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SpinRider Casino - £1,200.00 Winnings Confiscated Without Proof

posted on March 28, 2018.

I Joined this casino and used their 200% deposit bonus, using a £25.00 Deposit and them increasing the funds to £75.00. I had read the terms of the bonus, and noticed one of the terms (13) is Maximum Bet can not be more than £5.00. I Stuck to this and was playing games and sticking to £5.00 or less spins. I accrued winnings over a couple of hours in excess of £1,500.00. During game play I would often close the game, go to the main screen and I could see my winnings all appeared under the Bonus Funds Section. I Would also check the Withdraw page that showed how much bonus I had left to wager before it converts to real money. As my winnings was increasing , I would go back at least 30 times to check what I had left to achieve. At one point my money had converted to Real Money, and no longer showing under Bonus Funds. I meticulously kept checking back on the Balance page to ensure I had met the requirements, I mean this is not small money so doing something stupid like breaking a clause with £1,500.00 in the bank would be stupid right. I then started playing other games/roulette etc with bigger wins. I decided to cash out @ 00:49am to the sum of £500.00 which was approved in the withdraw section. This left me some funds to play with which I used on roulette, I then cashed out another £700.00 some 16 minutes later, which was again approved. I was then left with a balance of £300.00 which I just played through and lost,

At no point was I able to withdraw the funds whilst under the bonus restrictions. I left the Withdraw pending, and decided to take time out for 48 hours whilst the payment was processing. Several days later I received an email saying that my Winnings had been forfeited as I had broken rule 13(betting more than £5.00), and that my £25.00 deposit had been returned to my balance and all winnings confiscated.

After leaving them a 10 Star Feedback review (which I now retract), I felt sick that they had gone down this path. I had contacted them via live chat and they could not clarify the detail around it, but told me i need to wait for 7 days. I actually had a feeling that they would do this having since read some of their reviews. I had bet higher than £5.00 once the bonus was achieved and I was able to withdraw. This is not a small withdraw of £50.00 as an example, this is a Large £1200.00 withdraw, that this site have basically decided not to pay me.

If it is the case that I went over a £5.00 whilst working on the bonus (Which any sane gambler with £1,500.00 balance would know not to do), then why has their Site Allowed this transaction, or transactions. Furthermore, their site allowed me to withdraw twice once the conditions had been met. Either this company is a Fraud and intent on Not Paying Out , or their Site/Portal has break issues and as a result has cost me the winnings.

What is interesting, is that when I left their 10 star review, and mentioned how much I play/spend etc, they reached out to me on here with direct messages, possibly 5 or 6. Now I have an issue, and it is pay-out time, they are not interested in speaking to me any more

I feel this site has wiped out my winnings because they simply don't want to pay it out, their site tells me I have achieved the bonus, but they don't actually want to pay it.

I would have expected some kind of dialogue over a £1,200.00 transaction, not simply a We are not paying it. Even if they said that they had technical issues with their site but they need to reduce my winnings as a result and took 25% as an example, it would have been manageable, but to in their words "Confiscate" all the winnings like I am child, and not interested in speaking to me any more is a kick in the teeth

Email received from them

Subject: Your Spin Rider Account
Dear Karl < surname removed >,

Your account has been found to be in breach of clause 13 of our Significant Promotional Terms and Conditions:

Significant Clause 13 - The maximum bet for any of your bonus funds is limited to £5. Should you bet higher than this using your bonus funds, you revoke such bonus funds and they shall be removed from your account.

Therefore, your withdrawal has been cancelled, your winnings have been confiscated and your deposit of £25 has been returned to your gaming account.

Accounts Team
Spin Rider
Email: accoun­[email protected]­spi­nri­
Live Chat available on https:­//w­ww.s­pi­nri­
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