NetBet Casino - Deposit sent to incorrect card, card is already closed, funds still not retrieved

Iouri Denejkine Australia
posted on August 9, 2016.


On the 24th (or 23rd) of July I requested the withdrawal of approximately $1862 onto my card which I used to deposit funds with onto my NetBet Poker account: georgegash. There had been no issues previously, however the card I used was a new card as the previous card that I used had been closed (along with all other accounts as I had moved banks).

I received an email on the 25th of July stating that NetBet requires my ID and card details, which I happily provided. On the 28th, I received an email advising me that all of the details had been validated and that the funds are now in the process of being transferred onto my card.

What I wasn't advised of was the fact that for some reason, the bank that NetBet deals with does not send funds to MasterCard cards within Australia, as so instead of advising me of this, NetBet has instead sent the funds onto my closed account.

Almost 8 working days later, I found out about this. But only after I messaged NetBet to find out why it was taking so long to process my funds. So far, I have received an ARN, and have been in contact with my old bank which advised me that they are not able to determine any details, nor use an ARN, as all of the accounts are closed. I have sent an email to NetBet advising them to perform a recall on the deposit request (as per being advised by my old bank).

I have attempted on numerous occasions to call NetBet but I have never been able to get through. I understand that this is probably not the first time this has ever happened and I am being as patient as possible, however I've noticed that disputes are addressed here quite often so I am just trying to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Thank you to AskGamblers and the NetBet Team.

Attached in this message is the details of my old bank accounts showing that they have, indeed, been closed. Dates and invoices relevant to my first deposit and withdrawal from NetBet is present, as well as proof of the account being closed on the 1st of July, 2016.

posted on August 11, 2016.


I verified your case and just saw that the latest update says that you confirmed that the payment was found and you received a cheque.

Could you please let me know if it is the case?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


Customer support manager

Iouri Denejkine Australia
posted on August 11, 2016.


I have contacted my bank and they have located an amount equivalent in AUD to the amount that I was attempting to withdraw. As the accounts are closed, it is in dispute, but from what I have been told, I am fairly certain that my old bank has the funds stored somewhere in their system,

If any further issues arise relating to NetBet, I will let you know by email. But for now I consider this resolved. I appreciate all of the help I have received from NetBet and look forward to using your room again in the future.

Kind regards,


posted on August 11, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team is now considering the complaint as successfully resolved and it is being officially closed.

Thank you all for your cooperation.