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Grand Reef Casino - Withdraw

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Grand Reef Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 3500
Posted on September 3, 2014

HI ,

I Won $5000 and submitted a withdraw on the 22nd of march.After waiting 2 weeks and a few phone calls they deposited $1500 of the $5000 (which has yet to be in my bank account , should be in there tomorrow) and put the balance back into my casino account, I had a phone call from the pitboss saying they are having bank issues and cant withdraw large amounts and put me on a payment plan or something lol .I since then have seen other complaint of the same kind dating back years.they pull this tactic (slowing down the withdraw) so you are tempted to spend the money.

I have asked for a final payment of $3500 and have heard nothing.

Its a shame they wont play because there casino is good , but no point playing if they don't pay.

Posted on April 19, 2013

Hi there,

Thank you for your post.

I believe you have been contacted a number of times by Grand Reef Casino staff throughout your withdrawal process, including a telephone call from Pitboss John. We understand the process to be under control and, most importantly, that you are being informed as to what is happening on a regular basis.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further enquiries.


Grand Reef Casino

Posted on April 23, 2013

 Any updates here?

Posted on August 30, 2014

We got an information from the casino that this issue was resolved, and that the player received his funds. Dear @gordo, can you please confirm, thank you.

Posted on September 3, 2014

Hi @Gordo if you could please confirm receipt of payment that would be awesome in assisting me with ensuring you have received your payment, and I can mark this case as resolved.

All the best,

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