BTC Casino - Free Spins Lost Due to Software Glitch and Deposit Bonus Not Credited

Dan Modetz Russia
posted on January 2, 2016.

I was playing Gonzo's Quest mobile and I won 10 free spins. When the main reels split to move to the free spin reels, the game froze on a black screen. After 10 minutes of waiting with nothing happening, I refreshed, and my funds were the same but the free spins that never got played were gone. I contacted support immediately with a screenshot of the frozen screen and was told that only the technical department could fix the problem by crediting the spins or some sort of compensation. I was told by support that they would refer it to the tech department and that I would hear back from them soon about rectifying the situation. After I didn't hear back for a few days, I contacted support again, spent 20 minutes or so trying to explain the situation again, got the same answer that they would refer it to the tech department again and I would hear back soon with a solution. Another week passed and I heard nothing. I contacted support again, wasted even more of my time explaining it and got the same response. This time, I waited two weeks and never heard from the tech department. Yet again, I contacted support and was told for 4th time that they would refer it to the tech department and I would be contacted with a solution soon. After a month of not hearing back, I contacted support again, explained the situation, which took even longer, as the story kept growing, and for the 5th time, I was told they would refer it to the tech department. This time, the support member guaranteed me that I would hear back from the tech department with a solution to compensate me for the missing spins. Another two weeks passed and nothing. I tried sending multiple emails to the site and contacted support literally another 7 to 10 times about the missing free spins, and every time I got the run around about how they couldn't help me but that the tech department would be forwarded the matter and that I would have it resolved by them soon. At one point, the guy had the nerve to say that two months was not an unreasonable amount of time to wait to have such a matter resolved. I couldn't believe that he actually said that and I am positive that no one outside of their casino support staff would ever agree with such an outrageous statement. I am so frustrated and the complete and utter disrespectful way that my problem has not been even remotely taken seriously. I am very irritated that I can't seem to get in touch with anyone via email or otherwise, aside from the live chat support staff that clearly don't have the power to do anything at all to provide any sort of actual support. They might as well not even have a support option, as it has proven 100% useless. I was a regular depositor on the site until this issue, and they were unwilling to simply credit my account with even a measly 50 mbtc to make up for the 15 mbtc bet that won the 10 free spins, in order to keep my business. Finally after about 8 months, I decided to give depositing another go there yesterday. I got an email offering me a 100% deposit bonus and clicked on the link in the email that said "claim promotion". It took me to the site, so I assumed that the bonus was activated and would be credited to my account. I made a deposit and the bonus never showed up. I contacted support and they asked me for a screenshot of the email to prove that I actually got it from them, and I provided it. This gave me hope that maybe support would credit the bonus that I indisputably was owed. After verifying that I did indeed legitimately get the bonus offer and should have gotten the bonus on my deposit, the support staff member told me that he did not have the ability to add the missing bonus and that he would refer my issue to the tech department. He again told me that I would hear back from them within 7 to 10 hours and that the bonus I was owed would be credited by them. I heard back from the regular support staff again a few hours later, but the message I got just asked me what email address I had signed up for my account with, despite the fact that they already had a screenshot of the email with my email address very clearly visible on it, that they were contacting me on the only email address that they had for me to begin with, and that your email address is your login name at the casino. I replied within a matter of about a minute from getting their message. Since then, no bonus has been credited and I have not heard back from them. I have very little hope that either of these situations will ever be resolved or I will ever be credited with the money that I am rightfully due for either problem caused by their software. When deciding upon a casino to spend your money at, if you care whatsoever about customer service or confidence that when you experience a problem, it will be made right for you, then I highly suggest that you avoid BTC-Casino like the plague. I am not even sure I believe that the "tech department" actually even exists, as in the dozens of times I had my cases referred to them, I was never contacted once by this elusive department. It all felt like their support staff was trained to say every issue was be referred to the non-existent tech department and then the casino counting on the fact that the players would just forget about the funds due or the problem when they were not contacted further or the problem was not resolved. I hope someone with some actual sort of authority or ability to do anything about this matter sees this post, if not so that I can have my issues rectified, but at very least that they actually make an effort to do something about what is essentially a fake customer support department that offers nothing but empty promises, lies, and frustration, and does not have the power to actually resolve anything or provide any actual support whatsoever. It is a joke.

posted on January 6, 2016.

Dear @fb_946900177653,
Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.