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Posted on May 16, 2014


I did log to casino online , deposited around 500 but couldnt some point I had my money back but then I try to withdraw it...the error msg appear

I did contact customer service that he said that I need to use another browser, i did try with another browser but it didnt help.Then I call again, they said it under investigation

Take them too long to investigate I play couple of days and lost all

Today I deposited only 50 pounds and won 350 some of my money back

I did try to withdraw it but the same msg appear saying that I have some bonuses waiting for me

I tried to clear them but couldnt do it

I did call to customer support and ask to withdraw my money as I dont want to loose them

He confirmed that I have bonuses""I can see that you have 17 pounds bonuses but I cant understabd why I cant delete them.Just wait couple of days and we will investigate it.I am afraid you cant withdraw your money today or tom need to wait us to come back to you"

I did waited...but no one contacted me...i call again and heard the same respond

Finaly I lost all my money

Can you pls let me know where I can formaly complaint

Posted on January 11, 2013


Gala Casino has looked into this matter and has identified that the customer is making a valid initial point - there was indeed a technical issue with our 3rd party software causing an expired bonus to remain active and may indeed have been causing withdrawal issues.

According to the account logs the customer was adequately informed of this, apologised to and the issue was forwarded to the software provider for an urgent resolution. The issue was resolved within an acceptable timeframe.

Our customer care management team has been tasked with extracting all recorded phone conversations with the customer, so that the casino team can collate those with the chat & email communications already reviewed.

In light of the above, Gala Casino respectfully requests that both Ask Gamblers and Ms/Mrs < surname removed >kindly await the results of our investigation, which shall be given on this thread early next week (week commencing 14th January).

In the meantime we wish to express our understanding and concern regarding this customer's complaint, and assure you that the investigation upon which our final answer shall be based will be thorough and comprehensive.


The Gala Casino Team

Posted on January 12, 2013


I am afraid the issue has not been resolved

1) I first made a transaction on November 2012 but could withdraw my winnings - when I made a first time a call and chat with them the resond was - you are not using the correct browser this is the problem with you PC

2) Second time - the same respond.In the end I just lost my money

3) I did install IE and Frifox on my PC and deposited cash

won 300 ( that it just money back ) but again couldnt withdraw

This time I did spend more than 1 hour on the tel for the agent to review my problem

He confrimed that its a problem on their end - there are some bonuses that I didnt use and looks like they stop me from withdraw my cash

I did contact , call , email 5 times this day asking from them to withdraw for me this money as I do know my self I will loose them - the respond was...we will call you back tommorow first thing in the morning

I keep contacting and asking them to hide the money to block me from playing - the respond was ...we cant do it, we cant stop you from playing you need to wait for tommorow morning

I did wait the months past...but no one contacted me and no one told me that the problem fact...they didnt resolve the problem

3)I was really upset with it and ask them to self exclude me for life

Is what they done...and guess what...every day they sending me emails to ask me to use some VIP bonuses

one of them

Get A VIP Welcome Bonus From Gala Bingo - Spend £5 Get £20‏

How they can send the msg to someone who self exclude and ask them to use the bonuses and tempt them to come back( maybe by different name)

Posted on January 14, 2013


Thank you for providing additional detail, it provides more material for an investigation of the phone logs.

As stated in the initial reply we are looking into this matter with our customer service manager and querying the agents involved. We appreciate that you appear distraught and wish to assure you that the matter is still under investigation and a detailed response will be forthcoming on this thread.

There is a high volume of correspondence, both internal and external, attached to your account details - all email and chat correspondence has been fully reviewed already, but it seems the main issues you describe occurred over numerous phone calls. These phone calls have still not been reviewed in their entirety, but as soon as they are we shall have an answer.

In the meantime, we are unpleasantly surprised to hear about you being approached by our bingo site (you mention this in point #3 of your comments). Can you please send the email in question to our customer service team at [email protected], and ask that it be forwarded to the casino team for investigation? Please also ensure the exact time the promotional email was sent is clarified, so that we can include this aspect in the investigation.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your continued patience while we get to the bottom of this.

Sincere Regards,

The Casino Team

Posted on January 18, 2013

Dear @rayaperez,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on January 18, 2013

still didnt receive respond frrom usual

Posted on January 18, 2013

Hi Raya,

Sorry we are a bit confused here, our customer service manager has located and listened to the phone call you provided and the details of the conversation do not match what you described.

