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Global Live Casino - Denied winning payments and closed my account

posted on June 30, 2015.

3 weeks ago (now its 15.6.15) I was looking for an online casino that has live dealers and that registers players from Hong Kong, I found this website called under PlayPearls Limited, it looked simple and friendly to user. I must say that it’s my first online casino experience ever and I was very skeptical at first and wasn’t easy to trust with my credit card. Sucks to see that I was right and there is no online casino we can really trust, unless we lose money, then they hunt us with all kind of promotions and endless bonuses that actually aren’t worth it.I deposited money with my credit card, and did all verifying that were necessary for withdrawing winnings.

I won around 1100 euro playing roulette with live dealer.

The second I asked to withdraw money, my account was blocked and they accused me for using gambling system and now my account is under investigation.

I was shocked at first, all I play in roulette are outside bets (even-odds bets), its impossible to cheat at it, its real live dealer, they turn camera away from the roulette while spinning plus they stop putting bets before the spinning of the roulette wheel.

In the end it took them a few days to actually say that there is a pattern for my bets but they seem random so they let withdraw go thru. It wasn’t pleasant but thought maybe its because im new.

The next day I lost 1000 euro, and then I deposited 500 more and actually made 12,700 in 6 hours playing roulette only. I asked to withdraw most of it and my account was immediately blocked again for suspicious of using systems or computer aids to win money…

I couldn’t believe my eyes, it has been a whole week of endless nights and days, tens or hundreds of emails and me searching online for any clue or help.

They say I breached their terms and conditions because:

I use a system called even odd system to have an edge on the house- which is basically betting only on outside bets (only red black, even-odd or high low bets).

Their terms and condition states that the user should play for recreational and entertainment only and non-professional play, and they said I played professional.

I feel so scammed so cheated it is so unfair, they lie to me. If anyone here knows the rules of roulette, there is no such thing that you are not allowed to bet only outside bets.

And for sure the edge will always be on the house side no matter what.

This has a blog about roulette saying that there is no way of beating the roulette and that every spin of the ball has nothing with past result.

How can u indicate if I play professional???

Roulette is not a game of knowledge, its game of pure luck, there is no way to predict the outcome of a spin, unless the wheel is fixed with computer controlling the wheel and magnets. Anyway if you win money it means you are professional.

In the end what happened is that they agreed to let me play again in their website saying that I didn’t use any computer aids but I did breach their terms by using “common system” to beat the roulette. They gave me 3000k as compensation for time and fair play.

But they said to me that I have to bet also on numbers at the amount of at least 50% of my bets of more in order to be able to withdraw winnings.

This is so unfair I thought to myself. I never played numbers on roulette.

But I was so devastated and frustrated I decide to take those 3000 euro, also because I realized it’s probably the best ill get out of them.

I decide to play their way, and after 2 days I actually won over 30000 euro, and thought to myself wow 30k is amazing.

Again when I asked to withdraw, my account was blocked and again under computing.

It’s been almost a week since they started to compute my bets.

I just got an answer from them blaming me for using bots and software to place bets because I placed them quick, im playing roulette many years I know the layout very good I used their re-bet button few times, and I clicked numbers very quick, they say its computer aids, I told them that im willing to send my computer for checkup…

They treat me as if I am the criminal here, as if I’ve done something wrong when actually they trick me, cheat me, and they even changed the global rules of roulette, telling me that betting on even-odds bets is a system and it gives the player an edge on the house.

Should I laugh or cry???

We gamblers usually lose money, some of us lose a lot, when we lose those online casinos take the money really quick no questions asked.

But when you win money, it’s a nightmare.

Stay away from global­liv­eca­sin­, they are a big scam. They lie, cheat and drag you till you give up.

I hope I help other players not to get scammed by global­liv­eca­sin­, do not sign in their website, stay away from them, and please tell all your friends not to play at their website.

For conclusion:

I have been playing legitimate, with real money, no bonuses and haven’t used any systems or computers to win real money. Global live casino dragged my soul out trying to make me the bad person, in the end they just didn’t want to pay me winnings. They accused me for being professional at roulette and for using even-odd system. If you win money they will find a way to say you have breached the terms and conditions, Stay away from global live casino, a total aggravation, bad for your soul.

- if there is any law way to fight them I’m willing to give % from what we will get to whomever helps me, it’s over 40k winnings. I have screenshots, emails and other to prove it all, below I post some information about them so they can’t hide from anyone.

posted on June 22, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

posted on June 22, 2015.

No updates, they seem not to care much. I'm not going to give up on this.
Ive spoken to many online casinos and they all say that the terms and condition are build in away that if a gambler wins, they an say that the gambler has breached terms and just deny winnings...its disgusting and unethical, but hey, that's global live casino and their group of casinos

posted on June 26, 2015.


It is very clear that you are resorting to blackmail and a smear campaign after failing in your efforts to defraud the platform.

You have admitted to having a knowledge of computer systems, as well as of the operation of roulette systems, having also described yourself as a professional roulette gambler.

