Grand Reef Casino - Didn't Recieve Free $50 When i invited a Friend

Antworm Australia
posted on June 28, 2014.

I have been with this Casino for several Years & have only had 1 Withdrawel Problem besides this one, i Invited a Friend using the Downloaded Grand Reef Casino by entering her email into the box, she told me she had recieved the email, Joined & Deposited throught that Casino... i had not told her the name of it or anything until she had gotten the email so she used that link to sign up, i then went on the 24 / 7 Chat to the casino and asked about the $50 after a few minutes they told me i should recieve it in the next 24 Hours and to come back on here Tomorrow so i did and the guy told me my Friend did not use the correct Link so i will not be Receiving my Free $50 to Spend, i think this is completely wrong and being a Loyal Customer this is treating me wrong

posted on July 4, 2014.

Any update considering your complaint?

posted on August 30, 2014.

Dear @Antworm, we got an information from the casino that you received your bonus, can you please confirm. Thank you.

Antworm Australia
posted on August 31, 2014.

Hello, I contacted them a few Weeks ago about 2 weeks after they refused to pay my $50 out to me and i spoke with several people regarding the matter but they did not help me, i started talking to a Nice Employee of theres names Amanda who gladly pushed the Complaint through to whoever was in charge and she managed to get me my $50, sorry for the late reply i only just got an email and forgot that i did not reply to the complaint, but thank you for your help AskGamblers :)