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Slots of Vegas Casino - Excessively Delayed Payment

codyp United States
Posted on April 24, 2017.

I'm just submitting a complaint here because I've waited 4 months for a $100 cashout. I will list the timeline below:
01/15/17, request initial cashout, send documents
01/19/17, confirm receipt of documents with customer support. Cashout should be processed withint 10 to 15 days.
02/22/17, speak with agent about why my cashout is delayed. Says to do a bitcoin withdrawal, and to email btc address to customer service. Conversation is posted below:
Please wait for a Slots of Vegas agent to respond.

All Slots of Vegas agents are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An agent will be with you shortly.

Thank you for contacting SlotsofVegas Casino. My name is 'Kingsley Lyric'. For your security, please verify the Email address, Username, and phone number on your account so that I can assist you further.

coxxxxxxxx: Hi it's [email protected] coxxxxxxxx 9494006695

Kingsley Lyric: Hello! Welcome to our casinos. Hope you are good today. How may I help you?

coxxxxxxxx: Just wondering if I met the playthrough requirement for a bonus. I tried to withdraw about 2 months ago, but it returned the balance to my account

coxxxxxxxx: 100.66 is sitting there. Just wondering how much more I have to play with to withdraw. I think you have all my documents too

coxxxxxxxx: thanks! hope you're having a good day too

Kingsley Lyric: Yes, I am dear.

Kingsley Lyric: Thank you, One moment please.

Kingsley Lyric: You have met the playthrough.

Kingsley Lyric: All you need to do is to send us documents.

coxxxxxxxx: what e-mail should I send them to? I thought I already sent

coxxxxxxxx: thanks

Kingsley Lyric: Will you like to cashout via wire or check, or bitcoin?

codypoletti: Bitcoin would be super easy and convenient

Kingsley Lyric: Kindly send your bitcoin information to : paymen­[email protected]­cas­ino­sup­por­tce­nte­

Kingsley Lyric: ..and then send the following to docume­nts­@sl­ots­ofv­ega­sma­

Kingsley Lyric: In order to update your file, we need to ask you for the following documents:

Kingsley Lyric: -Copy of an Identification (Driver's License or Passport)

Kingsley Lyric: -Utility bill (Showing your name and address)

Kingsley Lyric: -Account Verification Form

Kingsley Lyric: http:/­/ww­w.s­lot­sof­veg­as.c­om­/au­tho­riz­ati­on_­for­m.html

Kingsley Lyric: Is there anything else that I may help you with?

coxxxxxxxx: coxxxxxxxx to: docume­nts­@sl­ots­ofv­ega­sma­ date: Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 3:08 AM subject: coxxxxxxxx account verification documents mailed-by:

coxxxxxxxx: I sent my documents email to you guys on January 15th

coxxxxxxxx: and the authorization form

Kingsley Lyric: Ok, yes, that's true.

Kingsley Lyric: So all you need to do is to send your bitcoin details now.

Kingsley Lyric: to the email above.

coxxxxxxxx: Okay, great! Thank you. Just so I know to watch out, how long will that take? and do I have to request another cashout, or just reference the first one?

Kingsley Lyric: The time frame for withdrawals is 10-15 business days to be approved and 10 business days to be sent, plus the delivery time, which may vary according to processors limitations.

Kingsley Lyric: ..and you have to request the payment again via bitcoin.

Kingsley Lyric: cashier.

coxxxxxxxx: okay, I will do that now. Thank you for your help

Kingsley Lyric: You are welcome dear :)

Kingsley Lyric: Thank you so much for playing with SlotsofVegas Casino! We really appreciate your loyalty. Have fun and good luck!

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

02/22/17: Send email to customer support as Kingsley Lyric asked me to. get email that says they have confirmed my btc address
04/22/17: Still no payment, speak with agent Wolf about it. Wolf says my BTC address was not imputed as I was previously lead to believe. Wolf says he inputs my btc address and money will be here soon. Payment is supposedly escalated. Conversation is below:
Thank you for contacting SlotsofVegas Casino. My name is 'Wolf'. For your security, please verify the Email address, Username, and phone number on your account so that I can assist you further.
Wolf: Hello this is Wolf. How are you today? How may I help you?
coxxxxxxxxx: Hi, how's it going Wolf
coxxxxxxxxx: coxxxx­xxx­[email protected]­gma­, coxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx
coxxxxxxxxx: I'm just writing to you to check on a bitcoin cashout that I requested on the 22nd of February. The initial cashout request was in January, but I resubmitted with my bitcoin address on the 02/22/17.
Wolf: What can I do for you?
Wolf: Ok, let me have a look.
coxxxxxxxxx: Thanks. The address I sent you was:1M­EpS­r7j­sVL­5Be­Uiq­DXv­gqR­fm5­FfQ­B6vHx
coxxxxxxxxx: I got a confirmation e-mail saying that you'd received it too.
Wolf: And you use the same email for bitcoin?
coxxxxxxxxx: I spoke with Kingsley Lyric last time, and he/she said you had my documents, and that the address was the last thing you needed
Wolf: I'm adding it to your account now as it's not already there.
coxxxxxxxxx: Yes it is
coxxxxxxxxx: (the email)
coxxxxxxxxx and thank you
Wolf: Ok, and I've escalated your withdrawal.
Wolf: So it should be sent soon.
Wolf: Is there anything else I can do for you today?
coxxxxxxxxx: I appreciate it. Nope, that's great! Have a good night, and thank you for your help.
Wolf: Thank you and thanks for playing with us! Have a great day! Feel free to end the chat when ready.

So far when this casino says they will do something, it takes months to get done, or some piece of information gets lost. I'm submitting a complaint here so that it gets resolved in a timely manner. Thank you for all your help!

Posted on April 28, 2017.

Hi Cody--

I'm very sorry for the difficulties you've had with this.

The good news with this is that I see this has already been paid to you via Bitcoin. ;-)

Again, my apologies for everything.

All the best,


codyp United States
Posted on April 30, 2017.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Posted on April 30, 2017.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now. Thank you all for your cooperation.

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