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VIP Room Casino - Decline of refund of deposits of 2625 euro and payment of winnings of 8972 euro

Posted on June 28, 2017.

I have registered on the site and deposited around 600 euros in May then played on slotsand had a balance of 347 euros in the end which I wanted to withdraw. I went through the KYC identification process, sent in all my required personal documents and they have confirmed my identity and transferred me my 347 euros to my bank account. In early June, I have deposited again around 2000 euros and on June 10, after a nice winning streak, I had a balance of 8972 euros and that is where the problems started. Right after my big wins, the very next day, they froze my account without any notification. After a few email exchanges, it turned out that they have changed their Terms & Conditions and included my country (Hungary) as a restricted country to avoid paying me.

At first, I have sent polite inquiries because I thought there may be some technical issues. The customer support sent me an email 2 days later that the T&C have been recently changed and that is why they closed my account but they will refund my my deposits. So they have admitted that they changed their terms to include Hungary as a restricted country and promised a refund of deposits.

I sent them a few email explaining how this qualifies as something entirely illegal and even in contrary to their own terms but they never responded. 15 days have passed and received no emails or my deposits.
Altogether, I have deposited 2625 euros to my account and had a balance of 8972 euros when they decided to freeze my account and steal my money. Not just the winnings but my deposits as well.

Because every detail of the above is fully documented, I am considering hiring a lawyer in Curacao and suing them for the money even if I am not in need of it, this incorrect attitude toward their registered customers, the lack of communication, the not-even-concealed intent of simply changing the rules and freezing account if they do not want to pay, this really makes me upset.

I have accounts at dozens of various online casinos and have been gambling on slots for years but I have never encountered such a fraudulent company. They are the nightmare of gamblers. Just imagine a casino where you hit the jackpot and then fall flat on your face because they deny your winnings while they refuse to fairly communicate about it. The fact is, they have changed their terms deliberately & closed my account on the basis theron because they did not want to pay me the second time a much bigger amount (8972 euros) than the first time (347 euros). They even failed to live up to their own promise to refund me my deposits if not my wins.

This is a grossly unfair and legally punishable act of taking money from customers and breaching their own terms & conditions under which only the winnings may be forefeited in case of players from restricted countries but not the deposits themselves. Also, from a legal perspective, the balance of a player's account qualifies as the own funds of the player which the casino is obliged to pay if conditions are met. I met their conditions the first time and they have paid me. I do not know the exact date when they changed the terms but if I had known about it, I obviously would not had deposited any more money to my account. So they have cheated my either by 1. changing their terms without notifying me to prevent further deposits

It is telling that they have closed my account right after the big wins when my balance showed 8972 euros and replied to my email only 2 days later say that the T&C have been "recently changed". It is quite obvious that they wanted to avoid payment and the best they could come up with is bending their own rules retroactively. But even if we accept that the terms have been changed in a lawful manner, it does not change the fact that my deposits must be refunded entirely, because only winnings can be forefeited. How fair is that they do not accept players from Hungary but they enable their registration and accept their deposits before they close their account.

Last note: all sites where VIP ROOM Casino is reviewed show that they accept players from Hungary (this very site, askgamblers, ThePogg https:­//t­hep­­m/c­asi­no-­rev­iew­/vi­p-r­oom/, etc) and that was the exact reason I have registered.

I have attached to this complaint:
- email exchanges up to the point where I received any replies
- screenshots of their front page showing me as a recent winner even 2 weeks after the incident

Thank you for reading this long complaint and for your help in the mediation process which I hope will be successful.

Kind regards,

Gabor Puskas

Posted on July 17, 2017.

This complaint has been reopened as per submitter's request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved into the dispute reaching to a satisfactory resolution.

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