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Pocket Fruity Casino - Stalling verification and payment

posted on November 27, 2015.

Opened up an account with these people and played few times. I won 700 but decided to withdraw 600 have sent them personal pictures of my passport my bank details and mobile phone bill and catalogue bill all proving who I am. The staff just go backwards and forwards asking to send documents again etc. They are complete time wasters and don't want to seem to pay their players their winnings.

posted on November 23, 2015.

Dear 'Alexwalsh'

Thank you for your feedback and giving us the opportunity to respond to your complaint.

Firstly, I’d like to confirm the timescales and events that occurred regarding this complaint.

You registered an account on Pocket Fruity on 27th October 2015. On 17th November at 20:51 you requested a withdrawal for £650 which you subsequently voided on 20th November at 20:23. You then re-requested a withdrawal for £600 later on the 20th at 20:31 before voiding it again on 21st November at 21:07 where you spent your balance (down to 70p).

I can see that you have been in dialogue with our Customer Services team between Tuesday 17th November up until the point that you voided your withdrawal on 21st November. To clarify that the reasons for this verification requirement was due to the fact that you were depositing from a mobile phone device using our 3rd Party Mobile Payments Solution (Boku) and subsequently withdrawing funds into a separate Bank account. Therefore, in line with our Anti-Money Laundering Procedures, we requested documentation for ‘Proof of ID’, 'Proof of Payment Methods’ and 'Proof of Address’ (Proof of Address must be dated within previous 3 months).

I can confirm that your 'Proof of Identification' was accepted without any problems, however your Bank details that you sent showed a different account number to the one supplied on your Pocket Fruity account. In addition, the Proof of Address was initially out of date (older than 3 months) and subsequently you sent a bill from ‘Fashion World’ which is not a document that we can accept as a verified Proof of Address. Had you not spent your withdrawal, and raised a complaint to us then a member of management would have been able to guide you with this process. Indeed, in this instance, I have advised the staff member that this should have been escalated to management as the ‘back and forth’ email chain could have been avoided and wasn't a great experience for yourself.

The current status is that your balance is currently 0.70p and there are no funds in your account to withdraw, therefore we are unable to process any withdrawals. However we would like to guide you through the verification process and, once complete, offer you a gesture of goodwill in order to resolve this complaint satisfactorily. Should you wish to discuss this then please do contact us on 0845 548 9090, email suppor­­­t­@­p­­o­­ck­­­et­f­­­ru­­i­t­­ or Live Chat then we can look into this matter under stage 2 of our complaints procedure – please ask to speak to a member of our 'Payments' team as they will understand the history of this complaint and be best placed to help you.

Alternatively, should you prefer, you can raise a complaint via our ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) which is IBAS http:/­­/w­w­w.i­­bas­­-u­ which falls under Stage 3 of our complaints process. We do have a very transparent complaints process in place which is also detailed in our Terms and Conditions here https:­­//­w­w­w.p­­oc­­ke­t­f­ru­­­­m/­t­e­rm­­s-a­­nd­-­c­on­­ditions see point 35.

The decision of the Customer Services team to request further documentation still remains. However we would like the opportunity to help you through this process and, once complete, offer a gesture of goodwill to resolve this matter.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Pocket Fruity

posted on November 27, 2015.

Can you please confirm that you played your winnings?

posted on November 27, 2015.

Hi yes I will call pocket fruity and spend more time confirming my details after I have tried for days on end to get my money, And yes the money was played through as I'm sure lots of customers who will win it drives you to the point of thinking "well I'm never going to see the money anyway so I may as well use it on there and write it off" I urge everyone to avoid these people as a simple bonus is nothing to having received correct winnings after supplying bank statements and a passport and giving them access to lots of personal information.

posted on November 28, 2015.

Based on the casino's and player's statement we can only reject this complaint at this point. Unfortunately player played off his winnings before he managed to verify his account. Considering all stated above player doesn't have a case against casino anymore.

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