First Web Casino - Refusing to remove my bonus

sonof Finland
posted on October 21, 2014.

I had first deposit bonus which was 100% up to 200 eur. So my total balance was 400 eur after my first deposit of 200 eur.

I played slots with it for a while and lost completely my cash and bonus balance. At this point my balance was 0 eur (zero) including cash and bonus balance.

Therefore my wagering requirements should be completed as is the standard in the casino industry.

I made my second deposit of 5 eur and 25% bonus of 1.25 eur was given to me for it. My deposit was put into bonus balance.

I asked the casino to remove the bonus before I had played with it and transfer my deposit from bonus to cash balance.

The casino refuses to remove the bonus that has not been played with or transfer my deposit into cash balance even when their own bonus rules state that "Players deposit into their cash balance and bonuses are credited into their bonus balance".

Please help me with the casino to remove the unwanted bonus and transfer deposit to cash balance.

Casino username: fwr0049222319

posted on October 22, 2014.


This does indeed sound weird, even if the wagering requirements are not met, the deposit should go in the deposit balance

I'll have a look



sonof Finland
posted on October 22, 2014.

Please take a look at it. Thank you.

posted on October 27, 2014.

This complaint has been reopened upon casino's request.

posted on October 30, 2014.

Ok this is the situation:

The player has collected tokens on the following games that must be cleared by playing the games as required. He Gaming Team would recommend the player reads the game rules prior to doing so.

• Feature Slot - Tribal Treasure
• Bonus Slot - Scrooge

Note. The tokens on the game Scrooge will be cleared once the Xmas Count Down calendar reaches the 25th of December and the Free Spins bonus game is activated.

Basically it looks that you played those games, collected some bonus tokens, that you need to use before the bonus wagering requirements are cleared: therefore you need to go back and play those games

sonof Finland
posted on October 30, 2014.

I have read all the Game Rules for the games Tribal Treasure and Scrooge. I can not find anything that mentions that the player needs to clear "tokens" and play the games "as required". There are nothing mentioned about this in bonus terms and conditions either. How hard can it be to alter your bonus terms and conditions if there are some games that you don't want to be played with bonuses?

There is nothing mentioned in bonus terms and conditions that say the bonus wagering requirements carry over between deposits when the balance has been zero. On the contrary your terms say:
"Players deposit into their cash balance and bonuses are credited into their bonus balance." Please explain to me what does this mean if not what it says.

Also, your terms say that the bonus wagering requirements have been cleared once the bonus has been spent completely:
"A player may withdraw funds from the casino once the bonus balance has been completely transferred to the cash balance by meeting the required play-through, or once the bonus has been spent completely." Was my balance not zero or in other words was my bonus not spent?

Now you are making things up and creating new rules as you go and not obeying your own written rules and the industry standards.

posted on November 1, 2014.

I'm not 100% familiar with those games, but apparently you collected some "tokens" by playing those games, and you need to use those tokens.

Try to get back to those games and figure out where are these token, and how can you use them all

sonof Finland
posted on November 2, 2014.

I have no open bets in any game. There are no Collect / Gamble buttons available as there are no open bets.

I have already lost 200 Euros playing those slots and I would rather not lose any more. Who knows how much more I would have to lose to collect these "tokens" or if I would even have enough money to do so.

Your "solution" is not a solution!

posted on November 5, 2014.

Dear all,
Any update?

sonof Finland
posted on November 5, 2014.

I never had any problems with any Jackpot Factory casino before but now that Digimedia acquired them, it sadly seems they no longer care about playing fair. One more good casino lost to Digmedia :(