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Posted on July 21, 2014

My issue is with Gala Coral's self-exclusion policy.

Having made them aware of my gambling problem in December 2013, and subsequently having my Gala Casino account closed and a 12 month self-exclusion placed on my account I was able to register a new account with Coral using their phone application on 11/05/2014 and deposit over £1000 using the same details (address, phone number, debit card) without any verification.

I am aware that exclusion from Gala Casino results in exclusion from all Gala Coral's services.

When I had previously tried to set up another Gala Casino account after my exclusion I was sent an email asking for a number of verification documents including my passport and bank statements. This leads me to ask why I was allowed to sign up to a Gala Coral service on this occasion without any form of verification.

Whilst using the service, my account was suspended for a brief moment when trying to deposit funds. I talked to an online advisor, expecting my exclusion to be flagged. They asked for my account name and instantly allowed me access to deposit more funds and continue playing. I feel I should never have been allowed to register a new account in the first place but surely this is when they should have identified me as someone who was excluded.

As someone who has issues with gambling, I strongly rely on my exclusion from gambling providers and feel they have not done enough on this occasion to prevent me from using their service.

I have the relevant evidence to support my case and have attached a transcript with an advisor who confirmed my 12 month exclusion.

I emailed Coral on 12/05/13 with my complaint. I received a reply from one of their customer service team explaining my query had been passed on but am yet to receive a further response.

Posted on May 20, 2014

Upon Submitter's request we attach this file as proof.

Posted on May 24, 2014

This complaint has been reopened upon Submitter's request.

Posted on May 27, 2014

Dear @woodman,
Any news about this problem?

Posted on May 28, 2014

Afraid not.

I have sent 2 emails to Coral support, one on 12.05.14 and the other on 20.05.14 and yet to receive a response.

Posted on July 21, 2014

Hi Woodman,
I have checked the account setup with Coral and can see that both the address and e-mail were different from the account you had setup and excluded with Gala. Unfortunately as the details you entered on the second account were different from the original excluded account, the system would not be able to recognize the link between the two. We take responsible gambling very seriously and make every effort to give customers access to tools to allow them to set limits and exclusions on their accounts. If a player enters different details to open a second account then its very difficult for a system to pick up on this. Once you made us aware that the accounts were linked, the account was immediately blocked to prevent further access. Unfortunately we would not be able to offer a refund of the deposited funds as the information given differed from the original account.