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Grand Reef Casino - $967.67 Outstanding Since Nov 2017

lionheart New South Wales Message
Posted on February 18, 2019.

I don't even know where to begin or the frustration. My understanding is GRC has been taken over by new management and I was first contacted by them towards the end of last year welcoming Australia/NZ players.

I have been in contact with Schalk VIP Manager ever since and he has been very responsive which is typical for them to behave this way to get new business.

I was assured by him there will be change or reform and they will be nothing like the old GRC as he was aware of the past problems.

I was hesitant to play as I have been a long time member of GRC before new management took over - despite the problems I had with the old GRC they still manage to pay me out despite the long delays.

Anyway it is now Feb 2019, almost March 2019 and yet they have failed to pay me since Nov 2017.

Schalk tried a number of different options below as from what he told me it seems an issue between South Africa > Australia sending payments or restrictions with the bank from his end.

- 1st Attempt, BPAY Payment Nov 2019 = failed, BPAY advised they cannot send money to players only receive them which is highly odd because they have that in the withdrawal method section. Why they have it as a withdrawal method if it does not work is really beyond me.

- 2nd Attempt, Neteller Dec 2019 = failed, was assured by Schalk neteller is the best option for faster payment and he guaranteed me I will get the funds however when he attempted Neteller gave a restriction error message which prevented me getting the funds.

- 3rd Attempt, Bitcon Jan 2019 = failed, at this point I already knew this was similar to the old habits of GRC using stalling tactics again and Bullshitting, Schalk told me to get ready and set up a bitcoin account in Australia and wait for setup on his end. I setup an account and waited 2 weeks and his excuse was he needed to get this right because if incorrectly send we both will lose the money and will not be able to recover it.

I never heard anything back from him again even though I asked the question to him numerous times just simply avoided the question and would say something that was off topic and not related - I already assumed at this point bitcoin was a dead end.

Again they have it as a withdrawal method even though it does not work or has not been setup for Australian players.

- 4th Attempt, Wire Transfer Feb 2019 = In progress, this has been in progress since Jan 2019 and finally finalised the bank wire setup on their end according to their finance team in early Feb 2019. I have submitted the wire transfer withdrawal and now I get a message in progress in pending which shows signs of good news however since the start of Feb 2019 until now which is 3 weeks and going into March 2019 they have made every excuse in the book i.e. technical issues, payments on hold, waiting feedback on back and its the same response week in and week out with no resolved outcome.

I have been in contact with all the staff members via online chat because their toll free number which they claim can be used in Australia does not work and I have raised this with them and nothing was done to fix the ph - so live chat was the only option to communicate with them.

The support staff Samir, Dom, Reagon, Stan and Marina all say the same thing every week with a very bland and vague response with no clear answers. They all said "working on it" and "you will be paid" however the specific question I asked them regarding ETA and timeframes they are unable to reply with a clear response and just say waiting feedback and will get back to you. I do not see how complicated my question was and cannot understand the logic why they cannot answer a simple question. It seems the response they give is very scripted and it is like talking to a robot.

As you can see from above every attempt was a major blockage and there is always something going wrong, I am annoyed that I put a lot of work into setting up Neteller/Bitcoin accounts and they dont work which was a huge waste of my time.

Now from what I can tell it seems South Africa is having some issues sending money to Australia, however from what I was been told by Schalk last year the Ban has been lifted and we can now play but it seems like this is not the case.

They should not be advertising Welcome Back Australian players if none of their payment methods work or have not been fully set up - it seems like a scam/con and I really do not hope this is the case.

From now since Jan 2019 Schalk was not responsive anymore and I do not know the reason behind this but I find this highly strange that he was very responsive at first seeking my business but after multiple failed attempts and the number of issues they are having with payments he just does not respond.

To be honest my payment which is under 1k should not be this complicated or rocket science, I cannot imagine the problems if I had won more money. Old GRC payed amounts under 1k no problems, their only issue was with amounts nearing the 5k range.

Can we get a GRC liaison to communicate this with GRC and find out what is going on as this is affecting a lot of other Australian/NZ players and I know I am not the only one experiencing this.

I appreciate someone in AskGamblers or someone who has authority to chase this up - I was promised last week or this week.
Last week has passed and hoping this week I will get a resolution.

So far it has been the same excuse week in and week out and I really do not know what is going on over there or if they are just screwing me around.

Support team in GRC is also useless and say the same thing and really add no value to their response.​

I urge Australian/NZ players to consider this complaint I made if they ever decide to join to save them the stress or hassle - I wanted to give them another chance but it seems the new GRC management has made things worst hence the 1 star rating.

For other Australian/NZ players that are experiencing the same issue all I can say is hang in there and hope you get your money soon.

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