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OrientXpress Casino - Delaying €1000 withdrawal by 2 months

danniej88 Netherlands
Posted on June 23, 2017.

I opened my account June 8th 2017 and verified my account by e-mail.
I contacted Live Chat to find out about setting Deposit Limits etc. I was told I was able to set a deposit limit via e-mail. I replied by saying I only wanted to play at a Casino if I could set my own deposit limit to protect myself.
Shortly thereafter the deposit limit was set by the Live Chat employee at EUR 200 a month.
Then I started playing. A couple of hours later my account balance was EUR 3.000,- and I wanted to withdrawal.
I made the withdrawal and I’d send all required documents for verification to the e-mail address that showed on the website. It was my understanding the approval of the withdrawal could take up to 5 business days.
Surprisingly on June 11th I received an e-mail telling me my withdrawal was cancelled. I logged into my account and saw there was a withdrawal of EUR 1000 pending (instead of my original EUR 3000).
I contacted Live Chat for an explanation. I was told the withdrawal process would be faster this way. Another explanation wasn’t given.
From there on problems occurred and information given to me hereafter started to get really strange. I tried to make another withdrawal for the remaining EUR 2000 but was somehow not able to.
Once again I contacted Live Chat, and I was told I should be able to withdrawal the remaining amount.

In the meantime I did receive the EUR 1000/ Then on June 15the I contacted Live Chat again
Hi Danny
hope you are doing well :)
how can I help you today ?
Danny ***
Goodmorning, can you check what the status is of my withdraw with ID 170467
checking for you, one moment please
if you change your limits you will be able to withdraw more
for now you maxed your withdraw
Danny ***
So if I change my deposit limit to 5k I can withdaw more?
yes :)
Danny ***
Can you do that for me then
you need to chenge the limits to per week and not month
Danny ***
Can you take down all the limits
sure, doing it now
why did you put limits in the first place? if i may ask...
Danny ***
No you cant
So before the limits go off
it will cost a weak right?
it'll take a week yes
i recommend to keep playing and keep depositing, it will increase you VIP status and that is the way to win more and big, as you can see you are a winning player :)
Danny ***
I Will share this withdraw proces with the online websites like askgambles
You guys are doing everything to not pay me out
Also the "rule" of the 5 time pay out of the deposit limit is not on your website
You guys are making rules just when im waiting on answers
Can you confirm with a email that you take off my deposit limit
right now you can only withdraw up to €2000
Danny ***
I only made a withdraw of 1000
So why is my withdraw of 1000 on a hold then
you were paid €1000 and your other €1000 withdraw is pending. it's in process
Danny ***
So I just need to sit tight and wait?
yes :)
Danny ***
Do you have any idea how long it will take?
Still here got a sesion time out pop up
We maintain a target of five (5) working days for the processing of payouts but may not be held liable for a specific period of time in this regard.
Danny ***
Oke... Then I will just sit tight and wait
Thank you
Have a nice day
you're welcome! If you need anything else, we are on chat 24/7 :)

So I sited tight for some days and then I went back tot he live chat 20-06-17 because nothing happened;
Please wait for a site operator to respond...
Operator Kyle has joined the chat.
Thank you for contacting us! How may I help you?
09:02 PM
Danny ***
Hi, I'm waiting for 8 days for a aproval of my withdrawal with ID 170467. Can you have a look why It take so long
Hello Danny
Wait for a moment I will check!
Danny it usually takes up 5-6 business days
for the transaction to complere.
Danny ***
So normaly it will be fixed today?
Yes today is the 6th day, but you will have your funs on yyour bank account by tomorrow.
Danny ***
Oke thank you for the information!

