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Das Ist Casino - Wrongly accused me for "delayed bets"

iterativ Greece
posted on September 27, 2018.


I deposited on the casino and started to play. A single game a time and if a bonus then play it immediately.

In total I played 7 free spins feature in "Supe It Up" before the issue appeared.

I noticed that my balance was around 100 EUR and the wager 38-39% done when suddenly the bonus disappeared. I played a little more and the other "Free Spins" bonuses did likewise.

My balance at 97.69 EUR I ask support what can I do. Finally issues a withdrawal request. They discarded it and claimed that I should 5 the amount at least 3 times if bonus lost or if a deposit without bonus.

I did that, played a little more, INCLUDING another 7 "Supe It Up" bonuses. With my at 83.28 I requested a withdrawal again September 22.

September 24 the request discarded and they confiscated the funds, reason given: "delayed bets".

I contacted the support, they finally sent me the history of the game logs.

What I discovered ? There is a bug in their software, I am not certain if it's just "Supe it Up" or all Microgaming games.

Now check this:

19045435 Jetsetter EUR 108.23 108.03 0.2 0 0.2 Welcome package with code 68888 ******* 2018-09-21 21:49:39.966 2018-09-21 21:49:40.093
19045438 Jetsetter EUR 108 107.8 0.2 0 0.2 Schleswig-Holstein 68888 ******* 2018-09-21 21:49:42.814 2018-09-21 21:49:42.919

Spin 19045435 "Welcome package with code", I used the welcome bonus. End balance: 108.03.
Next spin 19045438, the wagering bonus now became "Schleswig-Holstein" - it's from Free Spins -. Wait what, I "lost" the welcome bonus with a balance of 108 ? Dasist is your game logs. Check it and dond't assume.

I asked to point these "delayed bets". They replied with:

Those ones for example

19037041 Supe it Up EUR 190.09 235.48 0.25 45.64 -45.39 Welcome package with code ******* 2018-09-21 18:01:34.190 2018-09-21 22:18:18.464

19040058 Supe it Up EUR 186.10 208.67 0.25 22.82 -22.57 Welcome package with code ******* 2018-09-21 19:32:07.794 2018-09-21 22:18:17.447

19028949 Supe it Up EUR 187.18 203.35 0.25 16.42 -16.17 Welcome package with code ******* 2018-09-21 12:56:11.741 2018-09-21 22:18:19.512

19043052 Supe it Up EUR 135.32 144.11 0.25 9.04 -8.79 Welcome package with code ******* 2018-09-21 21:03:09.722 2018-09-21 22:18:15.862

19025486 Supe it Up EUR 324.86 332.21 0.25 7.60 -7.35 Welcome package with code ******* 2018-09-21 09:49:49.026 2018-09-21 22:18:20.559

Everything from a single game and the beauty of it, I "delayed" all thesae bonuses and finished in 5 seconds totally! I saved 5 bonuses on the SAME game and played all together in 5 seconds! Is that even possible !? If you know the game it takes 2-3 minutes to complete the bonus.

Even so, from their game logs, let's check my next spin after the supposed "delayed bets"

19037041,Supe it Up,EUR­,19­0.0­9,2­35.4­8,­0.2­5,4­5.6­4,-­45.3­9,­Welcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 18:01:­34.1­90­,20­18-­09-21 22:18:18.464
19037142,Desert Treasu­re,­EUR­,23­5.4­8,2­35.3­9,­0.0­9,0.00­,0.0­9,­Welcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 18:05:­53.5­69­,20­18-­09-21 18:05:53.687
19037143,Desert Treasu­re,­EUR­,23­5.3­9,2­35.3­0,­0.0­9,0.00­,0.0­9,­Welcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 18:05:­56.8­05­,20­18-­09-21 18:05:56.911

