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Tivoli Casino - Unjustified confiscation of ALL winnings

player11 Finland
posted on September 2, 2015.

On the spring I was on my mobile and searched for a new casino. And Tivolicasino had been given some good grades. I opened an account (on mobilephone) and deposited 50€ + got 50€ bonus above that. After that I searched over the terms but the link did not work on mobile it just returned to the startpage. Well I thought on every good casino I have played the lowest maxbet has been atleast 6€ .

So I started playing and played for example aliens and gonzo's guest. And my balance did not at anypoint got below 50€ Biggest was from gonzo's quest for a 4€ bet about 1800€. At some point of the gaming I played a few (37) round aliens at 5.25€ bet. From which I did not win any significant amount. Well after sometime I got the wagering through and after that my balance was little over 2050€.

I made a withdraw request of little over 2000€. And on the same evening I got e-mail from them saying that my withdraw had been ACCEPTED and I would receive the funds soon. At that point I was like great this is how things should be done.

But after that it got ugly from the casino. On the next morning I got e-mail from them asking for documents. I was like what do they need those for my withdraw has already been accepted. And few minutes from that I got e-mail that my withdraw had been rejected because of breaking of a maxbet rule. Maxbet would have been 5€ . So my biggest bet was only 25snt over the limit. And those rounds were under 10% from the total wagering.
So I am still waiting for the money that they promised me. And that is my main complaint about that I have received the e-mail clearly saying my withdraw has been accepted and will be paid out to me shortly. It has taken almost 5 months now and I have still not yet received the money.

posted on September 3, 2015.

The player made 31 spins above the maximum amount per round, set out in the bonus terms & conditions the player agreed to.

During these 31 spins the player made a profit of €450.45 The players balance went from €38.75 to €489.25 meaning the player increased his balance by 12.5x + during this period, so very significant gains during the breaching on bonus terms period.

Using this new and hugely inflated balance (acquired during the bonus breached period) the player then increased the balance to as high as €2,243.55, making a withdrawal request of €2,050.

Our payments team, as is standard, reviewed the game play discovering this breach and the advantage gained by the player.

Following this the confiscation was applied, and the players deposit returned in full even though at the time of the breach the player was actually losing money from this deposit.

The one issue I do need to make clear is that the player did receive the mail as attached saying the withdrawal was approved, and explaining payment times etc. This was a system error that was discovered after this very incident and is now rectified.

At no point was the withdrawal ever approved or sent for payment and Tivoli Casino would like to apologise for any confusion this caused but the confiscation stands. The breach was clear as per the terms & conditions.

player11 Finland
posted on September 3, 2015.

The error has no way been rectified. Tivoli have sent me an e-mail clearly saying that my withdraw had been accepted. And I would receive the money in short time. I have now been waiting for those money to be paid for almost 5 months. And nothing has been paid.

The breakage of terms were so minimum that it does not make any difference and also that fact that those terms could not be found on the mobile site is a fact. I did notime think that the maxbet could be lower than 6€. And also I am 99,9% sure that if I would have lost my money during bonusplay and there would have been bet over the 5€ maxbet limit they would have not returned my deposit. And that also makes it doublestandards.

So because of I have made a little human error for placing bets 25snt over the maxbet I will lose my money. But because they made an error (or as they claim it to be an error, really it is just they just find exuse not to pay) they lose nothing. It is not very nice way to treat your customers.

I would again like to point out the fact that they have sent an clear e-mail to me that clearly states the fact that they have accepted my withdrawal and I would receive the money soon. And I have waited it for ages now. And that is my main complaint here.

posted on September 17, 2015.

We were presented evidence on behalf Tivoli Casino management and after a thorough examination our conclusions as follows.

Player indeed breach Term #14 from Tivoli Casino Welcome Bonus Terms And Conditions by placing 31 bets in excess of what is allowed as max bet while playing with bonus funds.

Moreover, some of these bets were placed while player was playing with the remaining bonus funds.

Player's claim that he was given a misleading information from the casino due to receiving an email regarding his withdrawal is considered as invalid. Such emails are generated automatically by the casino or payment provider system and have no influence over the fact whether particular player's withdrawal request is about to go through a thorough check or not before a payment is being sent.

Based on all the above we consider player's accusations and demands as unjustified. We consider all casino actions in this particular case as conducted according their Terms and Conditions.

The case is Resolved and officially closed.