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NextCasino - Guns N Roses win not credited

posted on February 27, 2016.

I was Playing guns & roses slot on
when i gott in to freepsins mode and won 1600 coins.
At 0.50 bet per line its 800 SEK i won.
These credits were never credited on my account.
The game just kept on going as nothing has happened.

I have contacted their support and they are not really helpful

I tell them to check the logs and give me my money back but their response is:
*we sent this to the right department and are waiting for them to have a look at it.*
This sould ba a priority case since no casinos wants their site to steal money from cosumers.
Live support is less than helpful.

The reason Im posting here is that yesterday the same thing happened in gonzos quest on and that has not been resolved either.

They keep telling me to clear my cookies and cache even tho the problem is clearly somewhere between them and netent.


posted on February 28, 2016.


This was brought to us by the customer less than 48 hours ago and the matter is still being looked into. On top of this, it was during a weekend. We would appreciate if customers do not jump the gun and post complaints before a reasonable time frame has passed and before we have had the chance to resolve the matter. We would also appreciate if customers stop making threats/ blackmail towards our support about posting "here and there" at their initial contact with us.

We expect the user to come back here and update Askgamblers when the matter has been resolved, as we are sure it will be, given that a reasonable time frame for this has been given.


posted on February 28, 2016.

This bug, in yours or netents system, making money dissapear from ppls accounts into nothingness is not a priority matter for nextcasino?
Nextcasino takes on the big hat and lets their costumers know that they dont really care if money dissapears from costumer accounts and lets the site roll with an 48 hour excuse.
This should have been looked at in minutes after i contacted you.
Just to show your concern about your costumers safety. And their MONEY.
Since that is pretty much your business.
Why let potentionally hazardus bug continue?

And yes. i told your support that if they not solve this with repayment in one hour i would contact askgamblers. Thats not blackmail.
The only thing you needed to do was to go through the logs wich I also provided.
Could be done in 10 sec if you wanted to.

Blackmail would be if I had some nude shots of your wife and wanted money not to publish them.
In this case you guys lost my money in a empty hole on the internet.
And the sent me an email stating that netent has found no wrong doing here!
Alltho the logs tell you the truth.
I see no blackmailing from my side, just a statement containing facts regarding what would happen if i did not get my money back. right? That's right.

So please tell us all what you and netent are gonna do to prevent this from happening to other ppl.
Money disapearing from casino accounts?
Not so nice if you're in that business.
Who knows how many ppl have lost money this way...


posted on February 28, 2016.


Thanks for your kind words.

Again, this is not the correct forum for resolving technical issues. The Askgamblers complaint service is not our customer support. Nor is it our technical support. This is a complaints service for disputes. As far as we know, the error regarding the missing funds on your account has been acknowleded by us so there is no dispute here. The issue on your account is currently being resolved. You will not lose any funds.

Furthermore, your assumption that money disappears from people's accounts, is wrong. We have not encountered this issue on any other account. The assumtion that such an issue can be "fixed in 10 seconds" is also wrong. We need assistance from both the platform provider and games provider here. It is still weekend. Your issue will be resolved and we ask you to return here and inform the members of Askgamblers when done.


posted on February 29, 2016.

If this was the first time this has happened ever in an online casino account the industri should be worried from now on.
I do look forward to see if were this "bug" lays.

All metters aside.

Nextcasino have credited me 1500 sek as they take responsibility for this.
I do appriciate this.

This should be relabeled resolved.

I thank askgamblers and nextcasino for this.


posted on February 29, 2016.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.