Planet 7 Casino - Excuses & Delays on Payment, Again!

posted on July 26, 2016.

I Truly thought , that with my 1st withdrawal taking Soo long was because of Documents & Verification . All that is done & I got the Check Finally , Deposited into my Bank ( As Told) . My Bank sent the Check off to be collected on , before the Money can be put into my Bank Account. I have contacted the Bank after 2 weeks & im being told that "The Bank of Montreal has not Cleared the Check yet " Now it's over 3 weeks , Still nothing.!! I'm still waiting on the Check to Clear before the Bank will make the funds available to me. NOW to my Recent Complaint ; I had another Withdrawal on Jul 7th for $560 ( Keep in mind I'm already Verified for withdrawals) The Manager asked about a Wire Transfer on Jul 8th . I Explained to him/her that my Bank uses a Indetimery Bank , Soo they Stated that it would be another Check, I said OK on Jul 8th in a Convo Email with Manager.... Since that time I have Contacted Ally ( No reply within the stated 3-5 days) + . I have tried the Chat once with Josh ( I Believe is his name ) he was very Rude ( I can send the screenshots if needed) and the Emails between me and the Manager ... But I'd rather not embarrass no one or expose unprofessional behavior if it can be helped. I really did think the reason for the long wait on my 1st withdrawal was only because of security for me and Planet7 and every thing had to be verified... Now that I've done a 2nd withdrawal , I can see it's going to be a issue getting paid again. Can you please have the Bank of Montreal Clear my 1st Check ? ( My Bank has Stated it will be Aug 23rd before they can take action if the check hasn't been cleared by then) And send me my winnings on the 2nd Check ? These long wait times are not the "Norm" for most Casinos online .
*** Case in point , A Friend referred me to a very Popular online Casino on July the 9th , I deposited and won a good bit , Cashed out , Got Verified & Recieved Check on July 16th.. I really liked Planet7 and playing there , Still do . But if other Companies can pay that fast with almost nearly twice the customers ,,then Planet7 can too. Something is just not right / kosher here. Tawni or AskGamblers can one of you please get my 1st check to clear in Canada and Please send me my 2nd withdrawal.???

posted on July 30, 2016.

AskGamblers, I'm pleased to report I have received a Email Today from Ella at Planet7 stating that My Check has been mailed out With Tracking... The Tracking shows it should arrive Monday . I will report back then to Confirm that I have it.... There's still the issue of My 1st withdrawal Check and it hasn't been Cleared at the Bank of Montreal , since I deposited it on July 7th, the money is still not in my Bank Account . Not sure what's going on with that ? When I Deposited the check , the Teller did ask me if it was from a "Class Action Settlement " . I simply told her No , that I did some website designs for a Company based in Canada and the check was for my work. As of today , it's still not in my Bank Account . The last time I spoke with them they stated that it was sent off for Collections to the Bank of Montreal .

posted on July 31, 2016.

Hi Sabrina3939--

I'm terribly sorry for the frustrations you've been experiencing with all this.

Unfortunately, we have no control or influence on how your bank processes checks. Some banks will only put a few days hold-time, while others take longer. There's no rhyme or reason for this. Bank of Montreal is a massive bank throughout Canada and the check is certainly good. I wish I could push this along for you, but this is simply up to your own bank.

I'm pleased to see that your next payment will be arriving soon. If you have any further issues, I'm always here to help.

All the best,


posted on July 31, 2016.

Thank you Tawni for clarifying that, it's not something I can really ask my bank because I don't want to raise any suspicion about the check... I just simply told them I work at home and do some website Designs for a Company in Canada on a part-time basis , when they kinda questioned me about it. They seemed fine with that . I'm thinking the Bank that I use doesn't do a whole lot of foreign transactions and therefore the send each check off to be collected on before making the funds available in my account ... I'm just guessing. But I'm going to just wait until Aug 23rd to see if they credit my account like they said , before I ask anymore questions about it . Certainly do not want to raise red flags with them at all. In the meantime I'm going to look around for a larger Bank to open a account with Soo I don't have to wait as long in the future. Again thank you for the reply . I will post back Monday when Fedex delivers the 2nd withdrawal .

posted on August 2, 2016.

Wow !!! I'm loving the new updates and the "look" of the AskGamblers website. Great job!!
I was wondering why I couldn't post my update on here yesterday... Well I did receive my winnings yesterday thru Fedex and have deposited the check at a New Bank , Where I opened a another account at ( They handle Foreign Transactions on a daily basis for business accounts) Soo they have no problem with me depositing an occasional Foreign Check ( I only have to wait 2 Days for clearance) instead of 45 days at my other bank... It's still going to be August 23rd before my old Bank will let me know that my 1st Check cleared and my account can be Credited 😏. Soo at this point ,since I have Recieved the 2nd Check and Deposited it , This Complaint can be Closed as Resolved . Thank You, AskGamblers and Tawni for all your help and the Helpful info I have received here.
Hope Everyone has a Great Week and Payouts Go Quickly and Very Smoothly for All.


posted on August 2, 2016.

Based on the submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team is now considering the complaint as resolved and it being officially closed.

Thank you for your cooperation.