However, even though you speak of how systems offered online allowing players to cheat roulette are fake, it is clear that you have implemented your own system. This is the only way you could arrive at your ‘winnings’, as this would be the only plausible explanation for your playing pattern. The documented log files show a pattern impossible to achieve through standard human player input.

The use of such systems, apart from violating the site’s agreed Terms and Conditions, are in violation of relevant laws, and successful criminal prosecutions have been brought in the past on the basis of similar facts.

As soon as suspicious playing patterns were detected, site administrators actually issued a refund of relevant deposits – of EUR 3000.00 – and a warning, rather than blocking your account straight away, and you forfeiting your deposit – as clearly indicated in the Terms and Conditions.

Your threatening tone and reactions speak volumes. We have already made exceptions, notwithstanding the Terms and Conditions, however, you have remained adamant in engaging in similar behaviour.

This fraudulent behaviour, as well as the defamatory nature of your current communications, are now being managed through pursuing legal means available to us.

The Management

posted on June 26, 2015.

1- I am being fraud by you. You are hiding behind your website thinking you can trick innocent people, and you are thinking its possible because no one can reach you.
2- no one tried ti blackmail you,and try to put it that way, I won this money, and every time I won you had your excuses not to pay, its not only time.
3- you took away from me my family time, work time and aggravation beyond describing, it is priceless.
4- I have told you that I know about systems and the way roulette works, but all this I know from searching online and trying to understand what you want from me. By the way, you have some blogs on your web site that I took my knowledge from. I never payed or used any system myself.
5- I have said I'm a professional roulette player, and later on explained what I ment, I ment I'm experienced, and I know the game well, in same breath I said that you cannot be professional in roulette, it is not a game of knowledge, its pure luck, every spin is independent thats why its impossible to be professional at roulette.
6- I haven't implemented any system of my own, you cannot chose to call winning way of playing a system, I usually play odd even, and u told me its a system, so I played numbers and yet again you say its system and worse compute aids. I have good luck in roulette sometimes, I have lost in roulette a lot of money, but it seems if someone wins, you right away call it system.
7- I understand you feel its impossible to win like I did, or for a human to win like I did, but it still doesn't mean I cheat, it still doesn't give u the right to put me thru all this aggravation, I said I'm willing to send my hard drive for check.
8- when playing roulette at your website, there is minimum time to bet, so I have to bet quick, plus I bet maximum ammount so I click really quick all over the layout and that's why you see the quickness of my bets, plus I use rebet button.
It is possible to put few bets in 1 second, try it yourself, choose maximum ammount, than press fast on mouse all over the layout, plus you should a specially see that the fastest clicks are numbers that are next to eachother, please be honest and check for me, and for all of us.
9- I thanked you for releasing my deposit after first 2 cases we had and you clearly gave me a chance, but I took it and played cause I was innocent, cause all I wanted was to play, I never cheated, I swear please do check my computer.
10- about the last pharagraph- well, you have been accusing me point blank of things I haven't doesn, you blocked me right away, didn't give me a chance to prove, and ignored me. You also acted very rude by just saying I cheated, you made me feel it is one way, your decision and that's it.
11- try to put your self in my shoes, its my first online casino try, I was doubtful from the start, and it blew in my face. There is no phone number to talk to someone, just emails, and you accuse me of something I haven't done, and than you shut the door. WHAT WOULD YOU DO INSTED OF ME IF YOU ARE INNOCENT???
I belive you would try everything possible to get justice plus to make sure your fellow players wont get hurt either.
12- as I said already, I'm willing to drop everything, but I want to be treated as human and I want to get my winnings, I haven't done anything wrong. You can keep saying its impossible to win like I did in the roulette but I did, try to see my side, I'm already tired from all this, but not going to give up because you try to bully me.
12- facts are that your online live dealer is spinning the roulette and you are pointing the Cctv amera away from roulette- thus cannot use any systems on that or any computers, another fact is that you stop betting prior to spinning of roulette, and you give minimum time to bet which makes me throw bets very quick. Your maximum bets are at very low, so its had to use martingale and stuff like that as you mentioned before, so basically what exactly is the system or computer aid u think I used???
And yes today I know all about systems and computers that people belive can beat roulette, but its thanks to you, its to go many sleepless Nights and learn about it, trying to understand what you guys want from me.

posted on June 26, 2015.

I wanna add, that global live casino reufnded 3000, but its out of balance 12,700 that I had, so basically its not as pure as it sounds...from this 3000 I won 30k more...

posted on June 30, 2015.

Based on the detailed report which Global Live Casino sent to our Complaints Team regarding this case, we can conclude that player broke not one, but several of the casino terms and conditions, including but not limited to using computer aid in their betting (such as bots and other automated processes), failed verification procedure and using betting tactics which could be considered as fraudulent. Therefore, we consider this case as resolved and our decision is final.

We would like to remind player that they could seek further assistance on this matter from Global Live Casino's licensing authority in case of a non agreement with our decision

This complaint is now officially closed.

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