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Raging Bull Casino - Delay with verification of my account followed by inexplicable withdrawal decline

sibboadam Australia
posted on December 19, 2017.

Hi, iv have been using raging bull casino for a while and made a number of deposits, I have send all relevant documents to there email address and received an automated response to say they would get back to me in 48 hours, after this time past I got in contact to see if they had received any information, they keep saying there is nobody from that department in who can help me, then I was told if I hadn’t heard anything within 10 days to get in touch then, this seems a long time to verify documents, I have finally won some money after a number of deposits and I had a pending withdrawal for $3000, I logged onto my account today to find the withdrawal has been canceled and it is in my available playing funds again? Can someone please explain what is going on and help me get my winnings? Thanks Adam

posted on December 22, 2017.

Hi Sibboadam--

I've checked on your account and what you are saying is not accurate--you requested withdrawals and you cancelled them.

12/18/2017 6:26:53 AM 13115777 DF-BankWire Withdrawal - Transaction requested 32823346, DF-32823346, 0

12/18/2017 7:10:45 AM 13116844 DF-BankWire Withdrawal - Transaction denied 32823346, DF-32823346, Transaction canceled by player,

12/18/2017 7:12:09 AM 13116891 DF-BankWire Withdrawal - Transaction requested 32823525, DF-32823525, 0

12/19/2017 1:31:50 AM 13130318 DF-BankWire Withdrawal - Transaction denied 32823525, DF-32823525, Transaction canceled by player,

12/19/2017 2:11:42 AM 13130660 DF-BankWire Withdrawal - Transaction requested 32831319, DF-32831319, 0

12/19/2017 3:24:23 AM 13131318 DF-BankWire Withdrawal - Transaction denied 32831319, DF-32831319, Transaction canceled by player,

In each instance, the transaction was canceled by you--not by the casino. Further, you have played your balance down to zero (play history attached)--there are no withdrawals pending either approval or payment.


posted on December 22, 2017.

Ooops--I forgot to attach the play history. :-/

posted on December 22, 2017.

Considering the information and screenshots provided on behalf the Raging Bull Casino Casino management, it is now obvious that player reversed their payment and played it back until the whole amount was lost. While we could understand player's frustration and disappointment of being left to wait for hours or days from the aforementioned casino brand to verify his account and process his winnings, it is up to the player to refrain from reversing their winnings. 

Once you played and lost your money it means that there isn’t a valid subject to claim for and therefore this complaint is being rejected.

In a case of a disagreement with our decision, we encourage the player to seek further assistance from the relevant licensing authority directly. 

The case is now officially closed.

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