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Karamba Casino - Violating its own Exclusion policy!

posted on August 14, 2014.


I requested to be excluded from your site on the 25/07/14 for 6 months via email and I also sent a 'query' direct from your website. I followed your website's responsible gambling instructions :

Self-Exclusion - will close any account if a User contacts one of our trained operators or sends an email to [email protected]

I did not receive an email back until 29/07/14 and even at that point you did not exclude my account. Not only this but as a responsible casino surely you shouldn't be able to reinstate an account if requested as stated in the email I eventually received, it totally defeats the purpose:

Should you change your mind after self excluding yourself from the site simply write us an e-mail requesting for the exclusion period to be removed and we will gladly reinstate your account.

I think the deposits made after I asked to be self exclused should be refunded as I followed your request/instructiosn and the exclusion still was not put into place.


posted on August 7, 2014.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for having written to us. After looking into our records I can see our pervious responses to your last two emails have been under 24 hours.

Our dedicated support team also explained how the self-exclusion process can be set on our responsible gaming page. In addition to this our customer support team leader has attempted to contact you via the phone number stated on your account on several occasions without success.

If you could kindly provide us with an up to date telephone number and convenient time to call you we would like to discuss who we can serve you in the best way.

Best Regards

posted on August 7, 2014.

Thanks for the reply to this case,

I still have the emails in my inbox (both sent and received) with the dates/times on both and I can assure you my emails were not replied to within 24 hours as you say, I can attach a screenshot if required but please do not state you responded in a timely fasion as you clearly did not.

Also, you cannot exclude yourself from your responsible gambling page (https­://­www.ka­ram­ba.c­om­/re­spo­nsi­ble­-ga­ming/). It is true that you replied to my email (4 days after it was sent) telling me how to do so, now if those instructions were infact on your webpage then the exclusion would have been instant and no case raised. My point is it took 4 days to reply to me when a responsible casino would have put instructions to exclude yourself on the webpage in question, instead of emailing them how to days later.

It would be better if this could be resolved publicly if that is okay with you ? However my phone is back from apple in the next few days from repair and I will be happy to contact you via phone.

Again, thank you for your fast response.

posted on August 7, 2014.

Dear Minic92,
Please forward to our customer support ,your phone number
as soon as you can be reached, our Support Manager, himself, would like to discuss the issue personally.
Rest assured that every single claim at is handled with the utmost care and attention
Best Regard

posted on August 10, 2014.

Update -

No movement as of yet, I recieved an email from them just containing the information from this case. I replied to the email early on the 8th, it is now the 10th and still no response. (I just requested a response via email/this case as my iphone is still with apple and I do not have a spare phone or sim). To be fair to them however I do not know whether they monitor the inbox on the email they used to contact me directly.

Email Add: Contac­tus­-EN­[email protected]­ara­

Please can you respond to this case or email me with an update and response to this issue.

Thank you.

posted on August 11, 2014.

Dear Minic92,

As we already informed you on our previous email,
our Support Manager would like to solve your query as soon as possible, with a personal phone call.
You mentionned that you currently don t have a cell phone , please feel free to provide us with a landline.
Best Regards.

posted on August 12, 2014.

I understand you would like to solve this via a phone call, however I literally do not have access to a phone right now. I do not usually have a need for a landline so I do not have one, I have attached my repair status as a screenshot and as you can see there is no estimated repair date. I have no idea when it will be returned.

All I need is a response to my claim, I believe the deposits made after I requested exclusion should be refunded, all deposits prior to this I have absolutely no claim too. It took way too long to get back to me when I asked to be excluded via your requested method, and the instructions given allowed me to exclude myself instantly. Why wasn't these instructions on your responsible gambling page, if they were I would have been excluded from the get go and no issues raised. As mentioned, all I require is a response to this, and at the moment the fastest method would be via this case or email.

I do apoligise for the inconvenience, you are right in that a phone call would have been much easier.

Thank you for your prompt responses.

posted on August 14, 2014.

Update - This case can now be closed. Karamba has been in contact with me regularly via email since opening the case and have now resolved the issue.

Thank you.

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