GoWild Casino - Lord of the rings win didnt pay correctly

posted on February 20, 2012.

Hello i was playing lord of the rings at go wild casino coin value 1 coins bet 4 total bet £1.20 in free spin mode 2x multiplier and during this i got all 5 frodo symbols! But the payout was only £32.00 immediately got in touch with live support and after waiting 10 minutes she just cut me off and posted a link saying could you please send a link to the technical team HA!. I was livid! I launched play check and got detailed screenshots of every transaction, including the spin i mentioned, then logged off immediately and logged on to ask gamblers .com. I'm not saying that go wild are corrupt or that they wouldn't correct the situation but i just wanted to see if ask gamblers would help me as through previous experiences with other casinos i have difficulty in totally trusting them on a one 2 one basis and i only joined the casino the other day and tonight was the first time i had played there, and to be honest I'm not at all confident nor experienced in dealing with these kind of situations could you please help me in getting treated fairly and receiving what i won fair and square? yours sincerely, Samantha donovan.

posted on February 21, 2012.

 After receiving a notification from the submitter about withdrawing this complaint, we are closing it as solved successfully!