Play7777 Casino - Multiple game failures refused to be investigated by the casino and provider

posted on November 17, 2016.

I played months ago at BlueLions. Since the first day there were problems with one game. Unfortunately the game I like the most. Very often winnings were displayed but the winnings weren’t credited to the balance, games didn’t start but the wager was billed or games crashed with different error messages. I have made a lot of screenshots of this issue and I have many emails/chat sessions written by the support, that these problems happened.

The first time the support credited back some missing funds, but they couldn’t find out what went wrong and I can understand that they are not responsible for failures of the 3rd party games if this is the case. But they are my only contact to solve this issue.

They credited me the missing funds of the winnings in some cases without getting it back from the provider, they told me. The games, that didn’t start or crash, I had to pay on my own.

The software provider itself said by information of the support there is no error, but that is not correct. I have hundreds of screenshots with gaming errors etc as I mentioned above.

After a longer break I started playing again at BlueLions and at Play7777 (sister casino) thinking the problem is solved, because there was an update.

I deposited round about 1000,- Euro but the problems at both casinos were still there.

In two weeks winnings and failure games occur again one day very often; the other day nearly without failures. It is not reproducible with a structure. It happens randomly. Many winnings (small and bigger ones) weren’t credited to the balance, spins were billed without a game etc., so every time my balance went down and I never got back the missing funds. I received only a free small bonus which does not fit to the missing funds. All in all the missing funds were much higher as my deposits (>1500,- Euro), which is really frustrating, because it is a loss of my money.

After contacting the chat in two cases this week, the support agents could see the missing winnings for the first time, and so they were listed in their logfile. So it is definitely an issue with the software. I have attached this chats in german too.

I received those failure games with different computers and different internet connections.

Support wanted to contact the software provider again to clarify this with the new information, but a relevant answer from the provider is missing or is not delivered to me, they told me. Every time they say, they will check the issue but a final information they do not give. Now they do not respond anymore.

Most of the time their support was very friendly and they tried to help. But actually there is no way to solve this issue. It concerns only the issue with one game and the only thing i want is to get my deposits of the time after the break at both casinos and not my missing winnings (much more) back and then I am fine with this issue. With 1000,- Euro refund i would be fine.

The concerening games are Triple Triple chance at bluelions casino and Double Triple Chance at

I have played the same games at different casinos without any error in the past. This happend only at these both sister casinos.

Today after a while i deposited 100,- Euro again, and the same errors occur again immediately.
Attached you will find a screenshot of a today not given winning. It is only one example for many of this errors this eve.

This example of many more happened on 17.11.2106 at 1:17h and i could catch it by screenshot. When you compare it with the spin list of the software provider "edict", you can reproduce this issue. Before the winning, the balance is 38,91 Euro and after the winning it is still 38,91 Euro. No change at all. Although i have won 8,- Euro.

This is my first complaint in years of gambling activity and I only want to have a fair solution.

If they refund me 1000,- Euro for my deposits to my neteller account, they can close close my accounts and as i wrote i amfine with this solution, although the loss is much more.

posted on November 20, 2016.

Dear Thomas,
like in our past conversation u are the only one who is saying that winnings are not credited, we already credit u more then 1k in good trust. As explained in the past, edict our software provider tested and checked ur spin's/win's and all winnings/losings are correct on behalf of the software. As explained in our live chat, we closed ur account after we was fine with each other, afterwords u came back and wanted to play our live chat told u, on behalf of that u are the only one having this issues, u can play at ur own risk which u agreed. and it seams not correct from ur side that if you have had an issue with the software and after pausing your account u came back, deposited several times and after you had no payouts u are going to complain.

posted on November 20, 2016.


The agreement was made after you told me that you think it is a problem with my computer, which i believed, but after some investigations of mine in the meantime i know it is not.

I do not dispute that you have refunded a part of missing funds. But you know very well it was much more.

After the break (reason for reopening was an Update of the software provider) there were a lot of chat and email-communication, where you suddenly could reproduce this issue, what is confirmed e.g. in the chat documenation. This changes the agreement. You wanted to check it again and an answer is missing until today.

The problems occur with different computers and different internet connections only at your both casinos. At other sites there are not any failure games.

