Crown Europe Casino - R 50 000.00 win voided

posted on December 22, 2013.

I started playing on Crown Europe where they automatically add bonus's to any deposit I made, unless you read the fine print you need to e-mail them that you dont want to play with their bonus's, and wait for a return e-mail from them confirming before you start playing and if you dont and you happen to win on any table game your winnings are entirely voided. How can that be fair for a start?

But it gets worse. After over 25 deposits on my side and nearly a month of gaming they dont say a word of course because they are just taking your money and you have no chance of winning.

As per the e-mail below i had clearly ponited out to them that I was playing black jack and the game stopped, they then responded as below to the e-mail. A day or two later they phone me and tell me that they have given me a R 2000.00 bonus. This is now against their own regulation. It is surely their responsiblilty and only fair at this point to say Warren you have no chance of wiinnng and any bonus's granted are not allowed on any table games.

From: Tom [mailt­o:t­[email protected]­cro­wne­uro­]

Sent: 29 November 2013 12:04 AM


Subject: Re: Game stopped.

Hello Warren

Thank you for your email. Our Technical department found the hand that you bet 383$ on and there was no win on that hand. If you can supply us with the game code for this hand we will be able to check this further. You can contact us on the chat support or answer this email.

Kind regards

Tom Carter

Account Manager

Crown Europe Casino

On 28/11/2013 16:50, XXXXXXXXX wrote:


I was playing blackjack surrender on Tuesday evening, was playing 4 boxes with a bet of R 383.00 on the fourth box and the hand was already dealt. The game stopped, when it came back it took me back to a different game.

Please advise.

Kind Regards



I eventually got hold of Julius C Luther who I had a telephonic converstaion with and respded as below:

If I had notice that you asked about ability to play non allowed games with the bonus to one of our support team members. That matter would have been dealt with extremely fast and you would have been reimbursed. Unfortunately I did not see any question or query regarding the bonus.

After pointing out to him the e-mail stating that I was playing blackjack and been given a bonus, he said he would go listen to the voice logging, and if the staff member had given me the bonus knowing it was on blackjack it would change everything.

This was two days ago and now he neither takes my calls or responds to my e-mails and they have frozen my account.

Very upset that this has happened.