Parts of it are aligned and similar - and there is no doubt that this was an unfortunate error causing the withdrawal block - but we cannot identify:

a) Any promise that you would receive a call back and resolution the next morning. In fact, our CS agent stated the following over chat (not in call):


GALA: I can request for this to be done for you. But your promotions need to be cancelled first. Then withdrawals can be processed for you. I will request that both are done for you.

PLAYER: when you think earliest you can do it

GALA: I won't give a specific timeframe, as I do not know how busy or how well staffed are other departments are at this time. I expect to have a response by tomorrow morning. As this needs to travel to two separate departments. This is not a guarantee.

GALA (continuing): I have sent this across now for you, once I have some news I will let you know via our email service? Is there anything else I can help you with today?

PLAYER: yes, can you pls do not send me anymore bonuses...i do not want to have the same problem again

GALA: I will see if I can have you removed from all bonuses. This will mean that if a bonus appears that you would like to have, you won't be able to claim it. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

PLAYER: no..i am not interested in any bonuses..thanks


The gist of the phone conversation was the same - no telephonic call back was promised - not out of any lack of understanding, but rather entirely due to a prudent wish NOT to make a promise they are not certain to keep.

b) The amount of funds you were asking to withdraw that were being blocked by the software technical glitch were expressed by yourself over chat. the amount was £24.50


GALA: Which money are you trying to withdraw?

PLAYER: 24.50

GALA: the error msg appear saying that operation fail


Can you provide us with another example where you stated a larger amount you wished to withdraw? If you recall, we shall double-check.

Also, it is worth mentioning that after the issue was reported, you deposited a further £20 and £30 3 days later whilst we awaited a technical resolution from Playtech. This is not something we have any control over - but we clearly display and allow:

1) deposit limits

2)session limits

3) account closure/cool-off

4) Self-Exclusion

These choices were all available to you but you still chose to deposit - we cannot control this, although we do feel concerned about any discomfort caused.

This ties in directly to our 3rd point:

3) You later self-excluded for life after the issue was resolved by Playtech. We strongly recommend that you do the same elsewhere (if applicable) as your depositing whilst we have informed you to await a technical resolution, conversations with support and eventual self-exclusion seem to indicate you are experiencing a lack of control over your gambling. We take this very seriously and apologise for not having urged you to cool-off in the meantime whilst we resolve the issue.

We feel you may be insinuating that this is our fault - we strongly stress that it is not, and have the records to prove it. Gla Casino states this with full confidence.

We shall refund you not only the £24.50 you were trying to withdraw, but a total of £50 as a gesture of goodwill. We understand that you were finding it difficult to resist (the subsequent deposits indicate that, as well as the tone of your phone conversation) and we acknowledge that perhaps this should have been identified by the CS agent. Basically, the agent should have offered to shut your account until it was resolved in theory, but at many points in your phone call you were jovial and exhanging pleasantries with our agent. In a nutshell - it was hard to identify as there were mixed messages.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and request that you reply to this thread to inform us whether or not you accept a refund of your last two deposits to the amount of £50.

In the meantime, we wish both you and all readers a good weekend.

Sincere Regards,

The Gala Casino Team.

Posted on January 18, 2013

I am afraid you mix everything in one pot without providing me clear respond

Where are 3 occasion that I reported

1) in first occasion, I wanted to withdraw 24 pound but cant do it.once of you operatore said its a problem with BROWSER no one discuss the technical issue.Reason that I deposited another 20 is to check if I can deposit but not one state its was a technical state that its a problem with the browser.I am a software defeloper and even i know that if you can deposit but not withdraw there is nothing to do with browser.its show the luck of knowledge of your team in technical issues

2) Occasion 2...i deposited 50 pound and won 300.this happend after number of weeks so I did hope that you resolve my issue.Then i tried to withdraw...I you put bonuses stop me from withdraw cash,Even if you had technical problem as a gala casino team should manualy withdraw the cash

If you go to the shop and pay for a meal...they are not taking cash from you and no providing you should find solution around this problem.

