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Greenplay Casino - Deposits are being stalled and the customer gets led on by customer service


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Greenplay Casino
Posted on February 22, 2020

My complaint is about the handling of my missing deposits at Greenplay casino. I deposited for the first time at Greenplay casino on February 12th. The first deposit on which I claimed the welcome bonus, didn't reach the Greenplay account, but had only been taken off of my bankaccount. I contacted support with the proof of my deposit and was told to wait maybe a day or something. I was okay with this and decided to make another deposit to claim the welcome bonus on. So days go by and my money still didnt appear either back in my bank or at Greenplay. I had to explain on Live Chat many many times about the situation and they couldnt help. I got in contact with the emailsupport which unfortunately wasnt any better. They gave me faulty emailadresses. The emails I sent them bounced back to my mailaccount for many times. Anyway after a while of not hearing anything I get this email on feb 17th that my bankaccount wasnt charged and that all deposits were declined. Eh okay, I actually sent my bankstatements to them, right away. Then on Feb 18th suddenly 10 euros shows in my account. At first I thought it was the money I originally deposit that just had had a huge delay. I asked for a bonus to be added since I didnt get the chance to add a bonus because it took 6 days to get in my account. The customers service was very rude to me i felt. On the 21st I decide to make another deposit since I like the bonus that was offered and wanted to give Greenplay another chance. Stupid me, because the exact same thing has happend again. Ive contacted Trustly, who tell me that Greenplay should be able to see where the money is and that the chance of my money already being transferred to Greenplay is huge since its been written off of my bank. Greenplay just denies it and tells me wait. Customerservice is unkind and make you feel like you're annoying. What I think is very strange is that the deposit that was made on the 18th is not deposited through trustly but through a payment provider i dont know? Greenplay appearantly thinks that I made that deposit but I did not and I can show that I wasnt even playing on the casino that day. Who deposits and doesnt play? I just want my money back and not being led on or lied to.

Posted on February 22, 2020

Dear @Kimberliefje,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed deposits.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

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