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Golden Tiger Casino - Won't't refund deposits despite an active Self Exclusion with another Casino Rewards brand

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Golden Tiger Casino
Reason Refund declined
Amount £ 400
Posted on September 23, 2015

Today I opened an account with golden tiger casino not realising that it was owned by casino rewards immediately.
I have a self Exclusion due to previous gambling problems with casino rewards and previously dealt with the risk management department who advised me that I would not be able to play across any of there sites.
When I registered not realising that this is infact a casino rewards site I used my new email address and phone number, the rest of my details such as dob and address are the same. Infact a customer support agent on the phone was able to locate me with my name and address and dob
In total I deposited a total of 400gbp when I felt like I was getting out of control I made contact only then to learn this is s cr site so I shouldn't of been playing at all they are refusing to refund me and I don't think this is at all fair! Had I won anything I now know they would not of paid out when the link had been made so therefore I believe my deposits to be void and would like them back. Had I known from the start this was a cr site I would never of joined and I feel upset and let down they allowed this to happen
Every person I speak to about this on the live chat is far from helpful and just days I won't be refunded which of course causes me great distress I basically feel like I've been robbed and just want my deposits back as I'm a self excluded across all cr sites

Posted on September 24, 2015

Hi player

As explained by Archie, due to limitations within the casino software we are unable to detect duplicate accounts during registration.
If you had used the same unique identifier as your other accounts (your email address), an alert would have been sent to risk management and your account would have been closed immediately. However, you used a different email address.

As Archie explained, we can only take requested actions from our customers on the data that they have provided us. Should a player choose to be excluded and then circumvent this exclusion by registering new accounts with different details to what was supplied when the exclusion was asked for, unfortunately the exclusion won't be carried over on the new accounts.

Had you won from your newly created account we of course would have been obliged to pay you your winnings.

Moving forward, as you have wagered with the entire balance and there are no credits remaining in your balance unfortunately we won't be able to process a refund. Your accounts have been closed and excluded as per your request.

If you have any further email addresses please send them to risk management, as asked for, so they can block them from being used.

I should also point out that once logged into the casino software, there is a huge Casino Rewards logo in the lobby. Even with the free play pop up you can still see it in the background.


Posted on September 25, 2015

That is exactly the same response I got via email it's just been copied and pasted onto here. Looked at the terms and I know I'm right and entitled to this money back as there not following there responsible gambling policy I am in the process of seeking legal advice

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