the chat that you posted..its related to the chat for a first occasion...can you please post the chat & telephone call from second occasion , where I tried to withdraw 300 + cash.your agent state following : I do report it to out tech team and first thing tommorow morning they will give you a call to update hold my 300 cash...and it was your responsibility to call me and provide me feedback of whats going on and if you fixed my problem or not.

you do not have rights to allow the player to deposit the cash and stop him from withdraw it once he win,I do treat it as a theft

3) In terms of self exclusion...i do control my self perfecly and reason for self exclusion was upset for your luck of knowledge in technical team, not ability to handle the query and finaly I hoped that if I self exclude you will stop me to send me Bonuses and invite me to play,

II was wrong...even after self exclusion you constantly sending me bonuses

I wonder if its what you are doing to everyone who self I said ..its illigal

Here you go another email from 1000 that i received today

Exclus­ive­-Bo­nus­!!Spend 5 get 20.‏

5:49 PM

I would like to to resolve this 3 incident and redund me .It was not my fault must compensate me for the stress, inconveniece and the issues that you caused me

Posted on January 22, 2013

Hi Raya,

Please pardon tardy response - Gala Casino failed to receive a notification of your last reply as is customary. Askgamblers provided us with a reponse link just now upon request so we havent had time to address your latest comments.The investigation is underway regarding the bingo mailers - but please, as requested before, send the email through to customer support and ask that it be forwarded to the casino team urgently. We have yet to receive your last mailer that we requested earlier. Please also confirm which email address these mailers were sent to.

In the meantime, can you also please explicitly state what sum you are demanding? It shal streamline this discussion greatly.

Thanks in advance,

The Gala Casino Team

Posted on January 22, 2013


Thanks for your respond

I do believe that you should refund me £ 24 for the first instance where your agent mislead me by saying that I am using a wrong browser

and 300 that I constantly asked to withdraw but the respond was we cant as you have pending bonuses to use.You should agree with me that if I do deposit cash I should be able to withdraw it.You cant go to restaurant eat and not to pay saying that you forgot your cash card at home,,,,

and last instance, in terms of email bingo I already riase formal complaint though the website but its ignored and I keep receive this email constantly even if I decided to self exclude


Posted on January 26, 2013

Hi Raya

Thanks for the clarity.

We have yet to receive those bingo promotional emails? Our CRM team have investigated and found that they never sent any bingo email to your registered email address even when you had a casino account with us.

We require those emails as they are part of our considerations and we require them before we assess your last request.

Please send these through so that we consider this a serious breach on our part were it to be true and could justify some of your claims against us.

Thanking you in advance

Gala Casino Team

Posted on January 26, 2013

I already sent it to you

i can resend it again

where you would like me to send it

here is another one that i received

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Posted on January 29, 2013


Please resend all emails in their entirety to kristi­[email protected]­gal­aca­sin­ for investigation.

We thank you for this in advance, we shall get to the bottom of this.

Kind Regards,

The Gala Casino Team

Posted on January 31, 2013

still waiting for respond

please note its take gala more than month to investtigate one client issue

Posted on February 1, 2013

Hello Raya,

We have looked at the promotional emails and were relieved to discover that in no way, shape or form did these originate from Gala Interactive (we would never target you with bingo emails anyway, as you are clearly a casino player).

These promotional emails were clearly coming from a third party affiliate (our self-exclusion policy has no way of controlling this) who have gotten hold of one or more of your email addresses, either by you submitting it yourself or by having allowed the data to be shared with 3rd parties - Gala Casino did NOT share this information with any other party.

Affilates (askgamblers is a perfect example of such an organisation) operate separately and independently - they promote our wares with our permission, but we are not responsible for their targeting and their databases are entirely separate from ours.

All these emails have very clear "unsubscribe" options - as per legal requirements. The fact that you keep receiving these emails shall be due to:

a) You are not unsubscribing

b) The third party is not unsubscribing you as per your request

If it is due to the first reason, we suggest you unsubscribe from wherever possible. If it is due to the second reason we strongly suggest you contact whoever sent the email and complain. If they fail to take action, report them to a suitable agency.

Regarding your comments of us taking so long to answer - we challenge that to a certain degree. We have admitted to less than optimal communication of the technical issues affecting your account, but it was something we had not encountered before and was reported through to playtech with a request for resolution - this can take days at times. It is not ideal, but we were technically incapable of resolving the issue on the spot and/or forcing through a withdrawal.