So Again some more patience needed I still hopped
They day after still i dint heard anything I contacted the live chat again; (this time they spoke dutch with me)

Welcome to the Casino,
How are you today?
Danny ***
Hi not so good
waarom niet danny?
Danny ***
Aha Nederlands :)
lekker toch
Danny ***
Ik wacht al dagen op een akkoord voor mij uitbetaling
Heb het idee dat het express wordt vertraagd om eerlijk te zijn
ik zal eens kijken
wat ik voor u klan doen
het is nog in behandeling Danny
Danny ***
Ja al 8 dagen geloof ik, de vorige uitbetaling was binnen anderhalve dag akkoord
Me account is ook geverifieerd. En waar ik kijk op de website staat ongeveer 5 dagen.
ik zal doorgeven aan financiele afdeling dat u snel wordt behandeld
Danny ***
Heel graag, als het nou rond is durf ik weer veilig door te spelen met me huidige balance ;)
u mag gewoon doorspelen
Danny ***
Dat weet ik maar het geeft me geen goed gevoel als me winning zo lang duren om dan op dit moment te spelen
alles komt goed
wordt u uitbetaald nog niet?
Danny ***
Ik wacht het af :)
jah zeker danny
Ik heb al doorgegeven over u
Danny ***
Ik ga weer verder aan het werk, hopelijk is het snel geregeld. Fijne dag nog!
Bedankt Wesley!

So in the Help says in this chat that he will talk tot he financial department to fasten up the proces. Because I want hopefull anymore I also started making a account on askgambles in Hope that this website can help me out.

Then this day 22-06-17 the follow thing happend;
I checked my account status and saw that again my withdrawal was cancelend, so really pist off because I got the feeling I got scammed i went again tot he live help! (same guy as yesterday so most of it dutch will translate later;

Hi Wesley
Nederlands toch?
Danny ***
Wij hadden gister contact over mijn uitbetaling
jah dat klopt
Danny ***
Ik zie nu dat deze door jullie in gecancelled
Danny ***
Ja ik heb geen idee
Ik heb ook geen mail gehad
Is het mogelijk om een manager of iemand van de financiele afdeling te spreken
ik zal ff iets regelen voor u
Danny ***
Ik heb trouwens meteen een uitbetaling van 2k er in gezet
aangezien het waarschijnlijk weer 10 dagen gaat duren
Danny wacht
Danny ***
Heb ook al een klant bij askgamblers neer gelegd. Hoe er hier met mij wordt omgegaan is echt schofferend
player has limit on account , player can have only x5 limits paid out , he already had 1000 this month , so the other is canclled
he will not be paid this month
so 1000 every months
Danny ***
Me limit is er vorige week afgehaald is mij verteld en dat staat nergens in de regels om schreven
ik weet niet danny
zo zegt manager
1000 per maand

After this I Stopped copy pasting and made some pictures so show my friend that is also playing in some only casinos.

I will add those at a attachment but to translate those when I told them I will putt my complains on internet they say: Please tot hat we like that and he ended that chat with something simmulair like “ciao”

So Please help me out I have the feeling that I got scammed by the casino and that they do everything to not pay me out my honoust winnings.

Posted on June 26, 2017.

Hi Danny,

We're looking into the complaint and will update you as soon as we know more.

Best regards,

Orientxpress Support Team

danniej88 Netherlands
Posted on June 26, 2017.

Yesterday I recieved a email of the VIP manager Dave;

Dear Danny,

This is the E.U. VIP Manager of our casino and I'm just here
to follow up on your experience with us. I just would like to
inform that you will receive the rest of your withdrawal request.

We just need to confirm your account with a valid phone number.
The number we have on file is the wrong phone number. Please update
provide in the live support or through e-mail. requested

Please respond and I will have your VIP account manager to assist you.
If you need any furthers assistance you can also ask for me and I will
keep in touch.

Best Regards,

E.U. VIP Manager
Dave B*****

After the email we spoke on the phone and he told me that everything will be fine.

So now i'm waiting for the aproval of my withdrawal reqeust.

I will keep you updated when I got some news!

Posted on June 28, 2017.

Dear Danny,

You payment has been sent to you by wire transfer. This means that it is on its way to you. It usually takes about 2-3 days for the money to arrive in your account, so you should be seeing it soon. We regret the unfortunate delay and we wish you all the best of luck in the future.

danniej88 Netherlands
Posted on June 29, 2017.


Today I got payed thnx for the help!!

Best regards


Posted on July 3, 2017.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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