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CrownCas Casino - Payment delayed for three weeks


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CrownCas Casino


€ 1184

Posted on March 4, 2020

Hello , last month i won a nice amount of 2184 euro at CrownCas casino and after i succesfuly verifyed my account i submited my first withdrawal of 1184 eur on 10 February. Since then 22 days have passed and i didnt received my withdrawal or an email explaining why this is taking this long . The only information i received was from Live Chat, the operator saying that the financial departament has a lot of work to do and that i should wait ...I understood that and waited 1 week , 2 weeks but this is getting frustrating....Every time i ask about my withdrawal on Live Chat i get the same answer ....they are very very busy..... I hope some casino representative sees this complaint and resolve my issue. Thank you in advance