You were informed that there was an issue, and that we cannot promise an exact timeframe for resolution. We are very sorry, but this stuff simply happens sometimes - we try to avoid it wherever possible.

Despite this, you continued playing and indeed deposited twice after - culminating in self-exclusion.

If you find the temptation to continue gambling - even in a situation as this - overly tempting and the fact that you are going to great lengths to be refunded almost your entire lifetime losses at Gala Casino then you may (we stress "may") wish to seek help and/or advice in limiting your gambling. We can assist you with this should you wish.

We are sorry to be so blunt, but we are actually offering £50 in cash because we feel that our customer service team might have been able to assess these potential risks and ought to perhaps have strongly advised that you refrain from depositing and indeed perhaps close your account until the issues were fully resolved and the withdrawal could have been processed.

Largely on the basis of the above our offer of £50 stands.

If you are still not accepting the offer, please provide written permission (in an email) for an askgamblers representative to review all your account details and communications - we are fully confident that we are operating 100% in line with regulations and know that askgamblers will agree if they get to review the evidence themselves.

We hope you are willing to take both our advice and the £50 as a soothing payment for any inconvenience caused.


The Gala Casino Team

Posted on February 1, 2013

sorry can you explain your email

you saying me that i continue to gambel AGTER self exclution??????

If is what u meant ..????

no i am not happy with 50

i would like to receive 350 of myoney that i couldnr witjhdraw

Posted on February 1, 2013

Hello Raya,

Obviously you did not continue to gamble with us after self-excluding. You continued to gamble and deposit whilst being fully aware that an unfortunate technical error was blocking the ability to withdraw in your account cashier - and you also subsequently self-excluded and are now requesting almost your entire lifetime losses at Gala to be returned. We are worried that this may indicate an inability to stop gambling even whilst being aware that it is not advisable to continue until the resolution of an unfortunate technical error. We are concerned about the human aspect.

We cannot continue to supplement this thread any longer, we have exhausted all possibilities now that we have reviewed the promotional bingo email aspect.

As mentioned in our previous reply:

"If you are still not accepting the offer, please provide written permission (in an email) for an askgamblers representative to review all your account details and communications - we are fully confident that we are operating 100% in line with regulations and know that askgamblers will agree if they get to review the evidence themselves."

If you are unwilling to accept a £50 gesture, then we respectfully request that you do the above.

Please note, even if you do the above and the askgamblers representative is shown that we operate fully within regulatory limits and everything we say here is true we shall still offer you the £50 because we have accepted that the situation should have been handled better.


The Gala Casino team

Posted on February 1, 2013



Its a third email where you blame me for gambling problem

Just to put things right , person who have a gambling problem I guess gamble his last penny and do not try withdraw.Person who have gambling problem 24/7 playing and cant stop.As far as you can see, I wanted to stop and withdraw the please do not blame or say that I have a gambling issues as its wrong

I am working quit hard during a day as QA manager and for me sometime to login and play its enjoyment as for you to dring wine and smoke (something I am not going)

2) In terms of refund of £ 50 I do appreciate it but This day I lost 350 due to your technical problem and is what I am trying to claim

3)As a casino I do believe that you should take responsibility for a fault that you had during 2 months on my account and at last refund me what I lost this day again due to technical issue

4) you state : "You continued to gamble and deposit whilst being fully aware that an unfortunate technical error was blocking the ability to withdraw in your account cashier"

Please before you reply may I ask you to review my file again as its give me an impression that you just throughing a words without proper check.First deposit was on November 2012, i had a problem to withdraw my money this time due to technical problem.I constantly called you and and reported this but your unprogessional respond was "IS A PROBLEM WITH A BROWSER, USE ANOTHER BROWSER" .its why I did second deposit on november to check if it will work with different browser - and its didnt

I did report it and gave you time to resolve it.

