Crown Europe casino - Ripped off $200

posted on July 31, 2013.

Hi i was playing penguin vacation on the 30/07/2013 and i got a $50 pay i went and gambled it i hit red and got it for $100 then hit blackened got it for $200 and then i didn't press no more colours but the gamble screen vanished and it went back to the penguin vacation game and i did not receive my $200 winnings i had around $9000 in my account all up then i rang the support boss name Seth and they checked it but they told me on here end it was gambled more like black to $400 and then black again and then it was lost but i swear to god i never even hit it again nor did i even see $400 on the screen it just vanished after $200 on my screen and i can sick by that 100% so they told me there is nothing they can do to return my winnings of $200 which i feel total ripped off and robbed as a player of play tech for 2 years now and losing close to $200000 in total i feel shocked to be robbed of $200 winnings its not fair at all please fix this problem for me cause i am very upset by crown Europe casino actions to help me

Thank you

Regards Tomo