It seems to be that the concerning winnings will be correct displayed at the software provider but it is not delievered to the balance at your site.

I play for entertainment and i have no problem with losing my deposits in a fair way. The amount is not the problem. But i can't accept a loss, when i am not responsible for this. To be the only one with this issue can't be a reason not to resolve it.

Because of the mass of failure games i hope for your understanding that i only want to get my deposits refunded.

The missing funds are much more.

Make a fair offer and we can close this complaint today and you can close all concerning accounts.

As you know, there were many problems in the past and i have spent very much time to clarify these things with your support, but everytime i was fair and calm. So please let us solve this issue in a fair manner for both sides.

Best regards


posted on November 20, 2016.

PS: Please note btw that the agreement was made at bluelions and there was no agreement concerning When i have opened the account, i did not know both sites are sister casinos.

posted on November 22, 2016.


it´s a shame, that there is no answer in the meantime.

Just to clarify the situation again. The mentioned agreement was only made by me at bluelions believing incorrect information about the problem delivered by the support. There was no such agreement concerning the new account at

Since the bluelions agreement was made the situation has changed. As you can see in the attached chat documentation, the support confirmed the existing crediting problem.

This differs from the argumentation of the last post here in this complaint of, where they say all is correct in their lists.

Besides the last catched screenshot of 17.11.2106 at 1:17h shows a winning of 8,- Euro, but the balance didn´t change. If all is correct out of the casino sight, i would like to see the logfile of the software provider, and the logfile of the casino. Or please provide these information to the askgamblers team, so they can check them. I am more than sure, that you can see in one of the files, that the balance didn´t change.

Because they mentioned they refunded 1k, i just want to make clear, that this happened before reopening the bluelions account and furthermore after opening a new account at After the break there was no correct refund of all new missing funds at all.

I can provide further stored email communication, if necessary to prove my sight.

Once again, if they refund my deposits after the break at bluelions and at, i am totally fine and we can close this complicated issue. All i want is to have a fair solution.

Best regards


posted on November 22, 2016.

dear thomas, please see attached screenshots, showing ur example of the 8€, we get this data directly from the game provider.
for askgamblers team due to the fact it's german, verloren = loss, gewonnen = win. i marked the part in red. all personal data and payments data is blacked out due to privacy.

posted on November 22, 2016.

Hi again,

first i appreciate your fast reply and it is shame, we couldn´t clarify this issue without a complaint.

I have reviewed the screenshot.

But all i can see is, that the winning occured, but there is no proof for the balance before and after this winning.
As you know, there were so much failure games, which you could see in the software providers list but the delievery to the balance at the casino didn´t happen. And if you be honest, it happened during this concerning winning too. The issue was confirmed by the chat agents.

Besides many other errors occured as mentioned in my first post. And you know that there were winnings which weren´t documentated in the list. Everytime i have sent you screenshots immediately and we found a solution before the break.

We have discussed this issue so often and both sides know, that this issue is fact.

In one of the last email after reopening the blulion account and after opening the new play7777 account you have confirmed this issue and that not for the first time.

Why do we discuss this issue in this unnecessarily way? It isn´t a problem of my computer or of the internet connection as you thought.

And if you would lose your balance in this strange way, every other customer would react in the same way.

I do not want to get all the missing winnings refunded. Only the deposits as described and everything ok.

There seems to be no way to find out, why and where these problems happen.

So please let us find a final solution, because both sides now have spent so much time with issue.

Best regards


posted on November 25, 2016.


It would be great to get an answer.

Best regards


posted on November 27, 2016.

Hi there,

if you are not interested in finding a fair solution for both sides please place a clear statement here. If this is the case i will go on with the next step to conatct the office that issued your license.

I am not willing to accept your consistant no-communication anymore.

