Silver Oak Casino - Excessively Long Wait on Payouts

74 hours left for Silver Oak Casino to respond.
rgutt United States
posted on March 15, 2017.

On January 29th I requested 2 withdrawals ($2374 and $2500) via wire transfer.
All my documents are in and correct. I have contacted the casino through live chat multiple times and keep getting told that has been escalated and re-escalated. The two above withdrawals were approved on Feb. 9th and I still have not heard anything about them getting processed. When I contacted them last week (March 8th) I was told that it was re-escalated to the finance dept and to contact them back in 7 days. I just finished contacting them again (March 15) and was told that I should have been paid already but that it is not showing as seen by the finance dept. So he was going to ask that the finance dept take immediate action and would hopefully get sent to the processor this week or early next week. He said I should just keep checking back. So it looks like I will have to keep contacting them everyday until I finally get paid. These 2 withdrawals are holding up some other withdrawals I have, another $700 at Silver Oak and at sister casino Planet 7 ($1300ish). I hope you can help.
Here is my last Live Chat with Silver Oak;
Thank you for contacting SilverOak Casino. My name is 'Mason < snip >'.
Mason < snip >: How are you doing today?
rguttinger: Good, but frustrated. I am just trying to get information on my withdrawal requested on Jan. 29th and approved on Feb. 9th (two withdrawals - $2374 and $2500). It has been escalated and re-escalated but I still have not heard anything. I was told on March 8th to contact you all after 7 days.
Mason < snip >: Ok allow me a moment to have a look at your account will get to the bottom of this .
rguttinger: Thank you
rguttinger: You were the one that actually told me to contact you after 7 days. You handled my last live chat.
Mason < snip >: I know . I remember let me see
rguttinger: Thanks
Mason < snip >: I am really sorry for the delay. Thanks again for bearing with me.
rguttinger: Ok
Mason < snip >: Ok I am just looking at the escalation list to find out what has happened
Mason < snip >: ok I don't find a payment here just double checking your prefered method of payment is check correct
Mason < snip >: bank wire sorry
rguttinger: yes, bank wire
rguttinger: So, what does it mean that you don't see a payment? When will it get processed. This is over the time frame outlined by the casino
rguttinger: These withdrawals are holding up other withdrawals from sister casinos.
rguttinger: It appears that re-escalting this did nothing
Mason < snip >: I am not sure why it hasn't been paid it should have been. I am going to request finance to take a immediate look at this
rguttinger: So how long should that take?
Mason < snip >: I am going to get finance to take a look and hopefully I can get it sent to the proccessors this week or early next week
Mason < snip >: unfortunatly this is the best I can offer you right now
rguttinger: Will I get an email from finance once the process the withdrawals?
rguttinger: How long does it take to go from finance to the processor? Once the processor has it how long does it take to reach me?
Mason < snip >: best thing to do is contact us through live chat and we can give you an update
rguttinger: Ok, I will also file a complaint on the ask gamblers website since all I keep getting is that I have to keep contacting you all.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to < snip > at the end of your chat.
Mason < snip >: I do apologise
rguttinger: Thanks. Contact you all again tomorrow
Mason < snip >: best this is the best I can do for know
Mason < snip >: have a good day

posted on March 20, 2017.

Hi RGutt--

I'm very sorry for the difficulties you've been having with this.

I'm not in the office now, but I will be in tomorrow afternoon (Monday). Once I get in, I'll check into this and I'll come back to let you know what's up with things.

All the best,


rgutt United States
posted on March 20, 2017.

Thank you Tawni. I look foreward to hearing from you today so we can get this resolved.

rgutt United States
posted on March 20, 2017.

Have not heard from Tawni since she sent this early this morning. I contacted Silver Oak again this afternoon and transcript of chat is below. I notice on another persons complaint that Tawni sent the exact same email to them. Worried this might just be another stall tactic since it looks like a standard reply.

Thank you for contacting SilverOak Casino. My name is 'Sam.'. For your security, please verify the Email address, Username, and phone number on your account so that I can assist you further.
Sam S.: Hello Welcome to Silver Oak Casino. I am Sam S. How can I help you?
Sam S.: Thank-you for your information.
Sam S.: Could I please have your full name?
rguttinger: Hi, Robin G. I am trying to get information about my withdrawals. They have been escalated many times. Tawni from Silver Oak responded to my complaint through Ask Gamblers site and said she would contact me this afternoon but I have still not heard anythings.
Sam.: Thank-you for your information, let me have a look.
rguttinger: Thanks
Sam.: At this time, I do not have any payment information. I simply can see on your file a number of escalations.
Sam.: I do understand we need to get you this money at this time, however, I am not aware of when.
rguttinger: Is there someone I can call?
Sam.: I am really sorry for the delay. Thanks again for bearing with me.
rguttinger: Is there someone I can call? What about this Tawni person who sent me a message through Ask Gamblers?
rguttinger: Are you there?
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [email protected] at the end of your chat.

posted on March 24, 2017.

AskGamblers Complaints Team have just extended the response time frame with another 96 hours hoping that Silver Oak Casino management will soon jump in with an update on this complaint.