MY SECOND deposit was in december,There are no indication of problem and I could successfully deposit money,If you didnt resolve my issue that I reported in November YOU MUST inform me that my account still had a problem ,If I knew this I didnt deposit,But you happily took money and couldnt withdraw it then I asked

5) YOU state : As mentioned in our previous reply:"If you are still not accepting the offer, please provide written permission (in an email) for an askgamblers representative to review all your account details and communications -

Please provide me the email as I would like to do it.As i did mention earlier I would like to receive my 350 what I couldnt withdraw and happy to close the case.I am afraid I will take it futher and report in other forum, online chats and if needed i am happy to challenge it in the court to reassure that Gala casino takes responsibility and refund the clients his lost

Look forward to receive an email from you



Posted on February 1, 2013

Hello Raya

You are clearly adamant so please allow an independent ask gamblers employee to review all your account details and communications.

We are no longer prepared to continue this conversation, with all due respect.

If your claims are accurate, the ask gamblers employee, upon receiving your full written permission, shall confirm your stance.

We shall no longer respond to any replies that do not allow a 3 rd party ask gamblers employee to review the accuracy of your claims. This shall apply to any other forum.

If you are so wholly convinced of your claims, why are you not letting a third party assess the details? We have asked you to do this many times in this thread, why are you unwilling to do this if you are certain your claim is justified?

Anybody can see that all we are asking for here is the possibility of an ostensibly more neutral opinion. If you do not wish to take us up on this, then we shall ask the forum coordinator to remove your complaint, and are confident that he/she will be in agreement that our request here is legitimate.

Please note we are not doing this out if disrespect - we simply are getting nowhere with this endless thread.

To reiterate - there can be no more replies and no more offers of a £50 gesture if goodwill if you fail to allow the third party to assess your claims.


The Gala Casino Team

Posted on February 2, 2013

You state in your prev letter: If you are so wholly convinced of your claims, why are you not letting a third party assess the details?

I do want a third party to access my account and review the details

Please provide me how I can do it.

its a third time I am asking to provide me the details/email of the third party so they can runn independent checks

I am waiting from you to receive a details of the third party , so I can allow them to access my account and review whats happen

i want you to provide ALL evidenve to the third party including my non stop calls, chats and email where i am asking to withdraw my money

You couldnt resolve the problem that i have in my account and couldnt withdraw funds and you cant resolve this problem where i am asking to receive the refund for the day that you had this problem.

Posted on February 5, 2013

Hi Raya,

It was not clear that you were referring to third party, you simply asked: "where can I file an official complaint" - hence the confusion.

Please feel free to contact the Gibraltar Regulatory authority (our licensed regulator) or seek a legal representative to do this for you.

In light of this information, we shall seek to end this thread now and let you take it forward via the GRA, as is your good right.

We shall be contacting ASKGAMBLERS and ask them to remove thios forum chat for now, as there is little point in having a 3-day countdown for each response at this stage.

Kind Regards,

The Gala Casino Team

Posted on February 5, 2013

you cant remove ths as its still havent been resolved

YOU asked me to allow to the third party to log into my answer is yes i am happy for ask gamplers to run their own investigation

i did deposit 350 and i want myoney back

unless u can confirm that u are stiling my money

its very simple...its my money that i deposited and i want them back

Posted on February 11, 2013

3 months take to gala to reply properly and sort out this issue

Its really annoying how they treat there customers

I am not suprrise that Gala has lost and owned by Gresnover Casino

customer relationship very poor..I will never play no online and no in the shops

Gala offer me £50 for compensation that I couldnt withdraw £400

I am still unhappy that I can have my £350 + £50 back but I am tired to deal with it

I am waiting for Gala team to confirm that they happy to pay me £50

once I receive this money ...I will be happy to close the forum

Waiting for respond

Posted on February 14, 2013

Hello Raya,

Please be advised that you yourself asked where you could further escalate the issue with a 3rd party authority. This is all written in the thread.

Please contact the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority if you are convinced about the accuracy of your demands.

Our offer of a £50 gesture of goodwill stands.

We apologise for our unwillingness to continue this conversation in its current state, it is nothing personal - we have addressed your concerns extensively, over and over. We are concerned about your complaint, and have also given contingency advice if (we stress: "if") you are experiencing financial difficulties due to gambling.

More we cannot do unless the regulator insists on it. We believe this to be unlikely but you can exercise your good right to try that avenue.


The Gala Casino Team

Posted on February 15, 2013

 This complaint became vicious circle! Casino already explained and offered to help and do some gesture, so there's no more point in continuing it! Complaint solved!

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