GDay Casino - Withdrawal problem

jonsnow187 United Kingdom
posted on October 14, 2016.

So this is yet another casino that I'm having withdrawal problems with. I really have no idea why they do this. I requested my withdrawal on Tuesday and as we speak on Friday it's still in pending status which means it hasn't even been sent yet. I've spoken to customer service various times over the last couple of days and each time they've tried to fob me off saying I need documents at which point I argue that I'm already verified. After a lot of back and forth they agree I'm verified and then give me a load of rubbish about the accounts team verifying the withdrawal. Each time I ask the payment release date gets further away and they are not interested in the slightest with helping. They just say 'it's out of our hands' . What a joke. I'm so sick of casinos messing people around whenit comes to paying out money. They've lost another customer in myself and I suggest anybody else that's thinking of playing here doesn't bother. It's a small withdrawal of £350 which will probably be trimmed to £50 as it was no deposit free spins winnings. (Which is pathetic as I am a depositing customer) so god only knows the trouble people would have with larger amounts. Here's the latest chat transcript.
Fri, 10/14/16 12:02:51 pm Europe/London

Hello greebot1982. How are you today? I'm here to assist you.

greebot1982 12:03:55 pm

So I see my withdrawal is still pending. It's beyond a joke now so I'm just letting you know I'm sending all chat transcripts and details to the askgamblers complaints team and forums because this is ridiculous.
You can either speak to your finance team and release my funds now or I'm doing th above and never using this casino again 12:04:32 pm

Kim 12:05:00 pm

One moment please while I look into your account.
Thank you for holding. Your withdrawal is still with our Accounts team, it most likely that it will only be processed by next week Monday for the soonest 12:08:05 pm

greebot1982 12:10:20 pm

Unacceptable. I said to the guy earlier I have absolutely no idea why you casinos pull this crap and make withdrawals so difficult. You just lose customers. My withdrawal has been in a pathetic pending status since Tuesday and it's not acceptable. It gets sorted right now or I'm filing the complaints on various forums and making sure nobody else makes the mistake of playing here.

Kim 12:11:18 pm

I understand that you're upset, your withdrawal is out of our hands and will be processed once its been reviewed

greebot1982 12:12:43 pm

Out of our hands?!? Hahaha? Is that some kind of joke? I'm saving this chat transcript along with the others and making the complaints and I'll never be playing here again. Bravo for the customer service.

Will update if anything changes. Thanks.

posted on October 15, 2016.

Dear Jonsnow,

Because your winnings came from a no deposit bonus, the withdrawal request you made was subjected to additional verification which can take some extra time.

Following clause 9 (i) of our promotional terms and conditions, winnings from no deposit bonuses can be limited up to the value of £100.

We instructed our bank to wire you the £100 on 14/10/2016 and they have confirmed that the payment has been made. You should expect the payment to reach your account within 1 to 5 working days latest depending on your bank.

Kind Regards,

The Gday Casino Team

jonsnow187 United Kingdom
posted on October 16, 2016.

I find it such a shame that it takes me making a public complaint about your service to get straight answers and a resolution. Glad it's sorted though thank you!

This however is hilarious:

'Because your winnings came from a no deposit bonus, the withdrawal request you made was subjected to additional verification which can take some extra time.

That is the lamest excuse I've ever read and completely laughable. I was a verified customer who had previously made a deposit. I still have no idea why you casinos make it so difficult for people to get their winnings. I certainly won't be using your casino again.

I'll update this post when I receive the money. Thanks to the ask gamblers crew:)

posted on October 17, 2016.

Dear Jonsnow,

It did not take a public complaint to get a resolution.

There is a process for reviewing all cashouts that occur from no deposit bonuses, and it is not a high priority queue, so sometime it can take some time. However, your cashout was paid within 3 days of your cashout date. In addition, your account at this casino was not verified previously, rather your account was verified at a sister casino, so it still needs to be checked and verified on this casino as well.

Kind Regards,

The Gday Casino Team

jonsnow187 United Kingdom
posted on October 18, 2016.

Hmm its funny that I checked late Friday night and it was still pending and that all of your support operators we're saying there was nothing they could do and it was going to be reviewed Monday at the earliest. I make a complaint then all of a sudden it's all rosey. I'll never understand why you're not just straight with people from the start but never mind the money has been paid and you can consider this complaint solved. Thanks ask gamblers:)

posted on October 18, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.