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Anonymous Casino - Refusing to pay 3.6 BTC legitimate winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Anonymous Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount BTC 3.6
spr530 United States Message
Posted on April 15, 2017

Dear AskGamblers please read the other complaints filed against this casino by oyher people. All of these complaints are Uresolved! Well the exact same thing happened to me. Please help me recover my 3.6BTC that this Casino stole from me. After the theft of my money by Anoymous Casino they immediately disabled my account. With my account disabled I'm unable to access and send you my account history. You have my permission to access my account records if these thieves will give them too you. Good luck! I hope your able to get them to return my 3.6BTC they stole and help the other people who filed similar theft reports against Anoymous Casino. If you do a Google search on Anoymous Casino you will find even more complaints about this Casino that are not listed on AskGamblers. One question I have is why haven't you had any success resolving the other previous complaints filed against this Casino?

The following are the true facts and information concerning my complaint. I'm unable to attach my Account Records because they immediately disabled my account after the theft on my 3.6BTC.

1. I'm a very experienced gambler and have played at numerous online casinos
2. I only played at this casino a few times.
3. I never accepted any bonuses from this casino
4. I had one withdrawal request for 1BTC processed in timely manner
5. That experience was the reason I made much larger deposits the next day
6. I won approximately 4.0 BTC playing slots
7. I made a second withdrawal request for 3.6 BTC and lost the other .4BTC
8. My second withdrawal request was not processed
9. I sent a number of emails that were never responded to. (No Online Support)
10. Finally I received this explanation from Victoria Mahe via email:
"Dear player!
I apologize for making you wait with an answer. At us now works on integration with bets on sports therefore delay are possible with withdrawal as all is automated. Do not worry, your payment will be processed. Once again apologies.
Good Luck!"
10. Anonymous Casino Website in bold letters " INSTANT DEPOSITS AND CASHOUTS" not true in my case or others see complaints below and complaints on the internet about Anoymous Casino.
11. Sent them another email telling them to process my withdrawl immediately as promised and any further delay was unacceptable-no response
12. My 3.6BTC was stolen by Anonymous Casino. This is dishonest and unacceptable.
13. Account was disabled-no explanation given
14. Sent the following email to the CEO of SoftSwiss who partners with Anonymous Casino:

Hi Sir, I'm writing you to see if you can help me recover 3.6BTC that was taken from my account at Anonymous Casino. They refused to pay my withdrawal request and disabled my account. Researching the internet I discovered that what has happened to me has happened to other people who have played at this casino. They are dishonest and won't pay people who have won a large sum and then disable their account. I know your associated with this casino and I hope you can get them to pay my withdrawal request for 3.6BTC. Also have them explain why my account was disabled. Your a very large company that provides software for Anonymous Casino and I know you won't tolerate this dishonest behaviour by one of your clients. Realize that Anonymous Casino management will probably lie to you if you try to get the facts to my complaint. If you fail to respond then I will conclude that your company does business with and allows dishonest casinos to use your software products. I hope that's not true. Please have Anonymous Casino return the 3.6BTC they stole from my account along with an apology and promise they will stop this dishonest behaviour. Sincerely, _______

Posted on April 18, 2017

Dear Anonymous Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.

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