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VIP Room Casino - Delayed payment with 3 failed promises to send payment

posted on July 25, 2015.

VIP Room Casino advertises a 1 hour withdraw service and does not fulfill their guarantee.

This happened to me on both my withdraws here. The 1st time took about 3 days before I received my payment and I can understand if verification of account might have something to do with it. I did not complain to anyone the 1st time.
However, the second time I requested payment the delay is intolerable and pending for more than a week now. I have read previous complains here and see the casino willing to resolve matters and would rather have us talk to them in chat instead of coming here to make it public. I followed that and gave them a chance to respond and resolve this situation and the casino did nothing that showed they cared about their reputation being tainted again here.
The following are timeline of events with 3 false promises that I will be paid with no payment as of right now:
7/20 Deposited 150 and received a 150 bonus using promo code received in email which specifically guarantees a 1 hour deposit. I decided to deposit here again mainly because of the 1 hour withdraw and knowing that I am fully verified here I decided to make a deposit of 150.
7/20 Won and withdrew my cash balance of 822.27.
7/20 Funds did not show up in my skrill account after an hour and did not show up in account by end of day. (1st failed attempt to deliver as they promised)
7/21 Not only the funds have not been sent their system is showing error on the transaction and for some reason which they still have yet to explain my withdraw amount changed without my consent to 760.56. I asked for an explanation for both the incorrect amount of withdraw and the delay, they said their finance will get back to me. Never did by the end of the day.
7/22 Followed up again and still the same with no response from their finance.
7/23 Finally they send an email telling me that there is some technical error on their end and asked if I can accept either Neteller or wire transfer and I declined. They finally got back to me and guaranteed to send the money to skrill within 48 hours, I accepted the offer and asked if this will happen again on future deposits. Their response is no.
7/25 After waiting for 48 hours, I still have not received payment, logged into casino account and surprisingly their live chat is available this time (I tried their live chat every time i logged in this week and never available. The do resend to emails promptly tho.) Live chat agrees with me that he understands that this is not tolerable and that if i were the casino management they should pay me directly from one of their own skrill accounts as this has nothing to do with error on my end. He then offered me 50 in bonus which I declined. He said he will escalate to management and I told him to also let them know that I will escalate and spread it through my channel and will post here on so if they really value their image this will be the last chance before going public.
7/26 Checked again and money still not received. Logged in to casino and no live support. Left a message asking for update.
Received response from their support team telling me that there is still a technical issue and will email me as soon as it gets fixed. Also gave me 25 bonus which I refuse to play till they are able to make payment.

Please help me deal with this situation as this is intolerable and if this is the case, everyone here should be aware as they do not keep their promises and the 1 hour withdraw is just a lie. For your info the person whom used the refer a friend promo to refer me here told me that both him and the person whom referred him to viproomcasino did not receive payment in 1 hour. It actually took about 4-5 days. So this is from 3 out of 3 incidences from just my contacts alone that they failed to deliver their promise of 1 hour withdraw delayed their payment by at least 4 days on each occasion.

posted on July 28, 2015.

Thanks I had just received payument of 760.56 which is the incorrect amount that I had been requesting and waiting for an answer as of why the withdraw amount was changed without any notice or my consent and where is the remaining 61.44?

It just seems weird that you can are paying 760.56 out of 822, and by paying 66.44 more would have closed this complain.

posted on July 29, 2015.

Casino responded to my email explaining that max win using any deposit bonus is 6x deposit amount matching terms stated on website upon confirmation.

Remaining question of why they could not live up to the 1 hour withdraw as advertised remain unanswered. I would really like to know the reasons behind and most importantly if they are able to send payment within guaranteed timeframe.

IMO... of course it is nice to have 1 hour payout but no need to guarantee when you can not deliver. If you can do it in 1 or 2 business days and guarantee that responsibly, we as a community still respect and appreciate the effort instead of promising something out of reach that might not deliver all the time.

posted on August 1, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.

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