Best regards


posted on December 1, 2016.

dear thomas, as explained in several mails & conversation before. game provider told us -> all ok. from our tech side also everything ok. u are the only one in the hole casino which is complaining that massive/multiple game win's was not given. and this issue u complained not only in the bluelions casino u complained this also in the second casino, where u are also the only one. again, also after there was an software update and u tried again u complained after the first deposit ... but u deposited more then 8 times after this complain which is very strange, u told us that all other merkurs don't have this problem ... but the question is why do u deposit in a casino where u have issues , and depositing multiple times afterwords, why don't u play at other merkurs where all is ok ? so the final decision is, same as before, we cannot give u money for something where everyone told us that all is ok, not only game provider told, we tried ourself multiple times and did not have any issue on players since the start of the casino, nobody complained on bluelions

posted on December 1, 2016.


i am not sure if you have read all my posts. Everything you need to know is written above and i am not willing to repeat it again and again as i did before in many emails without a response.

You wrote in your last post, everything is technical ok, but why did you confirm the problem several times in chats and emails? One of these chat-documents was posted above. This is very strange, isn´t it?
And why could you see these issues and why did you refund it in some cases? I can provide more copies of these documents if nessecary for the askgamblers-team.

To write i am the only one and everything is technical ok, is not a proof for your sight. Besides how did i get all the screenshots with dozens of error messages?

You did not provide a balancelist of your casino, where the askgambler-team can see the balance before and after the missing winning as requested.

Because of your statement, i will now contact Curacao eGaming department, so they can investigate this complaint, because i will not accept your deceision.

I offered you so many times to meet an agreement, but you are obviously not interested in finding a fair solution.

Best regards


posted on December 3, 2016.

Update: I have now forwarded this incident to Curacao eGaming. I will place an update here after receiving a response. I have also sent them a link of this complaint here.

posted on December 6, 2016.


Curacao eGaming is now involved in this issue.

They have sent me an email that they are waiting for an answer of the operator.

Just for information: Yesterday a complaint, that i have placed long ago, was closed by a different mediator-site concerning the same issue at the sister casino "bluelions casino" because the operator did not respond on any of the email requests of the mediator. So there the complaint was founded for me as the player.

Now i will wait for further information of Cuaracao eGaming.

Best regards


posted on December 9, 2016.

thomas, nice to see those lines.. which mediator-site should this be, because we did not received any complaint from any other platforms regarding this issue, therefore it seams pretty selfexplaining that we did not respond to this if we don't know about it.

posted on December 9, 2016.


you are very welcome to read this:


I don't know if it is allowed to post links here. If not please edit, dear askgambler-team but please forward this information to

This discussion is going to be more and more absurd and i do not have the time to clarify things that are more than obvious.

I will await an answer of Curacao eGaming in the next weeks. And i will update you immediately.

Best regards

posted on December 12, 2016.


i have attached a part of a another email-documentation.

As you can see, it is adressed to the other compla­int­-se­rvi­ce-site in the middle of november. In CC the support of bluelions casino and of was filled in.

Besides the other mediator tried very often to contact them but both casinos failed consistantly to answer any of these email-requests as they did before concerning my email-request.

Everything else you can read in the complaint of the other mediator-site in my last post.

On this background please form your own opinion about the last argumentation of the casino.

Best regards


posted on December 13, 2016.

correct, we received your mail, but never received any mail and or contact from this other plattform. seams this plattform is not the best way.. when u recognized that bet365 is blacklisted on this site which is really funny (also other big brands are blacklisted).
askgamblers team, please close this stupid complain otherwise thomas will write here every day.

posted on December 13, 2016.


in contrast to you i provide all nessecary information with the corresponding proofs.

And please do not forget that Curacao eGaming is investigating this issue since 6.12.16. Please keep that in mind before you call a complaint "stupid".

To write much details as possible is important for other players; so they can form by themselves an opinion of how you handle a complaint.

Best regards


posted on December 13, 2016.

Dear Play7777 Casino team,

Please refrain from offensive and inappropriate language, lets everybody be as professional as we can. Can you please provide an official letter (email) from a gaming provider regarding this case. Aforementioned evidence please send directly to the AskGamblers Complaint Team at suppor­­[email protected]­a­s­kg­­amb­­le­r­ Thank you in advance.

posted on December 16, 2016.

Hello, wrote that i am the only one with technical problems in their statement above.

In the meantime i have read their reviews here at askgamblers and i found comments like this:

"Some tech problems may occur while playing slots, and it's irritating."

" kept crashing during my play. This resulted in me losing a lot of funds during wagering."

In contrast to their statement i am obviously not the only one with this issue.

Best regards