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GoWild Casino - Complaint

Complaint Info
Disputed casino GoWild Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Amount £ 1300
Posted on July 16, 2014

. I got some promotion e-mail from GoWild Casino. I know that about 3-4 months ago they did not want to make me account with them without any reason. Well, this is not a problem and they can do it. Now I had no problem to make a account. I did it, I made deposit 50 pound and start play. I got some bonus which I even did not ask, but all right in terms and condition they write if I do not want it I had to let them know in advance. But unfortunately for them I won. And I won about 1350 pound. I wanted to withdraw and I could not. I ask customer service why and they told me that I have to bet their bonus 29 times. Bonus was 50 pound to I had to play for about 1450 pound. OK. I did it. I had to win enough point to be able to withdraw. I play still the same game which engaged me. On my balance I had all the time between 1300 to 1600 pounds. I won enough point to be able to withdraw and it that time I had 1380 pound on my account. So I made request to withdraw 1300 pound and rest I lost in same game.

Everything looked pretty good. I won some money, system allowed me to withdraw, so I was just waiting for confirmation. Nice day.

But unfortunately it is not happy end. After 3 day I receive e-mail that my money was confiscated, it was exactly 1250 pound. Rest of 50 pound were back on my casino account. Reason was that I played game which I was not allowed to play with their bonus. But their system let me play it, let me won and even let me withdraw!

I wrote e-mail to financial department that they have a problem in system and it is not my fault and i should get my money. They answer was that I broke their terms and condition and I should not play that game and they can confiscate my money. After that they stopped communicate with me. And they did not answer my other e-mail.

Probably they are not doing anything against law. It was written in terms and conditions of casino that this game i cannot play with bonus and other way I cannot earn points to be able to withdraw, but in this case why their system let me play it? Why their system let me won and even the worse thing why it let me withdraw and only somebody from financial department refused my request?

If i lose my money nobody see any problem. If i lose my money and I apply for them probably I will not get them. But when I won and I wanted to withdraw they found out that it is against their terms and condition. I am pretty sure I am not alone to whom this happen and I am pretty sure that this is just policy of casino. Just abuse it.

I just want to inform other people about this dishonest behaving of casinos. Probably nobody solve it more because it is not so high amount of money to put then to court or solve it more.

Posted on November 2, 2011


Please allow me to explain.

Player made a successful deposit of 50, played progressive games with a casino bonus received for his purchase before completing wagering requirements and achieved winnings in the amount of 1300 GBP. All winnings are subject to auditing and as such after verifying Ondrej's play our Fraud Department has detected irregular wagering pattern that is in violation with our Terms and Condition.

Our Terms and Conditions clearly say:

Turnover/play on all Classic Blackjack variations, all versions of Atlantic City Blackjack, all versions of Vegas Downtown Blackjack, all versions of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack and all Vegas Strip variations, all Aces Video/Power Pokers, Jacks or Better Video/Power Pokers, all Baccarats, all Craps, Red Dog, Sic Bo, all Progressive Games and all 3 card poker games, do not count towards the turnover requirement for this bonus.

Note: If you play on the excluded games (0%) before meeting the playthrough requirements, then you agree that the casino holds the right to void any winnings and bonuses, at our discretion.

In regards to the system allowing to request a withdrawal, please note that after submitting the withdrawal request from the casino software all cashins are subject to a manual verification, after which they are either approved or not depending on the auditing outcome.

Further more, his initial deposit of 50 has been refunded back to players casino cash balance.

Should you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact me.

Melissa J.

Posted on November 8, 2011

I hope you even do not believe for what you just wrote. All what you wrote is just exactly what I wrote before. You are just speaking about your terms and condition and nothing else!

So whose is this fault? My? I do not think so.

You are not even able to say that you are just abusing mistake in system which you even do not want to change because you have a lot of money from it.

How many people lost money and ask you to give them back because it was against terms and condition?

You did not break law. It´s just totally dishonest and impolite and you are afraid to say it. Give me my money or say the true. I do not believe (and I do not think I am alone who thing same) it was my fault!  

Posted on November 11, 2011


Over the past couple of days I have re opened the issue with our Casino Manager and we've further investigated your query.

Due to the recent Lord of the Rings game switch from regular to progressive and the misunderstanding that have occured with that, our Casino Management has decided to process your withdrawal.

However, I would kindly advise not playing any of the progressive games with a bonus credited from casino.

Should you like to play progressive games in the future, we would suggest you two possible options.

First would be to play without bonus, thus you will be able to play any game and withdraw at any time.

Second option is to play with the bonus, and to complete wagering requirement prior playing progressive or any other excluded game.

In case you have any questions or concerns regarding above mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy your winnings and we hope to see you soon!

Posted on November 12, 2011

We will consider this complaint as resolved.

If, by any chance player does not receive his funds, we will be able to reopen this case.

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