 Casino - How long it takes for planet 7 to reply to my e-mails?

EveryDayGamble United States
posted on August 29, 2014.

So I opened an account with planet 7 after I got an e-mail of no deposit bonus. I decide to play after reading the terms and conditions and following their rules. I played they play through required and little by little i achieved $485.00 I decided to withdrawal $400.00 and leave 85.00 on my account so I can keep playing. I did the verification process, send them all my information, e-mail, address, full name and a picture of my ID and no one has contacted me regarding my pending withdrawal request. It amaze me how it takes less than a minute for them to accept your money and how long it takes "IF" you're lucky to get the money you wish to withdrawal.

EveryDayGamble United States
posted on August 26, 2014.

Planet 7 finally answered my email with a denial of withdrawal. After asking what where their reason for the denial I was told that i need to make a deposit, I explain how I used a no deposit bonus and they empty out the full 485.00. They replied with "You did not followed the rules" of the bonus, which i clearly did because that is the first thing I do when claiming a bonus. I then told them I no longer want the 400.00 and that i want the full 485.00. The person i was talking to then proceed to threat me with closing my account and I asked the reason which they said unless i made a deposit my account will be closed, minutes later my account was in fact closed. That's when I learn how they will simply use the excuse of "you did not follow the rules" to empty my account. At one point I even ask the person "are you threatening to close my account?" which he replied "i'm not threatening, I already closed it". There's a reason why planet 7 and silver oak have such bad reviews and complaints. Bottom line is they will accept your deposits in no time but when it's time to make a withdrawal they will use any excuse to not pay you. They denied my withdrawal, when i questioned why they emptied my account and when i asked why? they told me if i don't make a deposit right then they will close it. My advice? stay away from them, take your money and go to a real casino no matter how many hours you'll have to drive to get to that casino.

posted on August 27, 2014.

Hi EveryDayGamble,

You are not being exactly forthright in your assessment of this situation. Our terms and conditions state CLEARLY:

“Players cannot redeem multiple free bonuses consecutively. If you have redeemed one No Deposit Bonus and are subsequently offered another one, a real-money deposit needs to have been made in the interim for you to be eligible to redeem the second No Deposit Bonus.”

You used FIVE chips in a row, and you’ve never made a single real-money deposit. This is why your withdrawals have been denied and further, your account closed.


EveryDayGamble United States
posted on August 27, 2014.

I did not used FIVE chips in a row. The first four chips "Bonus" we're expired then i was able to use the fifth. I followed the rules and did the playthrough required. I then decided to make a withdrawal and was denied and when i questioned why was denied they closed my account and took the money WHICH IS WRONG.

posted on August 29, 2014.

Hi EveryDayGamble,

Again, you are not being honest in what you are saying. I've pulled all of your transaction history and I am happy to post it. There are TWENTY free chips you've used, without one single real money deposit:

Sign Up date 24-Aug 2014


Date Time COUPON Amount Balance

24-Aug 10:52:10 AM JULYCHIP105 Expired $ -
24-Aug 10:52:10 AM NDCASINOFORUM $ 100.00 $ 100.00
24-Aug 11:05:11 AM CB2WEEK3 Expired $ - $ -
24-Aug 11:05:45 AM N4GMX $ 20.00 $ 20.00
24-Aug 11:07:40 AM JULYCHIP175 Expired $ - $ 0.50
24-Aug 11:07:40 AM SHOWTIME $ 100.00 $ 100.50
24-Aug 11:11:35 AM CB2WEEK4 Denied $ - $ 10.50
24-Aug 11:13:54 AM CB2WEEK4 $ 135.00 $ 135.10
24-Aug 11:21:08 AM MECGK $ 20.00 $ 20.60
24-Aug 11:31:44 AM CDBAUG $ 60.00 $ 117.10
24-Aug 12:02:20 PM NDCAUG $ 90.00 $ 140.10
24-Aug 12:06:42 PM APPRECIATION $ 50.00 $ 100.10
24-Aug 1:25:16 PM APPRECIATION Denied $ 150.10
24-Aug 1:25:36 PM APPRECIATION Denied $ 150.10
24-Aug 1:25:52 PM APPRECIATION Denied $ 150.10
24-Aug 1:26:16 PM APPRECIATION Denied $ 150.10
24-Aug 1:26:30 PM HAPPY BIRTHDAY $ 100.00 $ 250.10
24-Aug 1:41:37 PM AUGCHIP150 $ 150.00 $ 300.60
24-Aug 3:34:19 PM PR3DH $ 85.00 $ 246.53
24-Aug 5:14:05 PM NEPTUNE70 $ 70.00 $ 331.53
24-Aug 6:02:37 PM CB2WEEK1 Denied $ 361.53
24-Aug 6:02:57 PM CB2WEEK2 Denied $ 361.53
24-Aug 6:03:15 PM 25NODEPOSITORG $ 25.00 $ 391.53
24-Aug 6:15:53 PM AUGCHIP105 $ 105.00 $ 471.53
24-Aug 8:45:07 PM AUGCHIP45 $ 45.00 $ 529.10
24-Aug 9:08:45 PM 45AUGMONEY $ 45.00 $ 529.10
24-Aug 9:13:35 PM MNWEEK1 $ 185.00 $ 664.10
24-Aug 9:39:28 PM MNWEEK2 $ 120.00 $ 599.10
24-Aug 9:40:43 PM MNWEEK3 $ 110.00 $ 589.10
24-Aug 10:01:59 PM MNWEEK4 $ 80.00 $ 557.60
24-Aug 11:33:58 PM Withdrawal requested $ (400.00) $ 85.29
24-Aug 11:47:40 PM AUGCHIP175 $ 175.00 $ 260.29
25-Aug 1:14:20 PM Withdrawal denied $ 400.00 $ 485.29
26-Aug 1:14:41 PM Account closed $ (485.29) $ -

There is really nothing to argue at this point. You ignored the terms and conditions, plain and simple.


EveryDayGamble United States
posted on August 29, 2014.

First it was multiple free chips NOW you are claiming twenty free chips. Second it is easy to post false information with a simple copy and paste, specially now that planet seven took my funds and closed my account and i can't do a screen shot to post it here so I can show the facts. And the facts are that planet 7 owes me 485.00 Dollars.

posted on August 29, 2014.

We considering this complaint resolved. Casino stated that this player broke Terms and Conditions and they post a poof. We doubt that Casino will jeopardize their reputation by giving a fouls evidence.

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