Slots of Vegas Casino - Delayed Payment and Poor Communication

Rtmclean United States
posted on June 20, 2016.

Hi ASKGAMBLERS. After many attempts to get an explanation of my delayed $500 payment, I need your help. Here is a timeline:

1) Withdrawal Request for $500 (Debit Card payout | WIre & Check methods were experiencing major delays) - 4/11
2) Withdrawal Approval for $500 - 4/29
Per Ryan Stone (VIP HOST), Payout sent to processor - 5/20 (VIP Host told 4-7 Biz Days to receive funds)
3) Forced to Change Withdrawal option and choose WIRE - 6/1 (NOW, they were experiencing "unexpected" delays with Debit Card payouts)
4) Wire was resent to the processor - 6/8 (4-7 Biz Days to receive funds)

On 6/15 I emailed Casino Support Center asking for any confirmation of the WIRE, but never got a response. To make matters worse, when I again asked my VIP Host on 6/17 about my payout, glibly responded, "The wire should hit sooner or later." So, now it's been 20 biz days since my payout was FIRST "sent to the processor." Please help expedite my payment. Thanks, Robert

posted on June 24, 2016.

Hi Rtmclean--

I've looked into your account and I do see that the wire was confirmed as being sent on 6/8 and there's been no rejection of the wire. Certainly by now, it should have been reflected in your account.

I'm going to ask one of our Escalations Managers to contact you directly, as I'd like to make certain that the information we have on file for you is accurate. I'll follow up with her as soon as I see she's contacted you.

Of course, I'll update here at AG with further details.

All the best,


Rtmclean United States
posted on June 24, 2016.


Frankly I am tired of all the miscommunication. Tara emailed me on Tuesday, 6/21, that I should wait until the 10 business day period was up (Wed 6/22) b4 I followed up. So I called Ryan Stone (VIP MNGR) yesterday (6/24). He said my wire from 6/8 (ID 47528563) was resent on 6/17 because finance submitted incorrect info!

If Ryan's comments are true and the wire was resent on 6/17, why aren't you sharing "further details" with me now!!! Nonetheless, I am deeply concerned about your operations at Virtual Casino Group. It makes me question if I should continue doing business with you, or if you should be in business at all. That said, I hope you have a good explanation, and I expect the "shell games" to end and my funds deposited at the beginning next week.


PS I verified my bank wire info with Ryan on 6/2, via email, and all was correct.

Rtmclean United States
posted on June 30, 2016.

Tawni, my funds have been wired and processed by my bank. However, on June 21st, Tara said that I would receive, "$500 + no Fee through wire" (see attached). However, I only received $456.48. When should I expect the difference of $43.52? Please advise.