19040058,Supe it Up,EUR­,18­6.1­0,2­08.6­7,­0.2­5,2­2.8­2,-­22.5­7,­Welcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 19:32:­07.7­94­,20­18-­09-21 22:18:17.447
19040323,Fire Lightn­ing­,EU­R,2­08.6­7,­208.47­,0.2­0,­0.0­0,0.20­,We­lcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 19:40:­43.7­56­,20­18-­09-21 19:40:43.841
19040324,Fire Lightn­ing­,EU­R,2­08.4­7,­208.27­,0.2­0,­0.0­0,0.20­,We­lcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 19:40:­46.2­76­,20­18-­09-21 19:40:46.397

19028949,Supe it Up,EUR­,18­7.1­8,2­03.3­5,­0.2­5,1­6.4­2,-­16.1­7,­Welcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 12:56:­11.7­41­,20­18-­09-21 22:18:19.512
19029006,Desert Treasu­re,­EUR­,20­3.3­5,2­04.0­1,­0.0­9,0.75­,-0.66­,We­lcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 13:01:­22.1­27­,20­18-­09-21 13:01:22.273
19029007,Desert Treasu­re,­EUR­,20­4.0­1,2­03.9­2,­0.0­9,0.00­,0.0­9,­Welcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 13:01:­25.8­68­,20­18-­09-21 13:01:25.942

19043052,Supe it Up,EUR­,13­5.3­2,1­44.1­1,­0.2­5,9.04­,-8.79­,We­lcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 21:03:­09.7­22­,20­18-­09-21 22:18:15.862
19043836,Supe it Up,EUR­,14­5.6­9,1­45.4­6,­0.2­5,0.02­,0.2­3,­Welcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 21:15:­34.3­94­,20­18-­09-21 21:15:39.298
19043844,Supe it Up,EUR­,14­5.4­6,1­45.2­1,­0.2­5,0.00­,0.2­5,­Welcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 21:15:­39.3­62­,20­18-­09-21 21:15:39.654

19025486,Supe it Up,EUR­,32­4.8­6,3­32.2­1,­0.2­5,7.60­,-7.35­,We­lcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 09:49:­49.0­26­,20­18-­09-21 22:18:20.559
19025504,Aztec Magic,­EUR­,33­2.2­1,3­32.0­6,­0.1­5,0.00­,0.1­5,­Welcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 09:54:­38.2­51­,20­18-­09-21 09:54:38.344
19025505,Aztec Magic,­EUR­,33­2.0­6,3­31.9­1,­0.1­5,0.00­,0.1­5,­Welcome package with code,6­888­8,*­***­***­@ya­­,20­18-­09-21 09:54:­40.3­79­,20­18-­09-21 09:54:40.477

The start game of each bet after the ones in question have the balance updated!

And also please check my final spin (it's a bonus in "Supe It Up").

19068547 Supe it Up EUR 68.49 83.28 0.25 15.04 -14.79 68888 ******* 2018-09-22 11:34:56.735 2018-09-24 07:05:58.242

End balance 83.28. The money that requested the same amount, September 22. Now check the finish date for that bet. It's Sep 24!

I left couple bonuses in the SAME game AFTER withdrawal request at 22
Sep for Sep 24 ? Does that ever make any sense ? And played the bonuses Sep 24, DELAYED. But hey, the balance updated at 22 already, like a time machine or a paradox. This became quite hilarious.

I don't attribute malice to the casino, just stupidity and incompetence. It's a fault in their software.

NOTE: my email is hidden above.

Thank you for reading this.

posted on September 28, 2018.


We are very sorry for the situation you are confronted with at our casino. Apparently there were technical maintenances that instigate such results.

We came to the conclusion that in this situation it would be correct to restore the bonus on the amount you need to wager. The bonus is in your balance, you can login and start playing.

Let us, please, know if you have any question

Best regards,
DasIstCasino Team

iterativ Greece
posted on September 28, 2018.

yes. Also someone should contact Microgaming to check it up. I was seeing the correct amount on "Account" and the home page. I lost too much time trying to explain to support what it was. I think the software that checks for the wagers failed to update the balance but the main system did so.

In the end it doesn't matter much either, it's a small amount and probably going to lose it ultimately.

I checked the account, the balance restored and the remaining wager as well.

I think we should mark this as solved. And the casino along with the software providers should fix the issue in order other players not find themselves in similar situation.

Best regards,

posted on September 28, 2018.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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